Something to remember

Harry and the boys are on break from their tour, having fun and relaxing. But when beautiful and confindent Jenna tumbles through his window one night, everything changes. She takes him on an adventure of a life time and shows him a love he's never expirienced.


6. #5- steal Harry Styles underwear

Harry's POV

I was laying down in my bed about to go to sleep when I heard a creek come from my window. I looked at my clock, it was about 12 at night. I decided to ignore the creek and go back to bed. Then another creek came followed by a loud thump on the ground. I looked over and there was a black figure on the ground by my bed. I was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth "If you scream it will jepordize the well being of the entire world." The person said. I recognized their voice. I looked up into of bright blue eyes "Jenna? Is that you" My eyes adjust and I realized she was wearing lack face paint and a black hoodie. "Quiet, I'm on a top secret mission and have no time for your questions" she hissed "What?"I was confused. She let out a sigh then said "Katie made a list of things for me to do before the night is up and if I do them she'll let me sleep on the bed for the rest of her week." She shoved the list at me and began to rummage through my drawers. "So why are you here?" I asked slowly getting up from my bed. "Look at number 5 on the list." she said quickly, moving on to another one of my drawers. #5- steal Harry Styles underwear. Right as I finished reading it she pulled a pair of underwear out of the drawer. "You do realize I could call the police for you breaking into my condo" I warned. "So do it." She replied, folding the pair of underwear up and putting them in her bag. "So first you almost run me over and now your stealing my underwear" I ask raising an eyebrow."Life's a bitch" she said making her way back towards the window. "Hey do you think you could drive me a few places? Katie won't let me use her car" she asked grabbing the list from my hand. "And why would I do that, its like almost 1 in the morning." "Well, think of it this way, you can either go back to sleep and waste another night laying on your bed like a motionless rock or you can have the night of a life time helping me finish this list before morning." I thought about  it for a  bit. Something told me to go. "Ok i'll drive, where do you need to go." She grinned widely and climbed up on the window frame. "Follow me" she said before dissapering into the night. I cautiosly followed her out the window and down a pair of back stairs. What had I just gotten myself into.

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