L.I.F.E as L.A.M


My name is Lillian Ava Middleton, Yes, before you ask I am kind of related to Kate (you know- that now famous lady- the dutchess of Cambridge) but I prefer not to talk about the family lines... Anyway my life is definatly not average! Full of interesting chats, gossip and definatly madness ... I was born with the most discreet past- adopted at just 9 months old I have an image of my birth family but to be honest I don't want to know at the moment but my birth mother does actually unlike most birth mother- keep in contact with me, but only letters and no photos, she writes me a letter on the 11th of each month hence why thats my lucky number is as so, I just can't help myself to wonder why I can't reply to these letters but I am positive I WILL i say I WILL find out why!


2. The times has come!

Yes! Yes! Yes! And YES!  I just could not wait to tell you this- I can't wait for tonight! I have to write this quickly as I am about to go to school but I just had to say what an awesome morning (couple of hours that I've been awake) I have had!

Pancakes- the most delicious tasting amazing food on earth, my favourite is going to be the good old thick and not crispy pancake style with nutella spreaded on the entire area followed by fairtrade banana to richen up the taste buds.  Presents- probably the best birthday I have had in years, an iphone 5 white 32gb, a epson p50 photo printer, a dozen CD's and DVD's, alot of make up and god knows how much money was spent on clothing! The best thing was probably the tarten red mini skirt with the ruffled black top with the sequins covering on shoulder from the one and only Hollister&co! i honestly can't remember the presents I got as they are all so special but thats not what Im excited about!...

TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT YES YES YES YES YES YES! I got through all my presents in a matter of minutes to find a small scruffy envelope with my name on it- Actually 'Ava' but thats still my name, with uncertainty I ripped the envelope open and tightned my grip and I pulled out the paper inside....

I copied the letter so you can read my thoughts exactyly as I think right now

' Dear my darling Ava Lillien,

Today is a special day, a day of rememberance for you. A special birthday is such as your 13th along with your sister celebrating the same event brings tears gushing down our face as we wake up this morning.  After alot of arrangements I have arranged for you, your mum and dad to go on family holidayto australia for 2 weeks, You will leave the airport and head for Singapore at 8.43pm Tonight and heading inbound for Brisbane- your bags are packed and school is up but you are being picked up at 1pm today and we will meet you at the airport when you arrive. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening- long time no see!

Lots of Love Mum, Isla, Bella, Aria and Maddie  '



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