L.I.F.E as L.A.M


My name is Lillian Ava Middleton, Yes, before you ask I am kind of related to Kate (you know- that now famous lady- the dutchess of Cambridge) but I prefer not to talk about the family lines... Anyway my life is definatly not average! Full of interesting chats, gossip and definatly madness ... I was born with the most discreet past- adopted at just 9 months old I have an image of my birth family but to be honest I don't want to know at the moment but my birth mother does actually unlike most birth mother- keep in contact with me, but only letters and no photos, she writes me a letter on the 11th of each month hence why thats my lucky number is as so, I just can't help myself to wonder why I can't reply to these letters but I am positive I WILL i say I WILL find out why!


1. L.A.M explained

December 17th 2012 Lillian Ava

Welcome to my diary- My name is Lillian Ava, My birthday is on the 21st December  2000 , my birthday is in 3 days and i can't wait to be 13! I was adopted before i was even 1 and I am written a letter from my birth mother on the 11th of each month, my birthday and christmas. I am also written a letter each year on the following dates; 1st January; 7th February; 1st  of March and 28th November which is by far best out of all the occasioned letters- I don't no why I feel so much about that date, but I do also know that they are birth related sibling birthdays, on the 1st January I get a letter about Isabella who is apparently also going to be 13 quite soon? 7th February- Maddison who is only 9 years old. 1st March is Aria (aree-a) who is 11. And 28th November is Isla, aged 15 now! But what I don't understand is how I am also going to be 13 quite soon how can I have a sibling the same age, wait, unless, I was infact A TWIN! Think of that- A twin sister called Bella, 2 younger sisters called Mads and Aria and a big sister called Isla, what a family there! I bet they are all together and im alone here in plain old Hampshire, England and who knows where they may be- the names sound too posh even mine goes with ym birth siblings names- they must be some sort of wealthy happy family who have forgotten about me- one thing to note- I was always reffered to as my middle name- 'Dear my darling Ava' e.c.t. But Thats where I was wrong about my life...

Ok, This diary is strictly private, if you, yes you, I know you, you who is reading it now, read my diary, you have to promise, I say promise, NOT to spread the secret.

L.A.M- Lillian Ava Middleton,  it was pure coincidence, it flipping sounds like the cute springy bouncy things that hop around in fields in the springtime, ok so I admit my name is (as it is forgetting the whole initial fuss I just made) is  I suppose quite pretty.  I mean well I may not or I may have been destined to have this name but the true fact- at adoption your surname is changed, just my luck! I do however know that my surname (before the law came into enforcement within adoption regualtions and other silly things) was infact Winter...  a pretty surname aswell, oh I want to know who I am so badly...

That's how I came to be related with the Middletons- by law not by blood though I am making that fact avaliable for you to read and take in! I suppose I probably have the most loving, thoughtful, caring, wonderful family in existance and the best gifts, education and life there is around at the moment

On my 11th birthday I promised myself that when I reach the age of 13 (randomly chosen age that I could just about probably manage to wait before I started looking) with help from friends I can begin to ask myself the real question of WHO.AM.I? You might be thinking- why the bold letters, wells simply because its a major question!



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