The Best Damn Thing

18 year old Amber Smith is a skater girl and has a best friend, Katie, who is obsessed with British-Irish boyband One Direction but Amber is not so keen. What will happen when Katie wins 2 VIP tickets to see them live and forces Amber to go along? Will there be love? Or will it be a disaster? Read to find out!!!


2. VIP one direction..woop woop

Amber's POV:
So today's the day the 5 winners find out if they won. All the applicants get a letter saying whether they win or not but to be honest it's a waste if time and money cause out the 1 million girls who entered (probably more) only 5 of them win so...bit stupid but y'know that's them for you. I looked out the window to see Katie just stepping out of her car with a sealed envelope in her hand. She was wearing the most girliest outfit ever. It was awful in my opinion. Blue skinny jeans, flowery flowy top thing and pink ballet flats. I got up to answer the door.

"Hi Amber! I'm so excited!!!!!!" She said literally bouncing on her feet. "Okay calm down girl. They're just a band." As soon as I said it I regretted it. "Just a band?! Just a band!? What if I said Avril Lavigne was just a singer? Hmmm? Yeah, you wouldn't be too happy now would you??" "Okay I get your point but still, just relax okay?" "See, I was right And they are a lot more than just a band to me actually." "Don't call me Ashley." "What?" "It's a joke cause actually sounds like know what? Never mind."

We sat down on the sofa and I messed my hair up a little. Now while she takes a million years to open that I'll tell you what I'm wearing since there is absolutely nothing else to do. I'm gonna do this like all the 'fashionistas' at school would. Okay, so, I've got a short black miniskirt in with a black tank top and black boyfriend cardigan on, how so totes gorge? And then I've got some black tights that are like 40 denier(thickness) and some hot pink doc martens cause they are like so in right now and heavy eye make up and some necklaces on. These necklaces are like soooo amazing and one is a silver cross, one is a silver skull and one is a black necklace like Avril Lavigne's that says 'drink me'. Doesn't my outfit sound like, so amazing?? Okay so there what I'm wearing and my impression of all the bitchy girls in my school who think they are so brilliant with their designer clothes...ugh I hate them.

*SCREAM* "I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won!" Shouted Katie. "Okay now calm down, breathe, in, and out, in, and out. Now Katie, listen to me. You have won and you will see One Direction live and be in the first row and you will meet them and its today at 3pm. Now you know that please just shut the heck up and promise me that if you drag me to this then you let me take you to the Avril Lavigne concert and go backstage and meet her with me." "I promise." "Good now lets drive to that arena and get this thing over with." "Wait I have to change first!" "Really? Do you really HAVE to?" "Yes now wait right here!" "Fine." While she ran off to her car, I went into the dining room and grabbed my purple skullcandy headphones and my iPhone that I got for my 17th birthday last year. I had a cover that said 'Keep calm and be a black star' cause I love Avril sooo much she is seriously my idol. Ooh calm down Amber don't fangirl Katie might hear and think you're a secret one direction fan.

She came back and a took her flower top off-don't worry she was wearing a black vest underneath!- and placed an i love one direction shirt on top and then put and one direction hoodie on that said 'vas happenin' on the back and I laughed slightly cause the vas and the happenin alternately move up and down on her ass when she walks. Haha. Before you judge me you have to admit that is pretty funny!

Then she walked in and asked if her banner was good. It said 'I like boybands like I like my tea-hot and sweet with a bit of Irish cream!;)' how...amazing.. I told her it was great cause she said it took 8 hours to make so I didn't want to say my personal opinion which was that the boys are crap at making music and can't sing to save their lives. She would have insulted my girl Avril anyway so it wasn't worth it.

I got in her car and she drove to the arena where it was being held. It was either the O2 or the Excell arenas in London. So, a half hour drive.
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