The Best Damn Thing

18 year old Amber Smith is a skater girl and has a best friend, Katie, who is obsessed with British-Irish boyband One Direction but Amber is not so keen. What will happen when Katie wins 2 VIP tickets to see them live and forces Amber to go along? Will there be love? Or will it be a disaster? Read to find out!!!


6. Spin The Bottle

Amber's POV:
We had been chatting and messing about for ages when Katie ran upstairs for no apparent reason. When she came back down I asked "What was that all about?" "I wanna show them your snake bite." "Fine!" I pulled my hair back so Katie could show them my snake bite on my ear. Fascination covered their faces like kids on Christmas Day or some other happy occasion like that.

(A/N-For those if you who don't know what one's a link to what what I'm talking about:|5;d|OT4cvmzwHARUdM:

Back to the story!!

Zayns POV:
Woah now that is hot. She has this thing called a snake bite and it's a snake that's on her ear. It is wicked. No, not;) Zayn! Stop it! Not again! Think of Perrie!! I'm such a bastard. I should just break up with Perrie so I don't cheat in her cause that'd be way worse.

Liam's POV:
Katie got Amber to show us this thing called a snake bite that's on her ear. It looks really evil. I like it though. I wonder if she has any other piercings. Maybe she has tattoos. She looks like the kind of girl who would. Amber looks pretty tough and gothic but she's actually really nice and sweet. She seems to be looking at Niall a lot. What if she likes him? I'm going to find out. It is my mission. I am Liam Payne reporting for Operation Namber(their ship name).

Nialls POV:
I've been flirting a bit with Katie but the only person she notices is Liam so that's great isn't it? Typical. No girls like me, they just like the others. I'm sick if this. I get no appreciation. I get tons of hate. Why can't I have a girl that cares for me? Why?

Amber's POV:
Why can't Niall love me? Why?

Katie's POV:
After loads of messing about I suggested we play Spin The Bottle. Cheers all around! "I'm just gonna get into my comfies Katie." Amber said. I may as well. She came down with her makeup all off, hair tied back apart from her fringe and shorter layers, had sweatpants on and an Avril Lavigne top on. I had out my hair into a messy bun and had some sweatpants on and a Jack Wills hoodie cause my mum got it for me the day before she was killed. God I miss her. Anyway lets play spin the bottle!!

Amber's POV:
Spin the bottle. Get in. I got changed a made myself look,completely different by taking all my makeup off. The first thing I heard was Zayn say, "Woah." "You look so weird!" Louis pointed out. "Erm..thanks?" "What he means is you look very different." Liam said to cheer me up. How sweet.

We started playing and the first couple was me and Zayn. In the rules we said that it was only a peck on the lips and no French kissing cause that looks really gross. Next up, Niall and Louis. Liam and Harry. Me and Katie. Liam and Zayn. Katie and Niall. Me and Harry. Then to make it more interesting Louis decided that the couple will have to kiss how the others tell them to and must do it in front of everyone. We re-started and it was Louis and Katie. I straight away shouted tongues but Louis protested because of his girlfriend so I changed it. We carried on playing and when it got to me and Niall Katie chose French kiss for 3 minutes but we had to go outside so the others could play. I was secretly really happy but Niall didn't look too thrilled...

Nialls POV:
I have to kiss Amber. No offence but I don't like her. She seems okay but not my cup of tea. She on the other hand looked very happy to be kissing me which was a bit weird. Oh well, I just closed my eyes and got on with it.
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