The Best Damn Thing

18 year old Amber Smith is a skater girl and has a best friend, Katie, who is obsessed with British-Irish boyband One Direction but Amber is not so keen. What will happen when Katie wins 2 VIP tickets to see them live and forces Amber to go along? Will there be love? Or will it be a disaster? Read to find out!!!


9. two are together...okay ?

Amber's POV:
We got to the cinema and saw something we never expected to see..

Liam and Katie were making out by the popcorn stand!

Oh.My.God! She never said anything about this to me! They look as if they are pretty close. "Hey Katie! What's all this?" "Urm. Well, don't tell the others but we've been secretly dating for three months." "What!?! And to keep the secret you decided to snog in the cinema in front of loads of move." We talked for a bit longer about hiding their relationship and it turns out they were going to see the Hobbit too so we sat with them. We had fun. Even though they were making out for most of the film. Maybe Zayn and I will become boyfriend and girlfriend soon. Yeah, I'd like that. Being able to kiss him and hold him whenever I liked. Perfect. Oh, I want a boyfriend. Who knows? Maybe Zayn could be the one...

Liam's POV:
Zayn and Amber now know about me and Katie. The only reason we kept it secret was I didn't think they would approve of me dating a random fan. Well, in their eyes a random fan but to me, my girl. My beautiful, beautiful girlfriend. I love her. I am in love with her but I don't want to say it yet in case she's not there yet, now that'd be embarrassing! I wish I knew how she felt about me. Then I could be sure on when to say 'I love you' to her.

Katie's POV:
Finally someone knows!! Zayn and Amber saw us so we couldn't hide it from them. I'm so happy Amber knows! It's been killing me that I couldn't tell her. Liam and I pro,owed we wouldn't say anything until we knew we were serious. I'm hoping he says that he loves me soon because I really want to say it to him but in my opinion it's. bit desperate for the girl to say it first. Contradict my opinion if you want but that's my personal insight.

Amber's POV:
Finally I know what's been up with Katie! She always seemed a bit strange and now I know why. She's been struggling to hide it from me. How sweet! She's so loyal to me! I'm so lucky to have her! We went into the movie room thing and sat in our seats.

20 minutes in, Katie and Liam were making out...great... They were really noisy aswell! God how can they not bother themselves!! So now, no thanks to them, Zayn, me and all the others in the movie theatre have to put up with two hours more of them having a snog

Zayn's POV:
I swear if those two don't quit it with the snogging I am gonna make them sit on opposite sides of the cinema!! It's so annoying and I just want to watch a film with my girlfriend. Well, not technically my girlfriend but I am going out with her so...yeah.

Katie's POV:
Liam is such a good kisser! I think we were bothering the others though since they both had faces that said, "Stop it now and no one gets hurt." Oh well, I don't care. We can finally be ourselves around people. Crap. Liam saw their faces and stopped with our little make out session. Now I actually have to watch the movie and pretend that I enjoy it. Great. 2 hours sitting here watching some crap film about elves and dwarves and some other make-believe shit. I can't believe people pay to watch stuff like this. "Some of us like this kind of film." Oops. I just said that out loud. Big mistake. Zayn whispered something to Amber and she nodded. Probably about me but I don't give a damn cause I'm dating Liam Payne from One Direction so they can just walk away like the irrelevant peasants they are. Well not Amber. She's cool, but Zayn....not so much.
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