The Best Damn Thing

18 year old Amber Smith is a skater girl and has a best friend, Katie, who is obsessed with British-Irish boyband One Direction but Amber is not so keen. What will happen when Katie wins 2 VIP tickets to see them live and forces Amber to go along? Will there be love? Or will it be a disaster? Read to find out!!!


10. Keeping Secrets

(A/N-Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been extremely busy with other fanfics and stuff, hope you guys like it!)


Ambers POV:

The movie date with Zayn was great but Katie was being really rude about the film. I love her and all but she should respect what other people find interest in. To be perfectly honest, I don't even get why she wanted to see the movie with Liam if she didn't like that stuff-probably to earn extra brownie points with him.

After Liam was respectful enough to stop with the inappropriate PDA Zayn whispered to me saying "Do you want to go to a karaoke place after with the rest of the boys?" I nodded. I then glanced at Katie who seemed really pissed off that we "spoilt" her date. Hopefully everything will get patched up soon.

Anyway, me, Zayn, Liam and Katie met the boys at a place called Karaoke Dokie. Kind of a weird name but it seems really cool. Zayn went to put everyone's names down. Me and Katie are doing a duet, Liam and Harry and Niall are singing together and Louis and Zayn are singing a duet. Liam, Harry and Niall are up first and they're singing Greased Lightning by John Travolta.

I can already tell that this is gonna be a great night!


Katies POV:

Turns out Zayn and Amber were discussing coming to a karaoke place. Great. I'm doing a duet with Amber and I'm really nervous cause she's so much better than me and I don't wanna flop out and be known as 'the one who's friends with Amber'. I have no clue what we're gonna sing but for now we're just enjoying Liam, Harry and Nialls rendition of Greased Lightning! Haha those boys are hilarious-especially Lili!


Zayns POV:

Amber seems to be having fun, I love seeing her smile. It really lights up the room y'know? (Pun not intended) her and Katie have been dancing along to the boys singing the song from Grease so I'm glad that she's having fun and the two of them are getting along.


Liams POV:

Me, Harry and Niall just got off stage and I went to hug Katie but then remembered we're keeping it on the down-low. However, she grabbed me and kissed me! Luckily the boys didn't see. "Err..Katie? Aren't we supposed to be keeping this a secret? I don't want you getting hurt by the fans." "I don't care Li, I want to be able to do this stuff with you without hiding it. Please can we just be us and not worry about the haters?" "Okay but I just hope they like you as much as I do." "Me too Li. I've got to go up and sing with Amber-wish me luck!" "Good luck babe!" 

I watched her go up on stage with a big smile on her face. Man, she is adorable.

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