The Best Damn Thing

18 year old Amber Smith is a skater girl and has a best friend, Katie, who is obsessed with British-Irish boyband One Direction but Amber is not so keen. What will happen when Katie wins 2 VIP tickets to see them live and forces Amber to go along? Will there be love? Or will it be a disaster? Read to find out!!!


8. Erm..I..Don't..Know.

Zayn's POV:
I decided it was time to ask her. I've been secretly crushing on her and now's the time to ask her out. But what if she says no? What if she laughs in my face? I'm so nervous for this. Maybe I shouldn't, no,I will. She might say yes. But she might say no. Oh I don't know..

Ambers POV:
"Okay, Amber, will you go out with me?" What the hell do I say? Should I say yes? He is really sweet and it would take my mind off Niall... Oh I don't know... "So?" He asked, "What do you say?" "Erm..I..don't...know." I managed to say. He looked sad. Crap. Now I feel really bad. "It's not a no by the way. I just need to think for a second." That helped. I really don't know...lets think: he's really cute, sweet, you know what? I'm gonna say yes! "Really?" "What?" "You just said I'm cute sweet and that you're going to say yes." "I said that out loud?" "Yep." I blushed. He took my hand in his and looked at me smiling. My heart raced. "Why don't we go out somewhere?" He asked in his Bradford accent that could melt anything. "Sure." We walked out the back door to my car. It's a black mini. I got in the drivers seat and drove to a little coffee shop in the middle of town. It's not that busy so people probably won't recognise him and I can get us a booth in the corner. My friend is the owner so I get a discount and can sit where I like. Plus I get a birthday doughnut or cake from them every year.

Zayn's POV:
She said yes! I can't believe it! At first she looked shocked so I wasn't sure if she'd say yes but she did and I and literally the happiest guy on Earth right now! She started driving to a coffee shop that looked really nice. We ordered a coffee each and a large muffin each. They tasted delicious. Just as I imagine Amber would...Zayn! Stop thinking of her like that!

Amber's POV:
I was having a great time with Zayn. We chatted for a long time about well, everything. There was never a dull moment and we really connected. That was until his ex-girlfriend Perrie walked in and stormed over to our booth with a face that was redder than the cherries on the cupcakes. "I can't believe you Zayn! It's bad enough you dump me but for this emo!" "Hey! She's not an emo, she just likes to wear punk rock kind of clothes. It doesn't mean she's an emo!" "Whatever. She stills looks like a goth." "Hardly!" They continued arguing for a long time and I got a bit scared cause Zayn was shouting very loudly at Perrie. Eventually they quietened down and Perrie stormed out. "Maybe we should Amber." "Yeah, I'd like that." "Do you want to go see a movie?" "Sure. I love the look of the Hobbit film. Could we go see that?" "Yeah! I'd love to see that!" He seemed happy to be with a girl that liked the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. We got back in my car and drove to the cinema. He turned the radio up and it was on Robbie Williams-Candy which is a track that everyone has to sing along to. When we arrived we saw something we never expected to see...
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