Souls, misfortune, discoveries... There's something strange about that school, something which isn't quite...normal...


3. The First Day

I took a tour of the house. It very small. It felt warm and welcoming, it was carpeted and had flowery wallpaper. Slightly old-fashioned and bright. I wasn't happy. My room was no more than a single bed and a wardrobe with a few hangers. The colour was a disgusting green with one wall wallpapered with blue flowers. Ugh. I went downstairs to see Mum and Dad waiting for me to see what I felt of the house.

"Do you like it?" My parents inquired hopefully. I didn't want to make them more upset than they already were about having to leave so I nodded.

"Yeah, it's nice. Small but cosy." I replied. Mum and Dad exchanged excited glances and gave me a hug.

"I'm glad you like it." Dad said as he squeezed me tight. I smiled at him, I just wanted for them to have less worries than they already had.

"Right," Mum clapped her hands. "Shall we unpack?" Dad and I both nodded then went outside to collect everything.

It took a long while to unpack and then we all relaxed on the sofa to watch the television. I was tired, exhausted is a better word for it and I soon fell asleep.

"Edward! Wake up!" I was awoken by Mums voice ringing in my ears. "Wake up, wake up now!"

"I'm awake okay?" I groaned, stretching before I stood up. "What do you want?"

"We're going to see your new school before you start tomorrow." she smiled happily and pulled me into the hall to get my shoes on. "Hurry up." she was rushing me to get ready. I slipped on my shoes, pulled on my coat and retired from the house.

"So which school am I actually goint to be attending?" I questioned her as we got in a cab which had arrived for us.

"It's called Roblan High School." She answered, also aiming the reply to the driver.

As we began on our way I heard a loud beeping from my pocket. I felt into my jeans and felt my phone. Loads of messages were coming in all of a sudden. I'd only just got signal and everybody was wondering where I was. I read the texts and then turned my phone off, I was too tired to make up any excuses.

We finally pulled up outside the school and I took a long stare before getting out the car. It was tall and antiquated. In the centre was a large clock which made up the grand entrance. I felt an instant feeling of worry and hope that it would be welcoming.

I got out and went straight into the building where there stood a tall, slender man with a pale face. Just like the driver in the removal van.

"Hello, I'm Master Grimten, the headmaster. Come right this way, I'll show you around the school." His voice was ghastly and he didn't seem to move his lips much as he talked, just like a ventriliquist. He began to lead us round the school, starting with the grand hall. Inside an assembly was being held with the older students but I couldn't quite catch what it was about.

"Next, I'm going to show you some pupils your age in a lesson. This will give you an idea of how we teach here in Roblan High." He took us to a classroom surrounded with other rooms. They all seemed to have no windows, just brick walls and doors. We went inside where a science lesson was taking place.

"...and that's how these two chemicals mixed together can make exactly what you just witnessed." Explained the teacher who was scribbling something complicated down on the blackboard. Nobody seemed to noitice Mum and I standing by the door watching the lesson, it was strange really. At my previous school, whenever someone came in, everybody had to look up from their work, but not here, everybody was focused and serious about their work. They seemed to take interest in what they were being taught, unlike most schools with teenagers attending.

Once we had been on our tour, we thanked the headmaster and left to go home.

"That looks fantastic, I think I've chosen the perfect school Edward!" Mum seemed very proud of herself for her choice of the school.

"I'd say it's a bit  too sophisticated if you ask me." I retorted.

"Well nobody asked you for your opinion did they? You are starting that school tomorrow whether you like it or not." There was a frustrated tone to her voice which I didn't particularly like so decided to stay quiet. It had been a long day so I rested my head on her shoulder and fell asleep before we arrived home.

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