Souls, misfortune, discoveries... There's something strange about that school, something which isn't quite...normal...


4. A Start At Roblan High

A loud beeping sound woke me up that morning. I scratched my head and turned off the alarm beside my bed. What was the time? I never got up this early for school. I angled the clock so I could see it. Five o'clock in the morning! How long is school at Roblan High? Maybe it finished early so we still have the six hours you have in every school.

Anyway, I pulled off the heavy duvet that was across me, yawned and stood up. My school clothes were prepared nicely on the floor for me and my shoes planted neatly beside it. The shirt was black with a red and purple striped tie, disgusting. The blazer was also red, but not a bright red, a deep scarlet colour. Just like blood.

I got changed and then ran down the stairs, two by two and then escorted into the kitchen for breakfast. I heard the sound of crackling and whatever it was, it smelt marvellous.

"You need to have the biggest breakfast you can have, you have nine hours of school up ahead." Mum placed a plate of bacon, eggs, a crumpet, some toast and a whole can of baked beans before me.

"Wait did you just say nine hours of school?" I asked her. All I got was a nod and a smile, like it was normal to have that long for school. I was astonished. That was way too long to have for school!

"I'm not going to that school for nine hours everyday." I protested. "It's just way too long. No wonder all those children learning looked stressed." I couldn't beleive she was actually sending me to this school. I couldn't even bear six hours of school, let alone nine!

"Edward, your going to school no matter what. I've never seen such a great school." She replied stubbornly, pouring more beans onto my plate. I wasn't in the best mood.

"Stop putting all those beans on my plate I don't actually like beans that much." I said rudely, pushing the plate away from me.

"Okay, but just eat some, you need some food in you for the big day ahead." She pushed the plate back towards me and gave me a fork. "Now eat up, we don't want you getting really hungry before lunch which is in seven hours." I began to eat, not feeling exactly hungry but agreeing with what she was saying.

Once I was finished, I grabbed my rucksack and ran out of the house. I got in the cab which had arrived to me and waved goodbye to Mum.

The journey was about ten minutes and when I arrived I felt nervous. I thanked the driver and got out. Before entering I scruffed up my hair, I hated it neat but Mum always 'had' to brush it. I walked towards the entrance and pushed the large glass door where lots of other people were entering the building. Nobody was making a sound, no talking, no whispering, nobody seemed to even be making eye contact. All the students seemed to be dressed neat, perfect more like. Every strand of their hair was in place and their uniform was exactly how it looked on the brochure for the school, no different.

I went to the headmasters office like he had asked the day before and he was waiting there for me.

"Ahhh, Edward! Welome! I would like to show you your timetable and where you will be for registration." I didn't like him already. He just didn't seem like a likeable person. He took me to a large room with several blackboards, a table and two chairs.

"Sit down Edward." He showed me to one of the chairs and I sat down. "Right," he began, sliding a thin book with very few pages towards me, "this is where you timetable is, open it up and it will have your daily lessons. The lessons will be an hour and a half long, six lessons per-day. There is a map on the first page, if you open the book, you will find it." I opened it up and as he said, there was a map; not a very good one, but it was there.

"Okay, there's nothing more I can tell you, but follow me to registration." He stood up and waited for me to put the book inside my bag. He walked out the door and I followed him. He took me to a small classroom with only a front desk and lots of other small tables. They already seemed to be taking the register but as we arrived, the class stood up.

"Good morning Sir." They exclaimed in unison. They also seemed to talk without moving their lips, apart from one boy who seemed to be following what everybody else was doing. He had blonde hair and small green eyes which shone. He was small for our age, very small in fact. The teacher was also standing and she walked over to me to show me to my desk. Master Grimten nodded and took the exit out the closest door.

I sat down next to the boy who seemed different to the others.

"This is Rory, he joined yesterday, you can be friends." She sounded Russian, but ghostly. He voice was cold and icy, somehow recognisable. I smiled at Rory and he nodded back.

As lunch came upon us, I joined Rory and we went to eat. We put our bags down at an abandoned table and went to get something from the buffet. We seemed to be the only people eating, everybody was just sitting around talking, like it was some sort of common room.

Once we got our food, we went and sat back down.

"It's strange here, don't you think?" I questioned him, looking around. "It doesen't seem quite...normal." I pulled a confused expression and Rory nodded.

"I have a feeling it's something to do with the teachers, they seem to control the students. I don't know why I think it, it's just, lets just say I have a feeling." replied Rory, swallowing a bite of his sandwich.

"Yeah, I think I agree with you there." I nodded agreeably and picked out the raisins in my cake. "I really want to know why nobody's eating. Nine hours here and they're not eating anything. It's as if they're not human or something." Rory laughed but also in a agreeing tone.

Later on that day, I went home and threw my bag on the stairs.

"Mum, Dad, I'm home!" I shouted. Instantly, I heard the sound of thundering footsteps coming from upstairs.

"Darling, Dad's gone to find a job but how was your day?" She'd been cleaning the house as she held a cloth and spray.

"It was good." I didn't want to tell her about the differences there was, I wanted to find out why myself.

"Tell me more!" She was desperate to hear what had happened but I didn't know what to say about it.

"I'm too tired to talk right now, it's been a long day." I replied and went into the lounge to watch tv.

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