Souls, misfortune, discoveries... There's something strange about that school, something which isn't quite...normal...


2. A Journey

The next morning I was outside, heaving all my things onto the removal lorry. It was actually quite a tiring process, my arms were aching horrifically. I yawned lethargically and rested my head on the largest case. I could see my parents rushing about, they seemed desperate to change cities, to move all those miles away.

After a few minutes of long thinking, I stood up and carried on loading the cases into the boot.

Roughly two hours after, I began to climb inside the front of the lorry. I held onto the seat-belt to support me so I could finally place myself on the uncomfortable seating. I wriggled about, trying to get comfy, but this was no good. It was hard, although somehow soft at the same time; it was strange.

Once Mum and Dad were seated, the truck began to move. It jolted and turned sharply. It made me feel sick and same for my parents. The driver looked sickly; pale and almost like he wasn't quite 'human' if you know what I mean. His hands were placed firmly upon the wheel and every time a turning appeared he turned it the whole way round which made us inches from crashing. A truly terrifying journey. I felt Mum grab my hand at moments when it was worst.

"Excuse me" Dad began to talk to the driver. "Could we just stop for some fresh air? We're all feeling slightly...well...unwell." He seemed worried to talk, like he could see that the driver looked cold and 'abnormal'. However, he ignored the question and carried on driving in the same way, like he hadn't just heard my Dad talking to him. This made me feel frightened and anxious. I didn't want to be driven by this man. He was making me feel like it was the end; multiple times. I wanted to say something to him.

"Sir, could you please slow down?" I needed for him to do this for me, I didn't want to end up in a horrible accident. Although as I said this, again he completely ignored me, it was like he had no sense of hearing. Was he deaf? Did he have an embarrassing voice? I had no clue why he was like this.

We finally turned up in Manchester, and I was honestly surprised I wasn't in any way harmed or unconscious. He made us get out (without talking or making any eye contact) and waited until we'd unloaded all our cases.

After everything was off the lorry and on the pavement, the driver drove off in an extremely fast pace.

"Wow, that was a fascinating drive, don't you agree Edward?" Mum began. I rolled my eyes.

"Don't call me that, you know I hate it." was my sharp reply.

"Okay darling, but you have to know, your name is fantastic, it's old fashioned and unique..."

"Just call me Ed will you?" I interrupted. "Lets go in, I want to see where we're going to be living."

"Okay, let's go." Dad smiled excitedly.

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