Souls, misfortune, discoveries... There's something strange about that school, something which isn't quite...normal...


1. A Talk

I placed the key into the lock and twisted it. The door was jammed; like it always is, so I kicked it with my shoe and it clicked open. I stumbled into the hallway and hung my bag upon the peg. I retrieved my phone from my pocket and flung it on the sofa.

"Edward!" I heard my ridiculously posh name called from the kitchen.

"Coming!" I sighed. "You do know I'd much prefer it if you called me Ed!" I said angrily as I jumped up onto a chair.

"Your name is wonderful, don't think badly of it." This statement made me roll my eyes.

"Anyway, what do you want?" I waited patiently for a reply as my parents whispered quietly between them.

"Right, there's something important your Mother and I want to tell you." His face held a grave expression which turned knots in my stomach. I saw Mum biting her lip nervously.

"We're moving house." she splattered, like she really wanted to get those three words out. "To, erm, to Manchester." She waited apprehensively as I considered my reply.

"I cannot believe it." Was all I could say. I was stunned and frazzled. I thought they loved it here. Our house, our garden, our friends, our family. Only last week they said this was all they'd ever wanted and now they've just decided to change they're minds? Just like that?

As these thoughts searched my brain, I watched my parents sitting silently and exchanging concerned expressions. I didn't want to make them feel bad about not liking the idea but had so many questions to ask!

"Okay," I began, "I'm not overjoyed about this but, it could be an adventure. So I'm, erm, up to it!" I falsed a smile but it was obviously not my forte.

"Right, we can tell you despise the idea, but somethings happened and we have to move." They seemed relaxed by now.

"Isn't there anyway we can stay here? We'll be leaving so much behind!" I began to sob and Mum held my hand.

"I'm afraid it's compulsory, we can't do anything about it." A tear trickled down her face as she said this and she turned away to wipe it off.

"Why?" I was curious; very curious.

"That's, a thing we can't tell you." Dad replied, showing no emotion. I nodded, feeling miserable.

"So, you should be going to pack your bags, we're moving in the morning." They said all of a sudden, almost in unison for some coincidental reason.

"What!" That had set me off, I was definitely NOT changing house suddenly like that. "There's no time! What about saying bye to friends...to family! Please say your joking!" I pleaded desperately. Unfortunately they shook their head.

"I'm sorry." Mum replied, "But there's nothing we can do. Oh, and promise, you won't tell anyone about this?" Her face was sincere and prepared. She needed for me to make this promise.

"Okay, I promise." I responded and went upstairs to pack my bags.

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