A Special Personality

Waverly. 17. Singer. Fan of The Wanted. Nuff said. Wanna know more? Read!!! Silly.


1. Wanted World Winner

-Waverly's POV-

"And we. Are. A. Go," I said, turning my camera on. "Hey guys! Waverly Justice here! Sooo, I promised last week that I'd sing a regular song along with, of course, a The Wanted song," I giggled. I grabbed my guitar and started to sing 'Home' by Daughtry and then ended with 'Glad You Came' by The Wanted. I smiled at the camera before turning it off and uploading the video to my YouTube channel. I've been singing on YouTube for a while now. Well, ever since The Wanted came to be. Did I mention I have this massive crush on them? They are absolutely amazing. I was one of their very first followers on twitter, not to brag or anything. They've helped me through so much, even though they don't know that.

Back in 2009, my parents were killed in a car accident. I was basically abandoned. I had no close relatives. They were all on the otherside of the country. I talked my way around things and was able to be on my own by the time I turned 17. So here I am, in Nashville, Tennessee, working at Starbuck's, going to Vanderbilt Univeristy and living in my own apartment. I graduated high school early. I guess you could say I'm different.

I sighed as I put my guitar in it's holder and walked to the kitchen. It was 10 o'clock, but I was starving. I rummaged through the fridge and pulled out some Bacon Cheeseburger dip and grabbed some potato chips from the cupboard. I walked over to the couch and plopped down. I clicked on the tv and scrolled through the channels. I stopped on MTV and saw The Wanted. I almost choked on my food when I saw them.

"Hey guys! Casey here. I am on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles, California giving you some information you might just find helpful," she said cheerfully, "Listen up all you Wanted fans! Your future may change just before your eyes! The Wanted's manager, Jane Collins, is now searching for a solo artist to add to her agency. The boys here are going to tell us how you could have your dreams come true!" My heart stopped. I'm positive this is a dream. The boys came strutting over and smiled briefly.

"Ehm, basically all you have to do is go to our Wanted World website, which for a limited time will be open to everyone for free, and click the box that says WANTED. It'll ask you some information and will give you a slot to upload 3 songs," Tom said hurridly. "The first song will be one of your choice," Max smiled. "The second will be one of our songs," Siva said. And then the camera zoomed in on Nathan. My heart dropped. Yep. I'm dead. "And the final one must be an original song." "Once you've done all that you just click 'Send' and it'll be sent to our e-mail where we can view each and every single one of them! The auditions close at the end of this week. Once we've decided on our winner, we will contact you as soon as possible," Jay added.

"Alright guys. Thank you so much for sharing that with us!" Casey said as the boys walked off. "Looks you guys better hurry if you want a chance to make your little hearts sing for billions! I'm Casey O'Brian and you're watching MTV Live." With that I ran to my room and grabbed my note pad. I started rummaging around through my songs to find my favorite one I've written. I decided on 'Wings'. I wrote it using my piano when my parents died. This song had so much effect on my life, that I just had to send it in. I spun around in my chair on opened laptop to my homepage. Wanted World. I did just as the boys instructed. I sang Let Me Love You by Neyo, I'll Be Your Strength by The Wanted and Wings by me.

I filled out the information and held my breath as I clicked send.  Maybe I'll win? Nah. I'd never get something so big. I brushed it off just in case I didn't win. I yawned and climbed into bed. I had a big day at Starbuck's tomorrow.




(It was Sunday when you read Waverly's part, but to save time, it is now 1:30 a.m. Saturday.)

-Nathan's POV-

We had been looking at videos for hours. Some girls were pretty, some were good singers, some were....different. Even a couple of guys were okay, but nothing actually caught my eye. "Waverly Justice. From Nashville, Tennessee, 17 years old, works at Starbucks and goes to Vanderbilt University. Her first song is Let Me Love You by Neyo," Jay called out. The black screen slowly filled with color as a pretty, blonde girl sat in a light red room that almost looked pink. She had white Christmas lights strewn around the ceiling. You could tell she was a total girl. She took a breath and started singing.

"Much as you blame yourself,

You can't be blamed for the way that you feel.

Had no example of a love,

That was even remotely real.

How can you understand Something that you never had? Ooh, baby, if you let me, I can help you out with all of that," she sang. I watched her as she strummed her guitar and sang. She had so much emotion in her voice and face. You could tell she wanted this so bad. She wasn't in it just for us, she was in it because she loved doing this.

She closed up the song and started I'll Be Your Strength. With every word, Waverly had me mesmerized. When that song was finally over she paused. "Okay, sooo, my final song is called Wings. I wrote it when my parents were killed in 2009. In essence, this song was and still is my way of coping. I hope you guys enjoy this, but most importantly, thank you for just listening," she smiled faintly and switched from guitar to keyboard. She started off playing a slow, soft melody. "You gave me my wings so I could fly. No, I never wanted to say goodbye. And I know, ooh, it'll all be okay. You're watchin from above. You cover me with your love. You gave me my wings to fly. Oh, I'm gonna fly. Yeah I'm gonna fly! I'm steppin out in the world," her voice gave way at the end. This girl, was my pick. She had a...special personality.

"Nath. How about her?" Max asked. I smiled and gently nodded. "Boys. I think we've found our winner. Jayne! Call 'er up," he added. Jane clapped her hands and dialed the numbers. She waited a few moments, but no one ever answered. "Hmph. That's rather odd. What's the number where she works, Tom Tom?" she asked. Tom shouted the number as Jane tapped her knee. "Ah yes! Do you happen to have an employee by the name of, uhmm, Waverly Justice?" She paused. "You do?! Oh, marvelous. Well I am Jane Collins, I work with The Wanted. We had a contest going, and Waverly is our winner. I tried contacting her, but there wasn't an answer. I thou-" Pause. "She is?! Oh my! Will she be working at say...four p.m. tomorrow?" Another pause. "Excellent. Well, would it be okay if we could congradulate her there in person?" Wait for it. "Alright. Thank you very much!" Jane clicked the phone off. "Boys. We're going to Nashville!"



(A/N: Hey guys!!! So, I know most of you are 1D fans and probably hate The Wanted. But I'm different. I like each group. Movellas are basically run by us Directioners, so I figured I'd throw in something different. Don't hate me or stop reading just because this is based on TW. Change them into Paul, Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn for all I care! I will be picking up on Don't You Remember? soon. I haven't done anything with it due to editing. Thank you guys for your support! Have a lovely day!! Also, sorry if there are any mistakes. Will fix those later! ~B)




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