BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


9. W-w-what

I was standing by the wall that separated the hotel room's kitchen and the living room.Waiting for Harry to come out of it,with a bowl of glitter.*evil laugh*


hah.I was a few days in Australia with the boys,I missed my baby.It was like the 1/3 concerts in Melbourne.There was a signing today too.We were in the biggest suite.

I had my evil laugh till I heard his shoes.I pulled my bowl a little bit up.And than I heard him say "Lou" his raspy voice was sleepy I could tell.He stood there for a while,so I got behind him & threw the bowl over his head and shook the rest on his body.

"What-" he stopped and turned around,by the time I was 3 metars away."Ena" he dropped his eyes.He was angry,man."Hey"I said laughing.

Than he started coming towards me.I started running,I went over for the doors.There was Paul in the hall.I came behind him,and put my hand on his back "Stop him" I said and started running to our room.

"Hey,no running in the hotel,you're gonna break something" I could see Paul stopping him.I hide behind the doors."I'm gonna kill you,look at me.I have a signing to do" He yelled round the room.I burst laughing.

He came infront of the doors,& pulled them.I was laughing so hard."What are you laughing" he pulled me on the bed.He was laughing too."C'mon" I said trying to get up.

"You'll pay" He said as he rolled me on top of him."How" I said smiling and gave him a peck on the lips."I'll come up to something" he said smiling."Sure" i giggled."& you have to wash my hair babe."he added "Ahm" I said smiling.

"I'm serious" he looked with his 'serious look' "Ok,you got me all glittery too so I don't mind" He pulled me closer "that my intention" he smiled and kissed me."C'mon I have glitter in my mouth" I said making my weird faces."Soo?" he asked with his grin."I'm getting a shower" I got out of bed and went for the bathroom.

"Wa-a-ait" He pulled my hand."You have to wash me" He said as he went in with me."Apple one?" I said giggling."yyes" he said with a big grin on his face.

"What is it?" I said stroking his hair with the shampoo."Nothing" he smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips."Your turn love" I turned around and let him shampoo my long baby blue hair.

"Not fair,yours is long" He said shampooing my hair . I just started smiling."Done" I felt his wet,soft hands sliding over my waist. "Are you sure?" I asked giggling."Yep" I could tell he had a grin."you know you don't leave the shampoo on your hair,you wash it off." I teased a bit."I'm pretty sure this is all" He pulled my tighter and kised my cheek.

"Aww" I laughed."I'd love to stay like this,but I don't wanna go to the hospital later babe" I pulled out from his hug and turned around.I was facing him now.

"Can you let water a little bit more" I asked leaning my head.I washed it off in a minute & stood normaly.He pulled my hair on one side.I got a bit closer,he put his hands on my cheeks and we kissed.

"you're so beautiful" he pressed  his pink lips on my forehead.I blushed a bit."Gimme my  towel" I asked him smiling."Here you go" He gave me one and I went out  and grabbed another towel for my body.

I put the one for my hair on my head,and rolled the other one over my body as I  got to our room(the bathroom was in the room).I felt someone behind me.I turned around,and of course,he was naked.

"Harry put some clothes on,hun." I said lying on the bed."Why?" he asked with his cheeky look."At least boxers..please" I sighed."Fine" he said and went to his suitcase.

I rested a bit on the bed.Than he came to me and lied next to me."Been fun" he put his big hands on my stomach."Yeah" I smiled."I still can't believe you're my girlfriend finally" He rolled a bit,so we were looking at each other."I still can't believe it too" I smiled and put my hand on his cheek."I love you so much" I leaned a bit and kissed his pretty pink lips."you 2" he smiled.

I got up. "Where are you going?" he asked confused,"C'mon" I pulled his hand.I lead him to the living room,everyone(Zayn & Louis) was eating.

"Hey" I said holding Harrys hand."Hi" Zayn said eating his food."Hey lovebirds" Lou said with his sassy voice."vas happenin? where's everyone" i asked,as we set next to them and started eating.

"Liam's on the phone with Dani....Niall's eating at ' Hungry Jack's ' (Burger King)" Zayn told us,changing the chanels on the plazma tv."oh" I said & looked over at Harry.He was eating,but with his tongue like he always does,he's cute but weird.I just started smiling and started eating my McDonald's.

"So how are you two doing?" Lou asked.I looked at Harry and hugged him,he just smiled.I put my head on his chest."everything's perfect" I said smiling.

"cute" Zayn smiled.Than he took his phone out,probably Perrie.& Liam came."Hey Pay" I said snuggling with my babe."Finished babe?" he asked putting his hand on my stomach."Yeah I'm full" i put my hand on his."You?" i added and looked up at him."yeah,yeah" he kissed my cheek.

"ly" I said gently 'rubbing' my hand on his."more" he snuggled his head into neck."don't move" Liam sad talking his phone out" "what are you doing" I asked smiling."btw babe,I think I put a little bit to much shampoo on you.You'll smell really strong." I added ."I don't care" he smiled and kissed me.

I didn't even notice,but I think Liam already photographed us."Liam don't" I was to lazy to up to him and make him delete it."No,it's really cute" he smiled and showed it.

Ok,it was cute.."aww babe" Harry hugged me tighter and kissed me again."It's cute ok" i smiled.I heard a weird sound."Liam...did you put it on twitter" i asked with i-will-kill-you look."" he said and had his cheeky evil smile.

"Give me your phone" i put my hand in the air."no" he walked over and sat on the other sofa."Babe" I looked at Harry,and he already had his phone out."yeah" he gave me the phone.the caption  was; "aren't they the cutestttttttt"

"Yeah,we are" Harry said smiling.I looked at the comments,and everyone was like; "is that my hazza" "who is she" "aww,they're so cute" and so on."aww...see everyone likes you already" he gave me a peck on the lips."right" i smiled.

"C'mon you're adorable,who wouldn't like you" Lou added."Harry get ready for all the questions on the signing." Zayn sad looking at him.

"Well we have to get ready" Liam sad."Yeah,Ena  come with me" he pulled out from the sofa.I went to his/our room with him.I sat on the bed and he was picking his clothes.

"are you upset about the photo?" Harry asked,I guess he cought me."well,I wasn't planning on coming to public that fast.I wanted it to be a secret...not forever but still" i said looking into his eyes."You don't love me?" he asked with his eyes filled with sadness,a bit anger,weird.

"How can you even ask that.I can't even describe how much" I said looking at him."Well,what's the problem than?" he asked hugging me.I just kept quiet.

"C'mon,everything's gonna be great!" he kissed me,and rubbed my back."We don't have to confirm anything,you know?!" he added."Okay" i said smiling."I'll get ready for the signing & when I come back we're gonna talk & cuddle the whole night,ok?" he asked looking with his pretty hazel eyes.

"can't wait" I smiled a bit.



The boys were on the concert,and I was at the hotel.Preparing everything for tonight.I wanted tonight to be special.I was making dinner for Harry & me.And decorating everything in the room.I was just finishing the dinner.Just needed for my pasta to be cooked.I was standing infront of the cooking stove,waiting for it to boil.Than my phone rang.It was a call from Croatia.what the flack.I accepted the call.

"Hello" i said in a serious tone

"Hello,Is this Ena Carter?" the lady on the phone sounded weird

"Yes.Who is this?" I asked scared

"Your parents,Ivana & William,had a car crash,It's really serious.You have to come here,to Zagreb" the lady said

"W-w-w-hat" I asked confused

"We need you to come here to identify are ,they really your parents" the water of my pasta boiled and I just dropped my phone

"Hello,Miss are you still here?" I heard the lady's voice through my phone that was smacked into pieces.

I got down on the floor,sliding against the kitchen elements and sat on the floor just staring for a few minutes. "Miss" I heard the lady again.

"Yeah,I'm still here" I replied to her

"When can we expect you?" she asked me.

"Umm...I'm in Australia.Can I be there in 3 days?" i asked "I have to go home,to get my brother."

"Well,can any other member of your family come sooner?" she asked

"Yeah,my aunt.Do you need her number?" I asked

"Sure,it would be helpful" she said.She had a old raspy voice

"091-835-1964" I told her my aunts number

"Thank you.So sorry for everything" she said and added "Goodnight Miss Carter,see you in 3 days"

"I guess,thank you.Goodnight"

I ended the call and got up from the floor.I did the dinner and went to get ready.I took a shower and got dressed(skinny jeans,black t-shirt,plain shirt,hoodie,leather jacket,converse).I did the table for the boys,I just added 3 more plaits.And wrote a note for Harry


Hey babe.Sorry I didn't call you,didn't have time + you were at the concert at the time.Something came up,I had to go home.I was planning dinner for the 2 of us but I guess nothings happenin with that anymore,you and the boys share the dinner.I'm in mess,don't think it's about us,it's not.It's personal.I'll call you when I land.I'll miss


I put it in an envelope and wrote For Harry

I packed my things quickly and went to the airport.I bought the last ticket there was."Sorry Miss,there's only one ticket,in the first class" the lady sad."It's fine,I just really need the ticket" I gave her my credit card and she gave me the ticket.The plain was leaving in half an hour.I decided to call Paul.Phone rang 3 times.

"Paul Higgins" he said really quiet,guess cause of the concert.

"Hey Paul,It's Ena.Harry's-" he interupted me

"Ena,hey.How com you're not at the concert" he asked

"Hey,well I wanted to plan dinner for Harry and me,but something happened.Really personal,and I wanted to ask you for something" I said sighed

"What is it" he asked

"Well,can you just tell Harry there is a envelope at the reception for him,I wrote him something & need him to read it.Tell him I'll call him as soon as I can" I said getting up and taking my bag.

"Oh ok.Hope everything's okay" I went to the caffe,hoped I could get coffee.

"Me too.Thank you so much" I said calling the waiter with my hand raised.

"Goodbye Miss Carter" Paul said to me.The waiter finally came

"Goodbye Paul"

I ended the call and started ordering."Can I get one latte to go please"."Sure,I'll be right up" he told me and left to make it.I stood there thinking about everything.I can't believe it came to this.I can't even cry.

"Here you go Miss,that will be __" he gave me my coffee

"Thank you" I left him the money and left for the flight.Had about 5 minutes left.

As I waited in line I drank my coffee.And than I had to go.It was round 12,they're about to come to the hotel.Than I thought about Harry,how he's this perfect boyfriend.And I,I just...- "Attention Flight 3369 for London,boarding" the lady sad into the mic.

Harry POV.

We finished the concert and we went to our hotel.Than when I was about to come in Paul stopped me.

"Harry,Ena left an envelope at reception for you" I looked at him weird."Why would she left me an envelope,she's in our room?" I asked."Just go get that envelope"

I went inside and went to reception."Hello.I've been told I've got envelope waiting" I leaned to the counter."Yeah sir,here you go.Have a good night" The man told me.I took it and went to the lift with the boys.I opened it and started reading,.


Hey babe.Sorry I didn't call you,didn't have time + you were at the concert at the time.Something came up,I had to go home.I was planning dinner for the 2 of us but I guess nothings happenin with that anymore,you and the boys share the dinner.I'm in mess,don't think it's about us,it's not.It's personal.I'll call you when I land.I'll miss

What does that mean? "Harry,what are you reading?" Zayn asked me.Lou looked at me with his what-happened look."Nothing.Something from Ena" I mumbled."Where's Ena?" Lou asked me."In London...I think" I sighed."What is she doing there?" Lou asked me again."she left".


Ena POV.

I went for my plain and settled in my seat.Some guy sat next to me.He was cute,I knew I knew him from somewhere.But I didn't talk,just sad hi.I couldn't.I was just listening to Ed the whole flight.

I came to London round midnight.I went to our apartment and  booked a plane ticket,packed a few things and went for a shower.

Than I got dressed(the same outfit,but different clothes) and went to Heathrow.I went to a flight for Manchester.I traveled an hour.I rented a car and went to HC.I was driving alone.I decided to call Harry.He wouldn't pick up.Ugh.I rang again.Nothing.I rang one more time.He finally picked up the phone.

"Ena?Is this you?Where are you?" i heard his sleepy,angry,woried,raspy voice.I felt a bit better.

"Hey Harry.It's me.I'm on my way to Holmes Chapel." I said as I drove to my home.

"Why didn't you tell me.What happened?" he asked.He sounded like he has a hangover

"Didn't wanna bother you.My parents...they had a car crash.I have to go to identfy their bodies.I just hope it's not them" sighed big time.

" could of said so,I'd go with you.Where are they? Are you okay love?"

"Well...They're in babe...I'm in mess,I just..I can't even talk actually" I said and opened the windows.

"I miss you" I added and sighed

"I miss you too.I'll see you soon,I hope.Call me when you're there,ok?"

"Thank you"  i sighed in a way

"For what?"

"For talking to me,I feel a bit better.Well I gotta go,bye"

"Bye,ly" I ended the call and I've got to HC,I was already in town.I just needed to come to my house,3 minutes.I got there at 4 am.The lights were on at Anne's

I got out of the car and saw Anne on the doors.I got my bags and my phone and went to her."Hun,are you ok?I heard everything.Your aunt called me....I didn't tell Bryan,I thougth you should tell him" She said as she hugged me.

"No...thank you...I don't even know how should I tell him that...I feel so sick" I hugged her tighter."Baby,everything will be alright...c'mon in...I'll make tea and some food.Gemma's here too" She hugged me and helped me with the bags.

"Hey Ena" She hugged me real tight."How are you feeling" she asked.I did half-smile "I'm okay...In a way" we went to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry hun?" Anne asked."I didn't eat since the day I got the call." I sad and sighed."But I can't eat.If you mean that" I took my cup of tea and drank a bit."You have to eat something" Gemma said rubbing my back."I don't even know how to tell Bryan,or how I'll go there" I said holding my tea.

"Well....Gemma & I are going with you" Anne sad holding food on plates."really?" I asked.I was shocked.I mean they are family,in a way.I can't believe it."Thank you" I said and smiled."Now,eat this and & Gemma will get Bryan" Anne said giving me food.I ate a bit and got drank my tea.

Thank Bryan came.I just stood there."Ena,what are you doing here?" Bryan looked at me in a shock and hugged me.

"Well...I have to tell you something" I couldn't even say that normally."Sit hun" Gemma gave him a chair."umm...Bryan...mum...and car crash...and *sigh* they're...-" i couldn't speak any longer,Anne just hugged me.Bryan just looked at me like a zombie.Gemma held him."Breath Ena.Relax" Anne sad trying to get me on the couch.

She put me there and I just stared there in the tv,that's off.And they were talking to Bryan,I heard some words."Bryan go with Gemma,and get ready and I'll get Ena ready,we're leaving in a an hour." Anne said.I saw her going up to me."C'mon Ena,let's go upstairs.Go get a shower,and dressed.We'll leave soon"

She walked me to Harry's room.I took a shower and got dressed(converse,black skinny jeans,black shirt,and leather jacket.) and than waited for Bryan to get ready.We were at the airport in Croatia at 10 am.We went to my aunts.I sighed and knocked on the doors.My aunt opened.The thing is she looked just like my mother.And everyone said I looked like her too."Ena" I came for a hug,and didn't let go for a while.I got in and Gemma,Bryan and Anne were still saying hello.I walked up to the living room.And saw Harry.He walked up to me."Edward" I hugged him real tight and didn't let go."better?" he asked looking with his puppy eyes and kissed me."now I am" I smiled a bit and put my head into his neck.


hello.sorry for mistakes or if you think it's short:) (p.s. don't read if the mistakes bother you) xoxo



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