BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


18. What Happened

Ena POV.

I moved my hand as much as I could.It was hard.


X pov.

A tall young man had his face cupped in his hands,his curls were sticking out and his body was leaned down.By his foot taps he seemed frustrated,nervous,tired.What is he gonna tell her when she wakes up?

"umm...o" he immediately looked up to see Ena's hand move.She was waking up?! His hand reached her and just gently brushed against hers."Who ,who is this" you could see she was scared,she was struggling.

"Your best friend" Harry replied watching her face closely "Harry ,your fiancé

"O" was the only word she said,she just squeezed his hhand and left it there."How are you" Harry broke the silence,worried sick."Everything hurts,but I feel better now."  she brushed her hand with his.She gave Harry hope by doing that.

"Where am I" She asked."In the hospital,in London" 

"What happened" she didn't remember anything."I'll call the doctor"He said and got up. "SorryCan you please get Dr.Smith,Ena woke up" He was standinh by the door,with his hand holding them."I'll check her first" The nurse commented and got in.She took the papers that were standing by the bed,clipped."Hi Ena how are you feeling?"She asked her and came closer."I can't open my eyes normally" She whined a little."Do you feel better?" She went through loads of different of questions."I don't have the strenght to open them,and my head hurts really bad" Ena commented."I'll be right back,with your doctor" The doctor left the room.


As the doors closed Harry walked over to her bed.She was shaking her head slowly,avoiding her pain.He leaned and left a small gentle kiss on her forehead."Your head hurts huh" he commented sitting down."Yeah a bit" A smile grew on her face as she got her kiss.."Hey,hmm..yo" She spoke awkward "Harry?" He completed the sentence for her lwith a small laugh and grabbed her hand,witch was on her bed

"Tell me something" She said putting her hand in his.He shook his head."What about" He watched her play with his hand."About you,about me,about me getting here" she had cheer in her voice.Harry went numb.

"Errm..well you're 20,so am I,you have a brothe-" The door opened and Harry stopped talking,the doctor came in.

"Good evening Ena,heard you woke up! I'm Dr.Smith,your doctor" the only sound you could hear were her heels.

"Yeah" Ena had a huge smile on her face, "Do you remeber what happened" She asked her patient."No,actually nothing" she shook her head."It's okay,it's gonna come to you eventually ,you'll be back to normal in month or so" Dr.Smith added."We're glad you woke up,it's nice to see this boy smile for the first time" She commented again.Ena kept quiet for a moment-"So it's normal I can't open my eyes" She asked frustrated, "Well,kinda.You'll see tomorrow,or maybe tonight.You just have to wish for it" The nurse said.

The check lasted half an hour more,Harry went to the canteen,got some food and soda.

When he came back,the room was empty,with only Ena,who was sleeping.

Harry POV.

She was so beautiful,even though she's in a mess right now,she's the most beautiful girl in the world to me.

I feel guilty.So bloody guilty!If she hasn't seen Taylor,If I haven't signed with Modest!,If I woke up that morning early,and stopped her.

I called her literally 100 times.

When I got the call,I wanted to beat myself up.

I'm so stupid.

I can't live like this.I have a family,a sister,a brother,my parents,Ena.

Ena POV.

The headache was waking me again.God it hurts.I tried opening my eyes,and I did it.Actually opened them,not totally but at least I'm back to normal now.

"Harry" I mumbled as I saw him standing near my bed."Hey" He put his hand on my cheek.It was so warm."How are ya babe" Did he just call be babe "Nice to see your pretty eyes again,i missed them" he commented as he sat on the end of my bed."I missed you" I spoke with my voice breaking. "You want you water?" He asked

"Would be great,thanks"i said ,"here" He held my glass as I drank the water with a straw



short,ik! i have to study,and I have a headache so;/ update round thursday:) soz if there are mistakes  nell xx

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