BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


14. Valentine's Dayyy


Things have been goin really well,I'm happy.


"Here's your bag miss" The salesman told me and put a lift on my hands.My bag with with lenses for my camera.I'm focusing on my photography from now on."Thank you sir" I said as I left the shop & put my sunglasses on.Ray-Ban Clubmaster but my phone started vibrating in my right pocket of my leather shorts.It said Baby Edward  on the ID.

8pm,our 1D building,roof.Don't be late ! <3  the message had written.What is he planning now,gosh.I started texting him back Babe what should I wear?<3x  I got to the underground and sat on my 40 minutes drive.I  got home in 55 minutes.Our street was quite relaxed in this time of the day,snowflakes flying around,the wind.The whole city was in red cause of Valentine's Day.I walked in slow-motion to our doors.And unlocked them,I left my shopping bag on the sofa,took my oxfords off and closed the doors.Turned up the radio in the right corner by the window & got to my bedroom.There was a giant red box,with a little note in the shape of a heart. hey babe,I guess you found the box?Open it up! Can't wait to see you tonight:) x I read the note with a big grin on my face.I threw the note on the other side of the bed and sat on the edge getting the box.I started slowly opening it,there was a little black dress & ankle booties.With cutouts & booties with spikes.Omf I dropped my jaw...awh I mumbbled as I reached for my phone and photographed the bed with the box and the note.

"hmm...send" I whispered as I clicked the button while I finished writing my caption; hi my love,I got my suprise.This is gorgeous !! I'm inpressed Edward,miss ya:) thank you thank you thank you ,mwha<3 I took my clothes on and went for a bath.I took a long one with candles round the bathtube."I liked it sooo much." I said to Lou(T.) on the phone as we chatted for an hour."We should totally double date" She laughed so hard."Yeah,haha" I smiled and got from my bathtube."Where are you two lovebirds goin tonight?" she asked in a teasing tone."Actually Harry's doin something for me,he send me the cutest box with clothes & said to meet him at 8" I wrapped a long cosy towel around my body."You should come to my place so we can get ready together!I need your help with my dress tonight" She begged over the line."Sure,now is a good time?" i asked as i grabbed a pair of skinny jeans.Than my loafers and a oversized sweater with a denim jacket."Yeah,hurry!" She said as we said goodbye and I got ready.

I prepared my dress and booties in a bag,got my cosmetics bag,and a normal one and I was ready to go.I needed 20 minutes to get to her tho.I took a cab cause I had to many things to carry with me."This is the place?" the driver asked.I nodded my head and got out,I gave him the money.I saw Lou waiting for me with Lux in her arms,awh.


"Babe" i said as Lux was giggling,with Lou."Hey love,how are ya?" Lou said as she put Lux on floor in the living room."Fine,how are you" I smiled as I saw all those pics of Tom and her.They are the coolest couple I met!

"Great,can't wait for some alone time tonight with Tom" She was saying as we went upstairs to her beauty/bed room.

"Awh" I mumbled and smiled."Soo,I was thinking.I do your hair & you pic my clothes" She opened her closet,filled with biker boots,and washed ripped jeans.Heaven."omf" I screamed.She just started laughing,

I picked a grey(more black) oversized/asymmetrical dress with some straps hanging,and ankle boots.It looks so cute on her.And she did my hair like she does Perrie's (you know ,up).I liked it.I put a leather headband too.Than we got our makeup and we were ready to go.

"thank you babe" i said smiling as we were looking ourselfs in the mirror."no probs,thank you!" she smiled as we looked (i gotta say) amazing in our clothes.


(1hour later)

"Babe ,you here" -I said as I walked over the last stair ,the doors for the rooftop were half open."Babe" I said as I got up,and saw the whole thing 



i can't write it all tonight,cause I have to give the laptop to my sister,this is just a little bit,enjoy! :) Nell xx

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