BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


13. too short update,soz


We got ready,got to our black Range Rover. Went to Cheshire.I've missed Holmes Chapel.


It's my home,and London,well...that's just different.we got there in almost 5 hours.The traffic was mad.When we got there everything was soo Chistmas-ish

"Harry,look at the lights" -I was so happy,finally home.And our houses were soo pretty with the decorations.

"awh,you're finally home you guys" Anne said hugging us so tight (to death as i say)"Mom" Harry said and kissed her."Ena darling" -Anne kissed me on the cheek.We took our stuff and went inside.Everyone(Bryan,Anne,Gemma,Harry's dad) was there


"Bryan" -I yelled and hugged him really tight,I didn't wanna let go."Ena" he sad and kissed me on the cheek

"How are you,hun?" -I asked him as I checked him out(not in that way,it's just i haven't seen him in like 6 moths he's a grown-up now)."I'm okay"-he said."He's more than ok" -Gemma added and shoke his head with her hand."sis how are you?"-I hugged her in a sis way "lovely"-she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek.


We put our bags in Harry's old room and got a shower & Then we got dressed and went downstairs with the presents.

"You really didn't have to bring us all these things " everyone was saying over and over.Bryan was actually happy,for the first time since those things happened,I was happy for him,he had a girlfriend,got good grades + he was a really good brother.

Later Bryan left to see his gf,Gemma to see her boyfriend and Anne went out.

Harry and I were left alone,sitting in a chair cuddling.We even had matching Christmas sweaters,it was actually his idea.He's so cute."I love you" he said and gave a sweet kiss to my lips."I love ya too Edward" -I smiled and kissed his nose."ya know...we got the whole house to ourselfs" he raised his eyebrows."don't even think about it,your mum is gonna be home any minute"


"so what" -he bite my neck "no,Styles" he got up and  ran to his room carring me(bride style)"seriously" i said as  I fell on the bed,he just kissed me "you're crazy,ya know that...and a perv" i sad inbetween our kisses.You could only hear our breaths and the sound of his lips sucking,bitting mine.He was already taking of my bra.And I  was taking his sweather.The sweater and my bra finished on the floor."baby" i said moaning,he was sucking my collarbone.

He kissed me from the neck down,every inch.Everytime he kissed my skin i felt chills going through my whole body.I leid on the bed,Harry was kissing my stomach.He started taking my pants off.I started unbutting his skinny jeans,he was in his boxers and i only in my lace panties.He started kissing me lower and i was stroking his hair.


We heard a noise.I told him to stop.Anne was home."Where are you loves?" she yelled across the house "upstairs,we'll be in a minute" Harry said really loud."We have to go down" he kissed me.We put our clothes on quick.I was looking for my bra for like forever."c'mon" i said and pulled his hand.He came to me,put his hands on my face and gave me a kiss,a juicy,sweet one "now we can go" he pulled the doors and we got downstairs.


"hi Anne" i said as Harry was holding my hand."What were you two up to?" she asked as she sat down on the sofa."nothing" Harry added and pull me on the sofa,on top of him.We cuddled and Anne was watching news.It was really nice,and the fireplace was so warm."we're having your aunt tonight" Anne added and looked at Harry when the commercials went on."sweet" he smiled like an idiot."Harry" Anne poured some water in her glass."presents right?" i slapped him(not hard,i don't even know if he felt it) and kissed him. "love ya too" you could only see a grin on his face.







this is the left-over of my 4 months written part 12. so yeah;/  I'll update on friday ;) bbye















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