BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


12. time goes by fast


I couldn't take it anymore.i closed my my laptop and threw  it on the floor.I got to my bathroom & I sat on the end of my bathtub and got a razor.

I heard noise.Sounded like  keys.It didn't bother me.I  put the razor to my arm and...Suddenly,a sound of wet shoes  started coming close.I closed my eyes and the doors opened,i heard the nock.


Harry was standing infront of me looking with his eyes  full of dissapointment,sadness.


He looked mad.


"leave it"- he said with his serious tone lifting the bin from the floor.I didn't say a thing,i just got up,opened my hand and threw it in there. I hugged him really tight ,and put my arms on his neck.He kissed my head  for a sec. I sat down on the bathtub and he sat next to me and hugged me .

"don't ever EVER do it again" he said,with his raspy sad voice,and kissed my scars.

"please Ena,I love you"-he took my hand and continued

"I'm sorry" i felt like I swallowed something of  a size of a table tennis ball


He got up,wrapped his giant hands around my waist and hugged me

"i love you" i sad and kissed him gently."i love you too,you have no idea how much,i don't ever wanna lose you" he said taking my hand. "I'm really sorry Harry" -i said looking straight into his big hazel perfect  eyes

"c'mon ,you're coming with me"-he took my hand and dragged me to the living room."where" i asked and ran to him."to the concert" he looked at me and smiled."i don't feel like it" i said looking down at  the floor.

"you have to go,I'm not planning on  worrying all night because of you,i don't want you to hurt yourself" he lifted my head with his hand on my chin."i won't" i said looking at him."pleaseeeee" he made a puppy face"and Perrie's gonna be there" -he tried to convince me


"hmm..."  -i sad with my not sure look."and Danielle and Calder" -he added."i don't know Harry...I if I have to" -i looked at him."you do!" he said in the speed of light.My lips formed into a smile "then i guess I'm going" i said with a bit of happiness (after all) and kissed him."Thank you!" -he said and kissed me one more time.

"now...what shall i wear?" -i asked him and pulled his hand giggling.I took him to the bedroom."you can wear skinny jeans,converse(white!) ,my Ramonse top and a blazer?"he was naming peaces of clothes as he was pulling them out of our closet winking at me."ok,I'll go with that"-i said and picked my Ramonse top that  fell on the floor."And a beanie!" Harry added."Of course" i smiled as he put his warm hand behind my back,I lifted my hand and put it on his chest tatt kissing his pink lips.


I changed my clothes and went for a shower.I was done round 10 minutes.


"wait your beanie is wrong"-he said by pulling it a little bit to the left and than kissed me on the nose

"thank you curly " i kissed him one more time & put my head on his chest."Lets go?!"-harry looked at me with his eyes wide open as a sign we should probs go. "Yeah let's hit the road!" i said and put my hand next to his and gently fitted my fingers into his.


We got out of our apartment and went to O2 Arena with Harry's Range Rover.It was a really coasy drive,on almost every stop or every sec  free he would hold my hand."You are amazing" -i said as I lifted our hands

"not as much as you"-he just  smiled lightly.In 30 minutes we got to the O2 ,than  he kissed me quick because we're waiting for the green light."God i love this place"-he said as he opened the doors for me and took my hand."I get why" i said smiling and admiring it."Lets go inside"-we started runing  so we could make to the end of the soundcheck and meet&greet.We passed the big entrance,Paul opened the doors of backstage for us.We walked for five more minutes & than saw that Niall & Liam were  anwsering questions and Zouis was siting at the edge of the stage laughing at their anwsers."Hey guys"-we said and  sat next to them .They just nodded & Louis smiled to us.We were in the corner by the edge,hugging.Harry was behind me and  was in front in the gap between his legs,he had his arms wrapped around me.In 15 minutes the fans left and we were left alone.Harry was kissing my cheek or poking it,or whispering something to me the whole time then Dani and Perrie got here.I started talking to them & sad hi.I fell in love with Perrie's shoes.Spiked Platform heels,,who wouldn't love 'em.


It half an hour the show started,El came & they started with What Makes You Beauitful.And moved on later (after UAN) to TMH,it was great.They are truly talented lads.

And then the end came,LITTLE THINGS i couldn't believe what i heard,Harry  had a little speach.

"How are you doin' O2?! *screaming fans* so the end has come.I just wanna thank every single one of you for being here,and supporting us,we really apreaciate it.WE LOVE YOU! That's also a theme,in a way,of LT.I'd like to dedicate this song to a person that means the world to me.More than that!Ena i love you,and I don't wanna lose you,EVER! I've been *shows with his hands* this close of loosing a person i love.I don't ever wanna feel that again! There's this saying that goes "HATERS GONNA HATE" you've always told me that,now is time for you to accept it.And ignore it.So I'd like a favor from all of you.I'd like to ask if i can have this song for myself.I'd like to sing it alone,If you don't mind.I'd really like to"I heard all the fans agree and the song came on.He sang it so beautifly,i've never heard such a thing.He made me feel so beautiful.Worth something.I just cried a river cause of it.He was so perfect.Looking at me most of the time.As the end came he got down and ran to me.Kissed me.I hugged him so tight like never in my life."I love you" i said in all the tears."i love you more" -he said wipping my tears."hey,don't cry"-he added and kissed me on my cheek."How can i not.You're so perfect" i still didn't let go of the hug."How did you know?"-i asked him looking at his beautiful face."It's me" -he said with a light smile."And no,you're perfect"-he added and  took both of my hands  and held them for a while.

"I've never loved someone so much it hurts like now"-i said tryin' to hold on the tears and smiled."I did,whole my life"-he gave me a little smile and kissed my hands.




Next couple of days we spent  at home,Harry wanted to spent a few days at home, take care of me and  make sure I'm okay.He didn't let me go on twitter since that day.Now he's  home cause he has concerts this month in London.

I finally got my laptop delievered.-I got a new one since i broke the old one..& Iordered a "mask"(case) for my Mac's back of the screen. So it's filled with mine and Harrys pics on top.I'm pretty impressed."so what should my background be?"-i asked Harry looking at the screen & than at him."you&me"-he said trying to get a kiss from me & I turned my head after.We were  cuddling the whole afternoon.

I  gave him a kiss after he kissed me."sure baby, what photo?"-i asked as I was playing with his hands & fitting them in  mine."ermm...maybe the one our holiday in your country?"-he said slowly,"wait...and here it is!"-i said with a big smile on my face."I  say it's perfect"-Harry said and kissed me."I say i love ya"-i said and kissed him hard.



We were the couple,in #1DFamily that did  the most of kissing.Louis and Zayn would tease us,Dani would say how cute we were,so as El.Liam would be "let them have fun",Niall would just eat.and Perrie would just admire how much can we kiss.


We're the couple that wants to enjoy every second of the day.WE JUST WANNA LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG cause ya never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.


And Harry,he's the most perfect boyfriend I can wish for.I honestly don't know how people survive when you love someone as much as I love him,or as much as he loves me.

It's just insane.It's like,ever since i was a kid,i knew I liked him.And soon i realised i loved him.But now when I'm able to express it...I can't even





It's  23rd,December.

Our shopping spree in NYC, briliant !We bought loads of presents for everyone.And for Lou.

I was getting my nails done,in a christmas spirit and Harry just took off.I don't even know here he is.He's been "missing for 2 hours"


"hey hun,can I just call someone,it's important?!"-I asked the girl in the cosmetics salon,who was doing my nails.She nodded with a smile.I took my phone from my bag and called Harry.


"Curls where you at?" I asked with a smile on my face "I'mmm...looking round some shops,why" -I heard his lazy raspy voice say "Harry" -he went numb ."Look I'll pick you in a few,than we're going out for dinner babe" I had a feelin he was planning something.Hmm "Yeah sure.See ya baby" -I said rolling my eyes."Love you" "MORE" i said and clicked END


"There you go Miss" she smiled as she got up,I smiled "Thank you so much" "been a pleasure" she sad and than went coma,I turned around and saw my love."Hey" I mouthed him,he put his hand on my back and kissed my cheek."Hi" he had his cheeky smile.I paid the girl and Harry took a photo cause turns out the girl's a fan.Than we went outside finally."haaarry" -i said curiously and with  suspicious.

"yeah babe" he sad holding my hand."What are you planning?" I asked raising my eyebrows."nothing" he giggled and kissed me."I know you Edward" I said to him."If you know me,you know I'm not a romantic type,and that I have nothing to hide.Seriously" He made a silly face and laughed."Sure" I mumbled."won't stop till we surrender" I said moving the curls off his face."lets go to our room" He sad smiling and dragged me along.


"now change your clothes and lets go" he sad as I threw myself on the king size bed."where are you taking me" i asked leaning with my elbows."Dress as you want" he rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom.I looked up some clothes;jeans,fluffy sweater,biker jacket,biker boots,beanie.


We took a walk down Manhattan,Rockfeller.It was snowing,everything decorated.Really beautiful.I felt his hand brush mine as he lifted it up.He turned me round so I could see the tree.I smiled,& I could see his eyes sparkle.He's so beautiful It's unreal.I felt like he wanted to say something but he just stared at me,and so did I.He held me tight,close to him.He couldn't take the smile of his face."were are we going?" I asked giggling."I don't know,wherever you want" His raspy tone spoke.We spent our night in KFC,lol.I just stared at him the whole night.Couldn't take my eyes off of him."What" He said laughing,with food in his mouth."Nothing.I love you" He just smiled and ate his food.


After dinner we went to our hotel & got ready for our flight.


24th December


It was already 6pm & we had to get ready.Harry was wrapping the present and writing the card for Louis.And I went to the bathroom.

I picked a mini black chiffon dress,that had like a peachy,nude colour on the top and black skirt part,and black leather booties.Harry had as usual a blazer,plain shirt,jeans & brown shoes."Babe what's up with the shoes" I giggled.

"what's wrong with my shoes?" he asked."nothing...just...they're weird..." I said as he got closer."I'm not saying you don't look sexy,you can pull anyth-" I felt him kissing me hard."Baby no.Lou is already waiting for us!" i sad as I backed off.And got my jacket."you have to make it up for me tonight" I heard his deep voice.I didn't say a thing,just got to the car."Ena" I heard him yell.


"What" I asked fixing my curls into the car reflection.He unlocked the doors as he came outside and I went inside,the car drive was quiet."I'm not kidding" He spoke.Looking down the road,being serious."yeah,whatever you say Edward" I said as I put my lipstick on again.

We got to the building,it was all full of cars,we almost lost a spot for ours."See we're already late" I complained ,but not in a bitchy way,just wanted to tease him a bit."We're not" He said with no emotion what-so-ever as he opened the doors for me."Trust me" He continued as he put his hand round my waist."Harry,the present!" I added as he almost got it on the floor.

We got to the floor.And stood for a few seconds."Did I tell you you look really beautiful tonight...and sexy" I heard him whisper in my right ear.Than he almost dropped the present again as he wanted to click on the bell."Nice one Edward" I rang."C'mon why are you mad at me?" He asked frustrated.


"I'm not" I said and smiled as the doors opened.Louis was there,with Eleanor."You are" Harry added quietly as we walked over to them."Happy Birthday" we both said in the same time."Hey guys" He said with a big smile."Happy Birthday big guy" I said as I hugged him,gave him the present and sneaked a little kiss on the cheek.He smiled and sad thank you for like 10 times.Cutie.

Than I walked over to Eleanor and said hi,while the boys were talking.Idk what they talked about,the music is too loud.But Harry's in a weird mood.


The night went well.Food,Drinks,Besties,Music=you can't go wrong with that,espec. on Christmas Eve:)


As we entered the apartment He kissed he,I turned my head in other direction."No,please" 

"Why are you like this?" he sounded nervous,mad,idk 

"I'm not in the mood." I answered him but he just walked away.


I sat on the sofa & started thinking.About everything.But mostly LOVE,Harry.

than I went a bit in the past,remembered everything he did for me in this half a year.

when we were on holidays this summer,the first time he made me smile;


"babeee no,put me down" I'm pretty sure I sounded like a baby."No,I wanna be 17 again" He said carring me bridal style to the 2 deckchairs with blankets & drinks & marshmallows by the sea,at my family house in Croatia,it was so cute."You can't turn back time,I wish you could" I addded as he put me down.It was so beautiful,deep in the night,the moon lighting the sea,it looked like it was covered with pearls,stunning.

We spent all night talking like we used too,you know football,girls,boys,even tho we're together we went back in time,you know.And all school jokes and everything.He made me smile,like truly.And I love him for it.But not just cause of everything,cause of HIM.And I can't imagine my life without this boy Harry Styles.


I got up from the sofa went down the hall to out bedroom.

He was by the window,with his unbuttoned shirt.Looking at the city at night.

I got behind him and hugged him.I felt his hands above mine.They were so warm."I'm sorry" I said to him as I left him a small kiss on his neck.He turned around and put his big hands on my face,cheeks."Why are you sorry" He had a light smile? He tucked my head into his chest and wrapped his arms around me."Are you okay?" He asked brushing my back with his hands, "I love you" his voice whispered."Yes...I am now" I added and looked at him, "what now" He asked looking to my face. "I'll make it up for you,just like you said" I giggled. He started kissing me with his hands on my face again,and I started taking his shirt off.Than he removed his hands for a second and took my jacket off.He pulled me against the wall and started kissing me again.But more roughly,I could taste the mint in his mouth as his tongue went over every place in my mouth.Made my heartbeat faster and faster."I love you so much Ena" He mumbled against my lips.After a while he started going lower.Kissing my ear,down to my collarbone leaving love bites behind.While I was rubbing,scraching his muscular back.His left hand was below my bum,getting closer to my inner thigh.And the right was getting up,to my breasts.He rubbed his hand on my tigh up ,slowly pulling my dress up.Than came down with his hand over my stomach.Chills went through my body.He slowly uzipped my dress,and let it fall on the floor.I stepped forward,so did he.Than I threw him on the bed,he pulled the curtains with his hand.Leaned in closer.He pulling down the straps from my bra and kissing the skin.He unhooked the bra and threw it away in the corner.He put his hands on my breasts and kissed them. "you have huge hands" you sad between a kiss "it's really sexy" I added and  kissed him.He gently rubbed his arms from my waist to my tigh and took off my lace panties with his tumbs a little by time."You're really really beautiful,did I ever tell you that?" he sad and kissed my every single part of my body.I blushed a little and sucked his collarbone hard.





I woke up finding his warm arms wrapped around me,I could hear his heartbeat.I slowly removed his left hand and crowled down and laid next to him,like a person.His breath was tickling my face,especially my nose.I gently put my hand on the left side of his face and felt those cheeks and those beatiful dimples.I smiled and so my eyes got teary.But because of happiness.Cause this perfect guy was in my life for 18 years,and now he's mine finally.

I felt his ward hand crowling down my waist.He opened his eyes and smiled.He pulled me closer "why are you crying" he asked me and gave me a kiss on my neck from behined."I'm not" -i said and put my hands on his.He hugged me tighter and sighed."Harry,we have to go" -i said

"There's time" - he kissed me. "For how long are we staying?" i asked him "idk,how much time do you wanna spend in HC?" - he asked me and bit my neck."I could be there forever as long as I have you by my side" i said and  layed my head next to his chest



hello,you're probs gonna kill me,If anyone actually reads the story,Okay I just realised how many fuckin mistakes I had before,soz for that,cause I don't check my written part,i just  publish it,and it's kinda terrible.soz if there are mistakes now,i try and check the part but it doesn't work cause I forget.hope you're doing good.just hi & bye for now,hope you enjoyed;)<3







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