BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


3. Those Damn Curls

I crashed with my head down on my pillow.I let out a moan.I played Last First Kiss and rolled my body on the other side.I felt even worse,to tell you the truth.Because of him.I just couldn't stand it.I was so jealous.He was on a date with Cara.And i was once again left alone in the house,everyone was least i thought they were.I heard a knock on my room doors."there's nobody here" i yelled.The doors opened and i turned around.Zayn walked straight to my bed and sat on the sofa opposite of my bed."What do you want?" -i said and put my headphones down.I was annoyed really."Harry,right?" he said and smiled "why do you care" i asked and gave him a weird look."please,like i don't know about you liking him,why do you think Perrie said Harry to kiss you.It's obvious that you like him,and that he likes you.He wouldn't kiss you if he didn't" he put his feet up on the sofa. "it's was a dare" i replied."where is he anyways" asked and looked around the room."nice room" he added."he's with Cara....and thanks" i smiled and put my feet up on the bed and "hugged them"."oh" he made on of the weird Zayn Malik faces "you 2 two are so cute together" i added."thanks...she's great" he replied and smiled "I wish I had a relationship like yours" i looked at the floor."you will,you just have to find the found it tho,you just need to be together" he said and added "cheer up.It's not the end of the world.Besides,you're gonna end up together,you'll see" he smiled really cute "you really think that" i smiled "Sure.You're meant to be" he smiled and got up "hey,where's Pezz?" i asked "She's in Australia" he said pulling his onesies down.He started walking towards the doors "Hey Zayn" i got up "thank you" i added and hugged him "no probs,love" he smiled and kissed me on the cheek


"Happy Birthday Hun"  i screamed and hugged Nialler."Thank you Ena" he kissed me on the cheek."Have fun back home,I'll miss ya" I  kissed him on the other cheek. "Watch out hun,have a nice trip" i added."I will" he smiled."When are you comming back?" i asked standing in front of our apartment in my bottom pjs and a bralet "3 days" he sounded exited,Paul gave him a hand with the suitcase and he was saying goodbye. "love u,we'll miss you" i smiled and waved "and Happy Birthday" i added one more time,He turned around and smiled.He left and the lads and I went back in.I went to class,only one lecture i had today.It was a lot of fun.Took pretty nice shoots 'round London.It was around 5 pm when I got home,and Zayn was there,so was Harry.Zayn was coming towards the doors as I came in."hey boys" I looked at Zayn "Hi Ena" he smiled "where are you up to" i asked "Perries' "he replied and went trough the doors "bye than,say hi for me babe" he shut the doors and I went to the living room,Harry was there,he was talking on the phone,I left my bag on the table and sat on the sofa,I turned BBC.Harry ended the call."hey babe" he hugged me "hey" i smiled "so what's up" i asked "nothing,Grimmy wants to go clubbing tonight" he replied with his sexy raspy voice "why aren't you going" i was surprised "I'd rather be with you" he wrapped his big hands around me and i put my head on his chest.We watched tv all night,Doctor Who



"Truth or Dare?" i asked Niall,laughing

"I'll go with the truth" he grabbed a bite of his burger

"No way,hun it's a Dare" i replied

"that's not fair,you say Truth every time" Liam told Niall

"Ok,I'll go with the Dare" he was angry(not in a bad way,he just wanted to eat)

"No food for the whole day" Louis whispered to my ear

"You're screawed food for a day" Louis and I had a evil smiles on our faces

"Not fair!" Niall yelled

"Thanks a lot!" he added looking at me

"Like you're gonna die" Eleanor said laughing

"I will" he started crying

"God....who do I live with" i said with my arms wide opened,and my hands in the air,looking at the ceiling laughing

Everybody burst into laughing




Hi guys,thanks for the comment,I really appreciate it.I'll post another chapter soon,Lots of love,Nella xxx



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