BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


7. The Dessert

He grabbed me and started running,we went all thr way to the "Meet&Greet Room".He knocked me down and I feel on the ground.We lied there smiling like idiots.We looked up and there were already fans there.I started laughing so hard."Sorry about that guys" Harry said putting his hands on my waist and walking back to backstage.We just throw ourselves on the sofa."What are you 2 doing,Preston just called saying you knocked down the poster at meet&greet."Harry just started laughing.He wrapped his arms around me.I just smiled."boo what are you doing with her" Louis said getting into the room."having fun" he kissed my cheek."don't kiss her Harreh" he said and sat between us."LOL" i said and looked at him.Zayn and Niall came into the room."why are you sitting in a sandwich....god I'm hungry" Niall said.It had so seance."never mind what you said a second ago....what did you do in the m&g room" Zayn said looking at us."ask Edward" i laughed a bit."No comment" he said in slow emotion,as always."Ok boys, meet& greet is in 15...cause of Harry" Liam said as he walked into the room."Sorry about that" i said bursting into laughter with Harry.We spent those 15 minutes laughing,Louis spent it...well he separated me and Harry as far as he could.Than the boys had a meet&greet for 20 minutes and than came back."Ena,can I talk to you" Harry looked at me and gave me his hand."Sure" i smiled and we went to out of the room."Errmmm....Ena...I was wondering..." Harry took my hand and looked at my eyes "what babe" i smiled."Would to my girlfriend?I've really had the best time this month.And I can't hold it anymore.I've loved you all  this 19 year" his dimples were showing.I had the biggest grin on my face "I'd love to Edward" I put my hands behind his neck and pressed my lips on his.He kissed me back I just smiled in the middle of the kiss."i love you" i said looking at his big green  amazing orbs."I love you too" he kissed me and gave me a hug.We went back to the lads."So did you Harold?" Louis asked smiling."Yes" he had a big smile on his face."Awh,no more Harreh for me" Louis teased and hugged us."Good luck.So happy for you guys". "thanks Lou" i said and hugged him tight.We spent the time before the concert on the couch,singing.And Harry and I staring at each other."i love you so much" he smiled and whispered into my ear,cause the boys were loud."I love you more" i said into his ear and bit it.Than lied my head on his chest.He stroke my hair.

Later the boys got ready and so did I.Perrie came."what am I hearing about you two" Perrie said as I hugged her."I can't believe you're finally together" i just smiled."you have to tell me everything" she said as we went to the arena.We were 1st row,in the left.They were amazing.They performed UAN and TMH,it was so cute.He looked at me with his cheeky smile now and than.I'm literally the happiest person alive.Perrie and I went to backstage when they were done.We talked a bit about things "You have no Idea how happy I am for you guys" Perrie said smiling."I'm just...gosh I've waited for this for my entire life and now it finally happened." she hugged me."tomorrow,city,lunch,shopping" she winked."can't wait" I smiled and than the boys came."hey" i said smiling,Harry came up to me and hugged me."you were amazing" i kissed him"I was thinking...we could go to dinner tonight.Since we're in Chicago" Harry said and kissed my cheek."Now?"i asked smiling like an idiot,cuddling in his chest."yeah,if you want" he said with his.....perfect voice."Let's go than" i pulled his hand and we went to the car."bye" we yelled and got outside.We went with their black van.We went to KFC,lol.We just took it to go and head to the nearest park."I could get used to dates like this" i giggled."right?!" we both laughed.We just cuddled the whole night."I really can't believe you're my girlfriend finally" he said kissing my forehead."i really can't believe you're my boyfriend now" i gave him a sweet kiss on the lips."are you we can move on the dessert" he asked."Harry" i said with laughter."Well we can go with that.I just wanted to go to back,and eat ice cream in bed" he said bursting into laughter."you're dirty" he said taking the food on the other side and kissing me."i like that" he said smiling."Not funny" i said pulling out off a kiss."C'mon,I'm kidding,let's go" he pulled me up,helped me get up.And we went back.Than we ate ice cream and cuddled.While we were going to Detroit,with the tour bus.We were up,Zayn and Perrie down,but not below us.Niall was up.Liam was infront of Niall.And Lou below us."You have a little bit here" Harry kissed my lips."I'm pretty sure i don't" i laughed a bit."Sure you did" he said smiling and getting on top of me."you got a little" i throw the ice cream at him.It was on his nose."clean it up then."as you wish for" i leaned and kissed his nose,than wipped it with my tongue."right here" i said giggling.He put his hands on my cheeks and gave a long passionate hot kiss."Harry"i said with a little moan."OH KEEP IT DOWN YOU 2" Louis said out of nowhere.He slept below us."You're not supposed to do that here" he added.We both laughed."We're not....sorry" we said and continued with the kissing."Than I guess,Lou's gonna freak when  I do this" he said smiling as he pressed his lips on mine.I closed my eyes.He kissed my upper and than my bottom lip."yeah he will" i sad between our kiss.

   We woke up,idk...when we stopped.I think it was somewhere around 5-6.I was lying on the right side.Harry on top of me,in a way,he had his arm around my body,and his feet were tangled with mine."Edward wake up"i shoke his body a little and kissed him."morning love" he said kissing me again,with his sexy morning voice."hi babe" i smiled."are we here?" he asked pulling his hand from my back to my bare stomach."yeah,we just stopped" I said smiling from the tickling/chills of his hand on me."C'mon wake up" Lou said pulling our curtain."what have you been doing" he said with his funny voice."i couldn't sleep cause of you" he added."we weren't that loud" we said smiling and than we kissed."i was kidding.actually....i only heard the Harry......seriously...what did you do" Louis looked serious.I chrashed my head into the pillow/Harrys chest. "nothing" I laughed a bit."sure,thing babe" he walked away.I put Harrys shirt,cause I couldn't find mine.He just wore his checked shirt.We got up and got our bags(small ones)."What did you two do?" Zayn asked.Perrie looked at me with the you-have-to-tell-me-every-single-thing look."gosh" i said and went for the doors.Perrie joined me,and we left those two alone


hellooooooo.Hope you like this part xx

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