BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


5. Love Is This,This Is Love

I got dressed(black Vans,lace print,black skinny jeans,tank top that's black,and a Black (with leather) Zara coat (the one like Caroline owns) and a beanie) and went out.To KFC with Zerrie and Niall.First hour i was with Perrie having a girly talk and than those two came."hey babe" i hugged her "heey" she smiled "vas happenin" "nothing much,just left Zayn at the mall"  she said as we went down the line  "lol" i added

"soooo...what's up with you to" she asked with a grin as we sat on the table after ordering and getting our food "nothing...what would be up" i asked "well.I've talked to Zayn,and ya know the kiss.You can't tell me he didn't do anything after that kiss" she looked at me sarcastically and shocked "well,honestly,it seems like....there's this thing all the time,like,i feel like he's gonna kiss me,or say something about us,but NO" i wasn't in the mood to even see him today,i just left the hotel as soon as possible."awwh,hun" she looked at me "well,that's all there ever be" -sigh "don't say that babe...maybe he's just afraid" she tried to cheer me up "he's not" i looked down,taking my fries."It's just....if he was...why would he even be scared,he knows what i feel.It's like he wants me to die from jealousy when he's with his Taylor.Everytime we're about to kiss he just doesn't do anything" i dropped my fries on the table frustrated."gosh....well why did he kiss you then?" she looked at me the whole time,listening me.She was the only one(except Zayn) i could talk about this  "i don't know" i looked at her with puppy sad,filled with tears eyes."maybe...maybe he...he just wants...maybe they're just friends" she tried "have you seen their pictures?" i asked sarcastically."they're fucking holding hands!" i was on the edge of crying,she just hugged me tight and didn't let go till Zayn came with Niall "hey" Zayn said,he was behind us,i tried to hide my tears by removing them with my hands."hi" we said at the same time "what happened" Niall asked,he was worried "we'll be here in a minute" Perrie said and we went to the ladies room."Ena....don't cry,please" she said holding my hand "C'mon,wash your face,and we'll fix your makeup" she said and let the water from the sink run,I washed my face and took some paper to dry it off.Perrie put some mascara and an eyeliner and some foundation again on me "now,let's eat babe" she put her hands on my shoulders,standing behind me,and looked at me in the mirror.I smiled back at her "thank you" i hugged her "C'mon" she pulled my hand and we got back.Boys were waiting for us "Are you two ok?" Zayn asked "yeah" Perrie said and kissed him,I walked to Niall,and sat next to him "did you order?" i asked the boys as they sat down "yes" Niall replied.I smiled and Perrie and I started eating cause the boys food came."what are you eating?" Niall asked "Longer" i tried to replay but i had the food in my mouth.

We sat there for another hour and then went for a walk.They cheered me up,i have to say.They're the best friends on earth!Then we went for a walk down the Central and the Zoo,where i was with Harry the other day.Niall was saying some jokes,he made me really smile,he's so cute.

Harry POV

I was sitting on the stairs with Taylor,when I saw her,she was so beautiful.She was with Perrie,Niall and Zayn,I saw she was hugging with Niall.I got jealous.I just wanted to be him for that moment.She's....ugh.She's been ignoring me for days,Idk what's up with that.She was so pretty today,she had her favorite beanie,her black Vans,those skinny jeans that looked so damn hot on her and her fave coat ever.She had her hair curled.I just wanna go up to her.I was enough with Taylor for the whole life,god the menagment sucks.

Niall POV

when I saw her crying at KFC my heart just....uh.She was so beautiful.As a person (and from the outside).From her sharing food to me,to hugging me.My heart just melt.I wanted to kiss her so bad


I saw him.I was about to hug Niall when he appeared in eye sight.I just dropped.I didn't want him to see me.I hope he didn't.Anyways I hugged Niall and gave him a kiss on the cheek.He smiled and blushed.
"awwh,you're so cute" i said and gave him a kiss."wanna go to lunch..i know we just ate,but-" i cut him off "sure" we went to Nando's this time.Niall picked.Honestly,eating and Niall made me not to think about him.We ate a a lot,a lot.It was Niall's treat,I wanted to pay but he protested for like 15 minutes till I finally gave up.We were eating icecream and were coming to Central park again,but this time we were eating icecream and going to the mall to meet Zerrie.I picked punched and Niall picked chocolate.We were licking it.and I saw Harry again.God Taylor got my nervs.Niall was just asking me something "Can I try yours?" he was kinda shy so he just smiled "Sure,can I yours?" i laughed a bit "yeah" he smiled like crazy.I tried his and he tried mine "sooo.How is it?" Niall asked me "erm....tasty" i laughed and went for another lick/bite."god yours is amazing" he gave me mine back and I gave him his."What's the time" i asked as i was licking my ice cream."umm...time to get to the now" Niall replied

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