BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


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I heard giggling "I knew you love me" I peaked and saw Taylor with her arms around Harry's neck.I could hear him mumble something,but not clear.I was SO pissed."C'mon baby,kiss me" her annoying voice said.I closed my eyes and got back,where I came from.I ran through the street and called a cab.

"Where to,miss?" I heard the driver say to me."anywhere but here" i said with breaking voice.I wiped the tear stream on my left cheek with my finger i clicked on my phone button to see what time it is.8:25pm


"Are you okay?" the guy said."yeah" I smiled and looked through the window.I got to my apartment and went to my room.I got my booties off  and got to my bed.I hugged my legs and duged my head.

I wasn't gonna cry.I don't have the strength ,I don't care.I mean I care,too much.But he disappointed me too many times.How many times I cried. Cause of him.

My phone was buzzing. Baby Edward 

I just turned my phone on the other side and left my hand on it ,like that.If I answer he'll lie again,say she's mental or that the management  told him again to play along,I wasn't gonna buy that s*** 


my head was just full of thoughts ,of what would happen If i called him 


eventually I fell asleep...

if you can call it sleep,I was kinda awake but really sleepy,wasn't dreaming.


at one point i woke up ,and I noticed Harry's shoes by the bed close to me as I put my head up a bit

I really didn't need him ,right now.

I made a messy bun & rubbed my eyes with my hands.I still sat on the end of the bed.I didn't move.

"Where were you" I felt guilty,I don't even know why,but when I heard his sad raspy voice I just melt.

"Here" I mumbled into my chin ,not making eye contact.

"Why didn't you meet me" I heard his footsteps,getting louder and louder.As he was getting closer.

"Answer me" I felt his eyes on me. "I did ,you were too busy making out with taylor to notice me" I said lifting my head and looking him in the eyes. "I guess I'm not relevant" i added staring at his neck,remembering taylor's arms around it.Kissing his plump pink lips.

"wait" I heard him say "no you wait,listen I'm not gonna fall for your lies again,don't say she's mental,and tryin to hook up again with you,and you didn't want to.I'm kinda tired of your lies.I wasn't expecting that on valentine's day from you.I didn't even thought we'd celebrate or whatever you wanna call that,I just thought we'd stay home.You brought up the I'll meet you at 8,I have a surprise" sigh "Okay, you don't want lies,that's fine.What do you think where have I been all night.At modest! trying to make a deal with those idiots,i told them I'm getting a restraining order cause she's a crazy fuckin bitch.I'm not planning on dating her cause I can't stand her ,and because I'm losing you" he said in a frustrated tone.

The only thing i wanted to do was honestly to kiss him.But I couldn't.

I was still angry.

I got up from the bed and went to the hall ,put my converse on and my army jacket

And got out ,went to the park. I needed a talk ,just let everything out of my mind.What should I do?

my phone buzzed as I clicked Brya  ,my bittle bro could cheer me up a bit."hey" I spoke in a tired tone."Hi" I heard him say."What's up?" I asked watching around me ,the street."Nothing much just came back from my date,how are you?" he was so cute,he had a better relationship than me tho."Nothing special ,just really tired.Listen ,I'm coming back this weekend?I'm not really academy material ,you know how fucked up my life is and everything" I said with a sigh."Oh..really?I thought you wouldn't come back" he said with a cheer in his voice."Yeah" i smiled ,actually smiled."Wait ,are you sure everything's okay with Harry and you?He didn't do anything ,did he?" I liked his protective side, "yeah,don't worry about me" I added as he kept silent for a minute."sure,call me when you're in HC ,or before you go" i heard some noise in the background."I will" i had a grin on my face by that time."Talk soon bby,gotta go,good night" I added "night sis" i heard his voice before I ended the call.

I got up from the bench and walked home.It was scary ,it's London ,late at night.But I survived somehow .I kinda miss my hometown.It's peaceful.

I slowly unlocked the doors and went in.I left my jacket on the hanger in the hall and got to the bedroom area.I looked around,he was gone.Thank god.

I laid down ,my back facing his side of the bed and pulled the covers up a bit.I drifted to sleep soon.


Harry POV

"I can't do this anymore!" i yelled at Paul."C'mon now,it's only a few months,Taylor's really in love with you" "I give 0 fucks about the chick ,if I'm gonna be with her,witch I'm not ,we will date for a month and than she's gonna dump me,and write a song about me.I don't need that in my life.+ I can't do it.Because of my family,Ena,the band.Cause of my life"  i let a bigg sigh at the end of my sayin

"I know Harry,but you have to- ..." I left my phone tucked into the sofa and went to our bedroom.Our.

I unbuttoned my shirt as I walked down to the bed, there she was.Wasn't she out? I walked over and laid down beside her ,slowly putting my arm on her hip ,and slide it down her waist gently.I kissed her head lightly and closed my eyes.



I woke up with a heavy strong arm around my waist,brushing my stomach.It was Harry's. I got up and took a shower,put on my onesie & packed my bags ,i was done in 40 minutes.







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