BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


4. I Wanna Kiss You So Bad

My phone vibrated

Cuddle With Me Please? appeared on my screen.I clicked OK

I shut my laptop down,got up and went out of my room.I gently went to Harry's room on my tip-toes.It was late,I didn't wanna wake everyone up.I shut the doors of his room slowly and got to his bed,I lied down on the bed,next to him,hugged him from behind."What happened" i asked as i put my hand his waist."Cara" he was so quiet.I kissed his cheek "she said she just wants to be friends" I could tell he's about to cry." "love,are you ok" i asked as I rubbed my hand from his legs to his chest."no...nobody loves me" he said with his  crying,raspy,sad voice."I love you" i broke the silence,and the shit  just got  awkward.I put my head next to his curls.He just held my hand for a while."You're going to NYC,tomorrow.You need to get some rest" i said and stroke his curls.I tried to get out of bed but Harry caught my hand "You're going with me" "Ok,but only cause nobody loves you except me" i laughed a bit."moron.... I love you" he smiled and he wrapped his arms around me "we have to pack Harry" i tried to say it normally but it didn't work,we rolled me over,to he other side of the bed."We have time" he giggled.I spent the whole night in his room.We fooled around,laughed,and packed later.

We had to wake up at four,and we fell asleep at 3:50 in the morning,so yeah.I had a feeling I had a hangover,but i didn't.We had to go at 5.I wore white Converse,black skinny jeans,black baggy t-shirt,leather jacket and a big,worm,rolled scarf

we got to NCY at midnight,UK time.But in the hotel....around 2 am.The rooms were; Niall-Andy,Zayn-Perrie,Liam-Danielle,Louis-Eleanor,and the rest of families were on the other floor.We slept the whole flight.

Our room was amazing,really really big,fancy,modern,with a sight of the whole NY trough the window.I put the bags on the floor and throw myself on the bed.sigh.Then Harry lied down,next to me.There was this huge mirror on the ceiling.He waved at me in the mirror and smiled huge and showed off his dimples."What 'cha doin Edward" i laughed and waved at him.He pulled his tongue out.He got up and started jumping on the bed.We were destroying the tight up bed sheets."The maids are gonna kill us" I could hardly breath of all the jumping.He knocked me down on the bed and himself on me "are you crazy" i said laughing and trying to pull him off me "nope" he had a big grin on his face.We were like that for a while,looking deeply into each others eyes, than i broke the silence again "Wanna go out" i smiled."Sure.I just have to go to shower" he said and pulled away from me and got up."Can we get Lux and Lou & Tom?" i asked "sure" he smiled.He went into the shower and I was looking what to wear,Harry was packing my stuff mostly,so I didn't even know what i had.I decided to go for Zara Pin Tuck Blouse,Black Oversized Hoodie,Love Ring,Ripped Stud Skinny Jeans (,Bronze Leopard Boots (Dr.Martens),Balmain Belt("studs"),Grey And Black Snapback OBEY

Went for his Burberry Brit Leather Jacket & his Brown Shoes,Skinny Jeans,White T-shirt

He was getting out of the bathroom without his shirt & my jaw kinda dropped on the floor.I was staring and checking him out the all way to the shower,holding my stuff.He smiled and I got in.When I was done with the shower I went out cause i forgot my shirt so I was just in my bra and a hoodie,witch wasn't zipped.Harry was there he was holding my shirt and waiting for me. "thanks" i smiled and took the shirt,I put it on,Harry was staring the whole time,It's not like we never saw each other like that,It's just....we're best friends,even tough i like him(and in a way I believe he likes me too) but still.I got ready and we were just about to go to Lou & Tom's room.

"Hey Tom" I said and smiled,Lou was in the background playing with Lux."Hey you 2" he said and let us in."Lou,we wanted to go out with Lux...and you,if you don't mind" Harry said in slow emotion,like he always does."sure,babes" she smiled and put Lux in Harry's hands."just meet us in the lobby in 10 minutes" Tom added."awwh...she's just so adorable" I was looking at Lux the whole time."sure..see you then" Harry added and we left the room.We were playing with Lux for the whole 10 minutes."aww...I wish i had one of these cute little babies" i added and Harry just smiled at me."C'mon,C'mon and dance with me baby" were the words Harry was singing to Lux,trying to make her dance in the middle of our hotel."Harry babe,what are you doing" Lou sad as she was approaching "Poor Lux" Tom laughed ,so did I.We got up the sofa and Lux came to Tom,he picked her up "God,what did Harry do to you doll" he laughed again "Edward,Edward"i laughed and winked at him "what's gonna happen when you get kids one day" i teased a bit "shut up" he laughed "sorry Edward" i kissed him on the cheek "you're gonna take care of them" he added and I smiled.We walked out of the hotel,there were a lot of fans and paps.We walked down to the Central park,went to the zoo.Tom & Lou left us,we let them go out a bit on their own,they never have time for themselves.We were sitting on the stairs,I was just saying stupid things,so did he.We laughed and fooled around.Then the laugh of both of us stopped.He looked at me,my lips,like literally stared at them,i bite my lower lip as I watched his lips,I looked up at his eyes and he looked at me.I honestly had a feeling it could happen.Who knows maybe it would of,but this Directioner came up to us. "Hi Harry" she said all exited,I looked at her.Harry shooke his head and turned around."Hi" he smiled "Can I get your autograph and a picture with you" she asked him,he was somewhere around 15,she was cute."sure" he grabbed her pen and signed her arm.Then I said "would you like me to take it" (the photo) "yeah,if you don't mind" she was catching her pose as i waited to take the picture.And then I finally took it."Thank you so much !Btw Harry,i don't wanna sound rude,but who is she" she asked."She's my everything,litteraly,we're best friends since birth" he smiled and put his arm around me,pulled me closer."aww,well i tought you were together,such a shame,you're really cute together" she said and walked away to her friends,I just smiled.

We met with Lou and Tom  at 6 near the entrance of Central Park."how was it?" i asked them."nice" Tom smiled "hope you had fun.We sure did" I added."yeah,It was great,a little alone time,but we gotta say we miss our baby Lux" Lou added "what did you do?" Tom asked "a lot" Harry sad "Lux gonna tell us everything" Tom laughed "sure" we both smiled.We got back to hotel.And got to dinner with everyone.It was really nice seeing everyone

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