BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


6. I ship Haylor....HAHAHA NO.


I was just at home,eating myself in chocolate.And ice cream.In my room.Watching LOL,the most perfect movie of all time!God i wish i had Kyle by my side,or Harry.But no,he was with his Tayor,for the whole fucking time.He spent Christmas with her .Ditched Louis on his birthday,BIRTHDAY! I just couldn't believe he could be like this.I just honestly didn't even care,so much.It just hurts,every time when i think of him.I want someone who will  take care of me when I need it,who will put a smile on my face,who will love me for who I am.My doors opened.I turned around,it was Niall."hey" i  whispered "what 'cha doing?" he asked as he peaked behind the doors "getting ready to watch LOL" i replied "wanna join me?" I added."If I'm not bothering....I'm bored" he said and walked up to me "wait let me get some food" he added and stormmed out of the room.He came back with a plate full of food.I started laughing & put LOL on.We were sorta cuddling in my blanket.His hands were so warm,It drew me crazy when he touched me.We were basically eating the whole way through the movie.I felt someone being protective over me,whitch i haven't felt in while.He was really cute,the way we fed each other,the way he'd look at me,the way he hold me in his arms.I was just thinking,maybe I'm falling for this lad.I mean Harry means the world to me,but he doesn't even realise I'm alive,while Niall.He just makes every day perfect.Since,the NYC we've boned big time.I just thought he was an adorable  person.I like qouted the movie the entire time.It's so beautiful.The movie was done and we were still cuddling.I felt his body trying to get up."No,please stay babe" i looked at him with a puppy face.He just smiled and went back in the position he was before. "So,what did you think about the movie?" i looked up so I could see him(i was laying on his chest) "great" he smiled."What do you wanna do?" i asked him playing with his fingers"this" i looked up at him,he pressed his lips on mine,than I bit his lower lip.And kissed him back."sorry,I shouldn'-" i kissed him so he could shut up."why are you sorry?" I asked smiling."I just thought you'd mind ,for what I did,but you don't." he replied and kissed me "why would I" I smiled betwen our kiss.I got up and sat on top of him,and we started kissing again."Guys" Liam yelled across the flat and opened the doors.We stopped with the kissing."What are you two doing" Liam asked with a cheeky smile."nothing" we burst laughing."Yeah right,whatever,wanna eat?" Liam laughed."yeah" Niall said and got up,Liam went out of the room and Niall pulled my hand."I'm not buying your bullshit guys" Liam added ""ok" i smiled.Liam unpacked the food he brought from Nando's and Niall jumped already on the food.And i just stood there.I smiled and got to the table.I sat down and took my part of the food,Niall sat next to me and Liam opposite of me.We started eating and Liam got up all of a sudden "sorry,forgot to call Ruth,be right back.He went to his room.Niall looked at me and I smiled."what?" i asked laughing."nothing,i just want your lips....on mine" he smiled."you mean like this,I leaned in and pressed my lips on him,they were so warm & soft. "something like that" i giggled.He kissed me and put his hand on my thigh.I kissed him back,and bit his lip again.He smiled and so did I."sorry guys it took me so long" he was shouting from his room,I pulled away and we both started laughing."What's so funny" Liam asked." don't buy our bullshit" i laughed and started eating again.




Valentine's day was for me,being in bed,eating chocolate and listening to my dear Ed Sheeran.Really lovely,right? Huh.My birthday?I was In HC,didn't even celebrate it.My "big" 19,wow.Like really.Harry ruines every peace on happiness in my life.Before i thought he was the was the one who made me happy.I mean he did before he started this whole Haylor thingy,btw hating the name,like for real?Haylor.Niall?Well,we aren't dating,it's like Jamie and Dylan in FWB,in a way me.But nothing happened later cause he knows I like Harry,and he's waiting for his princess.We just needed it at the time.But I haven't been with anyone really so yeah.The boys are on tour.I'm about to go there,to America,to see them,so as Perrie,but I think I'm gonna stay longer.Within 14 hours I've got to NCY,When I walked in the sound check Harry looked so suprised.Like he's seen a gost."seen a gost Edward?"  smiled and went to him."hey" he hugged me,confused "vas happenin?" i asked smiling and hugging Niall."just preparing for the show" Liam said smiling."Ena can we talk...later?" Harry asked,he was nervous,i could see it."Sure,but just the 2 of us" i fake smiled.Than Taylor came.Gosh."wanna eat?" i looked at Niall."yeah" he had a big grin on his face.We went backstage."since when is Taylor with you on tour" i was suprised he was never that type of a guy "since now" he answered as he shoved chicken into his mouth.He told me everything about "Haylor" .And after we ate went back to the hotel.I was staying in his room tonight cause hey had to prepear the room.Cause someone was leaving that room."Can I talk to you for a sec?" I heard a raspy voice behind me"sure.what do you want?" i turned around and put my keys in my pocket."are you alone?" i added."yea" he said as we walked trough the hall."I just wanted to talk about the Taylor thingy" he looked at the floor as he was talking."I'm not in the mood for her.And if you want me to meet her,sorry...i just can't" i barely said it."No,it's not.Can we go to my room,or do you wanna get some coffee" he looked at me."where's she?" i asked him."in the room" he replied to me."than lets go out" i said,he grabbed my hand and we went out.We went to Starbucks,some private section."So I've been meaning to talk to you...I just want you to know there's nothing between us" "obviously" i rolled my eyes and drank my coffee."No really,it's fake" he said quickly."sure it is" i looked at him disappointed."please believe me Ena" "how could I believe you,you fucking dumped your best friend on his birthday,you didn't even say happy birthday" i was on the edge of crying "And to me too.Really ,fucking 19 years I know you,you don't even say happy birthday" i added."you think It's easy for me" he said looking at me crying "the worst thing is she wanted to date,and management said i had to"."i don't buy your bullshit" i just wanted to go home."Ena,wait....I love you" he pulled my hand "I loved you too" I said and went out.I lied to tell you the truth.I just didn't wanna get hurt.I went outside and walked down the NYC streets.But he started to go after me."Please Ena,I know you for 19 years,i don't wanna lose you now" he looked at me with his sad look."What now" i turned around."can we just be best friends again" he asked."If i don't ever have to see Taylor,ever,again" i said and started walking again."Can we go somewhere?" he asked pulling my hand."Ok.Don't just lie,cause you changed and I don't wanna feel it again" said and we walked to the park.We talked for an hour."If Haylor's fake,how com she's staying at your room?" i asked."She thinks we're together,but I'm with her cause of the management."And hopefully the her management will tell she has do go back to LA today" he added."Ok.I think we're done with this.But it still doesn't change the fact that you didn't spent Lou's birthday with him,or mine.Or Christmas." a said looking at the people walking down the park."I know and I'm so sorry.Can we be friends again?" he took my hand."Yeah" i sighed looking at his hands "But one at the time" i added."I've missed ya like crazy" Harry his hand around my shoulder and kissed my cheek.


Hey guys,haven't updated in a while.Couldn't update earlier.Hope you like it.Sorry if it has mistakes,i don't see every,i just write fast and don't look really,so yeah.Thanks for the comments! xx

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