BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


2. Holmes Chapel Homie


I felt someone lying on me,I opened my eyes,It was Harry.

We fell asleep last night watching The Notebook i guess.

I gently slide my body down from the couch and put his head on a pillow.

I got up and got changed.I wore skinny jeans,checked shirt,white converse.

I got down and Harry started to wake up."when did you wake up" he said with his sleepy raspy voice

"just a couple of minutes ago" i went to the kitchen,he got up and came to me

"what's the time"he asked

"it's around 12 " i pulled out a frying pan

"making pancakes" i winked and laughed a bit

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom" he said and turned around

"ok" i said and made the mix for pancakes

I was done around 1,gosh it takes so much time,I had MTV playing in the background,in the living room.Harry still  wasn't down.I went upstairs,first in the bathroom,he wasn't there.Then into my room,he wasn't there.Then to  Bryan's room.And finally there he was,they were playing the playstation.


"good morning boys" i had a big smile on my face

"The pancakes are ....if you''re hungry"

"we'll be there in a min" Harry said looking at the tv



I got downstairs and put everything on the table

While I was waiting for the boys i got my phone out and messaged Nara


Hey sweetie,didn't hear for you in a while.How's Manchester?

How's Tom? I'm bored,Harry's in town so I'm a bit busy,we even cuddled:) miss ya girl xxx


Right when I clicked SEND the boys came from upstairs


"finally" i sighed and said normally do I could eat

"mmmm....this is amazing Ena!" Harry said with his mouth full of pancakes

"like I don't know that"i laughed a little

"so Bryan,what do you say about your sister going to London" Harry looked at him

"London?" he almost chocked

"Nobody sad anything about London" he was surprised

"Well.....I'm gonna live with Harry and the boys there.I'll go to school." i lifted my glass and drank some water

"I'm gonna be alone in HC?" Bryan asked

"sorry" i whispered

"When we're you planning on telling us"

"Well.when momma comes home from Croatia"

"Well i better be off,I have to go to the library" Bryan left the table


we finished our breakfast and watched the telly for a while,than Harry sad something....witch hurt me in a way,cause I really liked him


"Oh...I haven't told you this,but i really like Cara" he looked at me

"Delevingne"  i asked

"yeah" he smiled

"Gosh,she's so pretty" i added

"Yeah.I was thinking of asking her out" he said and I just like stared at him with no words

"Yeah definitely,she's gonna say yes,I assure you  she'll fall for you.You're Irresistible " i said after a moment of silence,he just showed off his pretty dimples


we were chatting for a while and then I told Harry he should go to his place cause he hasn't seen his family at all.we made a deal we would go later in the mall

I spent that time cleaning,studying and being on twitter.Mostly the usual stuff.


About like 8 got to pick me up


"ready" he cheered me up a bit with his beautiful smile
"yeah" I shut the door and we got to his Range Rover.


we got there half past 9.We did a round in all the floors.I bought Forever 21,Hollister Co.,Topshop,Zara and Pull&Bear stuff.


I was trying on a dress in Zara,it was really short,cute,sexy had open back,was black with a bit of studs on the shoulder.I pulled the curtains and looked at Harry "How do I look" he had his jaw down on the floor.He touched my shoulder "You look gorgeous" he smiled

"i guess I'm buying it than" i smiled and took the dress of,I was only in my bra and panties

"Edward can you put it in the bag" i asked

"yeah sure" he took it from me and i put my clothes on


I paid for everything and we took off on the other floor to eat,at Nando's

We ordered the usual.And laughed,I began to have more and more feelings for this fella

"I have to tell you something Harry" i stopped with the laughing and went serious

he looked at me weird "I'm not coming with you to London.....not yet.I forgot all about the exams and all that stuff.So i tought about going when I'm done with everything" i added "ok....I was looking forward tough" "I'll be back soon babe" i said and smiled "can we go home,I'm pretty tired" he asked

"sure love,I just have to pay" "it's my treat"






the rest of the summer went pretty fast for me.I guess it's just me.

Dear passangers,please buckle up,we're about to land to Heathrow" the stewardess said


I buckled up and looked at the window,London was so beautiful.The last time I was there it was the XFactor 10' and I didn't came with an airplane.


When I landed I saw five fine lads waiting for me.God they're all perfect.I went into Harry's hug first.

"hi Edward....did you miss me" i gave him a kiss on the cheek. "yeah" he smiled

"hii babes" i smiled and hugged every one of them


Harry helped me(so did the other boys) with the stuff.I had al lot of things

When we got to their flat Harry showed me my room.It was so pretty.Just my colour,Blue.

It had a really nice bed,with decorated frame.And Dutch Teal and sluggish blue wall,i put a lot of my photos on the wall and put the lights around the decorated frame of my bed.And put a few more detalis to make me feel at home.


I took a shower and changed clothes.Aztec leggings(black-white),marine blue Vans,baggy white tank top and a grey hoodie.With a infinity bracelet !


Than i Went to my closet.And I almost fainted.It was sooo....pretty and big.Like a walk in closet.With lots of dravs,hangers,mirrors it had a pretty chandelier and a nice white sofa


When I put my suitcases in  that room I went to the living room.Harry was there,on a chair.Niall eating on the couch,Zayn was watching the telly and Lilo? idk


"yello" i said with a cheer in my voice

"unpacked already?" Zayn asked

"kinda.I just left the suitcases in the "closet"....btw wtf...i can't even,It's so beautiful" -i was pretty shocked

"glad you like it" -the boys said in the same voice

"Perrie's gonna be here any minute" Zayn added

"Really? I can't wait to meet her" i smiled

"cute" Zayn smiled

"and Eleanor"Harry added  and looked at his phone

"that's great"- i said and sat next to Niall  "btw where are the Louis and Liam" -i asked

"Liam is in his room" Harry looked at me

"And Louis went to pick up Eleanor" Zayn added and changed the channel on the telly

"What are we gonna do?" i asked cause i was really bored

"Eat" Niall sad that of course and smiled

"Other than that" i leaned my head on his shoulder

"eat" he whispered & just smiled


Louis and Eleanor came last.Perrie's a really nice girl.She's one of the best girls I've ever met

We had Nando's,drank a lot....everything really.Laughed and played Truth or Dare.Perrie said to Harry he had to kiss me.I first looked at her like "I'm gonna kill you" and blushed in a way.She said  Thank me later and smiled like a fool

He leaned over and I got closer,he put his right hand on my tigh,we rubbed our noses and he pressed his lips on mine.

He slipped his toung in,he was exporing my mouth for a while.I kissed him back one more time.And he gave me one last juicy kiss.


You Could Feel The Sparks













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