BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


11. Clumsy


The sound of the birds on the tree near our building woke me up.The rays of sun were burning my eyes.I closed my eyes for a sec and  sat up,I was leaning on my elbows and staring at the window.The weather was nice actually.I had a good feeling.But I didn't know about what.


Things got a bit better,Harry spent a week with me and than he he had to go cause of the tour.Honestly I miss him.He's always there to protect me.To take care of me.To love me.Sure we skype every now and than,but still.I've been at home the whole time.


I go out with Perrie sometimes,need girl talk so bad.+ She's in the same situation as me,with Zayn.


I got up from my cosy king size bed in Harrys/ours room & made a messy bun.I walked over to the mirror.I had big dark circles under my eyes,and baggy skin.


I was in a mess,I actually haven't slept properly since I had the miscarriage.I think about that day and night.I'm just scared in a way,I don't want it to happen again.EVER.To anyone.


I slowly went to the bathroom wearing my baggy shirt,that belongs to Harry.It had his scent.I liked it.


My hands were on the sink,pressing my weight to the sink.I put a little pale smile on my face.I let the cold water run for a minute while I was staring in the bathroom and than washed my face.Than I brushed my teeth with my flashing toothbrush,Liam gave me.It was cute.But I wasn't into flashlight today.


I grabbed my big towel and put him over the shower cabin and went inside.I put the hot water run for a while and then went in when the steam was on the glass.I slipped inside,and got all wet.


Than I rubbed the shower gel all over my body,and my apple scent shampoo on my blue hair.I sighed and let the hot water removes the shampoo from my body.I started thinking and closed my eyes.


I'm 19,I have a perfect boyfriend,a brother.No parents but a family that's with my whenever I need them.I'm lucky,In a way.I did lose a lot of things but not everything.

I'll be doing my second year on the academy in fall.I need my mind clear,I have to study,I'll be traveling this year a lot,so as Harry.


I put my head down and opened my eyes.I shut the water.I pulled my blue towel and rolled it around my body.I went out of the shower and stepped on the bathroom fluffy cosy rug.


Leaning down to dry my hair made me a little bit dizzy,but i felt strong arms catching me."Woah" I leaned back and turned around holding my towel in my right hand.


"Harry!" I fangirled. Haven't seen him in 2 months.I missed him.I came for a hug and kissed him.


"I've missed you like crazy Ena" He said looking deep with his emerald eyes into mine.

I smiled big time so did he,I finally saw his beautiful dimples and his amazing smile."Missed you too Edward,you have no idea how much" I dugged my head into his neck.He wrapped his big arms around me and put his hands on my back.I smiled and bite a bit of his collar skin and kissed it.He giggled a bit.


"So how's my baby doin' this past weeks?" Harry asked kissing my head.I pulled out of his neck and looked at him."Sad.Bored....Can't hold it any longer without you" I looked again in his pretty eyes,they had that special sparkle.


"Me too" he had his grin and kissed my nose."How are you in London? Aren't you supposed to be in....somewhere?" I asked with my eyebrow raised."We have a month break silly" He shook his head smiling and kissed me."Fine with me" I smiled between our kiss.


"Baby I  have to get dressed,I can't be in my towel all day" I said pulling out of our make out session between the doors of our room and our bathroom."You can lose the towel if you ask me....I don't mind" he smirked and kissed me again.


"Cheeky Edward" I giggled and went to the closet."It's not like I'm ten babe" he added as he walked up to me."Well you act like you are" I had a evil smile and pulled baggy trousers and Harry's t-shirt.


Than I went to the drawer where I keep my underwear.I looked for a few moments,and went for my black lace but Harry put his hand in front of mine and I stopped.He pulled out my thongs."Seriously Harry?" I looked at him and took it back.I took my bra and went for my panties,finally.He pulled my hand and put it in-between his.Than he pulled me closer and kissed me.


"No way Edward" I pulled out of his kiss and took my black lace panties."Out of all lingerie I pull that.What about a nice one,ever thought of that.I'm not planning on looking like a hoe cause of you darling." I said it and walked away to the other side of the room.

"Get out,I have to change" I said and put my stuff on the bed.


"Don't play with me woman" He came up to me and smirked.I looked at him and he pushed me on the bed.And jumped on me."Serious?" I asked giggling."You don't need those" he threw my lingerie out of my hand."Harry" I moan.Than he kissed me to shut up."This can work to" I smiled and kissed him again.


He tried to pull my towel of."No" I said giggling.He gently went through my stomach tickling me with the tips of his fingers."Ok,ok.You need to pack anyways" He smiled  and pressed his soft plump lips on mine."Why do I need to pack?" I asked observing carefully every little detail on his face.


"Cause I'm taking you to....Greece...and Croatia" He had his tone raised at the end.I smiled and hugged him."Really?" I asked rolling on top of him.


"Yeah.We have the whole 4 weeks for ourselves" He said with his happy voice.I leaned in a bit and rubbed my nose with his and kissed him."Can't believe it" I smiled between our kiss."Tho I can't guarantee you something" i got up and put my leg on his thigh.He leaned on his elbows and looked at me.


"What is that" he asked staring deep into my hazel eyes."You won't have a lot of fun with me...I'm not in the mood for any" I said looking with a sad puppyface."We will babe....don't think about it,please!" He put his hands on my cheeks,they were so warm,he brushed his tumbs over my dark circles to my cheekbones.


"C'mon we got clothes to pack" He lightened up and got up pulling me in his hug.I went through his tattooed arm with my small hand.Well what should I pack?" I asked leaning slowly my head on his chest.I could feel his heart beating.I liked that feeling.


"Bathing suits...bathing suits" He answered cheekyly."Right" I looked up at him and pulled out of the hug.


I opened the doors to our closet and went inside."When are we leaving and how many suitcases should I pack?" I asked opening the doors for all the closets.


He sat on the little sofa in the middle of the room and just stayed quiet."Harry" I said turning around."What" he asked confused.Like he didn't know I was even talking to him."When are we leaving?" I asked taking my suitcases out.


He got up from the cream sofa and got down on the floor helping me unzipp it."Around 3" He had his sexy-confused-sleepy look.

"Oh" I sad opening my suitcase."C'mon lets eat,and we'll pack later" He grabbed my left hand.I almost fell."Thanks" I sad getting up.


He put his hand round my waist,above my bum."What do you wanna eat" He asked as we approached the kitchen bar table."I'm fine with anything...I could go with cornflakes"


I got up on the stool and leaned on my elbows smiling and looking at him."Cornflakes it is" He smiled and took 2 bowls from the kitchen cabinet.


I got up and got the milk from our big refrigrerator,and poured it in our bowls that were already full with cornflakes.I spilled a bit of milk when I tried to pour it in the right bowl,that was next to Harry.


"Sorry" I bursted laughing an so did he."Clumsy" He pulled me closer with his big hands on my head.I was snugged into his chest,gosh."W-wait...I have to get some paper towels" I giggled as he held me tight with his big sexy hands.

His fingers were poking my face."Alright" He pulled me out of his arms smiling.


I got some paper towels from the kitchen lower cabinet and all the milk I spilled on the kitchen desk.

He was eating and laughing in the same time.When I was done I sad next to him on the stool and ate my breakfast.


"Done babe?" He asked looking at me with a raised eyebrow."Yeah" I took his bowl (&mine) and put it in the sink."Leave it" I heard his voice behind me.It was the serious kind.I felt his ward hand on my shoulder.


"C'mon we're gonna be late" he sad whispering.


We got to the closet and picked the things we were gonna take.I mostly picked tank tops and shorts.I took a few short summer dresses and 2 pairs of jeans.A lot of rings.I'm addicted to them.FOR REAL. And flats + a few blouses.Mostly what I usually wear.While Harry,his t-shirts,jeans,the black shorter ones that he has up to his knees x 2.And a lot of denim and checked shirts.I liked that about him.His style was special.Normal.And he took a few beanies.I honestly don't know how is he planning on wearing them.The heat is like.....woah.


OK so this is pretty short,i think.Sorry I didn't update,I celebrated NYE and my birthday this week so it's been busy.I didn't sleep normaly so I got a headache,big time-this whole week.I think I'll update today another chapter.I'm so excited for Kiss You!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like this chapter and sorry if it has


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