BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


17. B.i.p.

"Hey Dani ,It's Ena.I was wondering if I could come by at yours today?Reply when you hear this" I said as I left the message on Danielle's voice mail.I had a whole day till I go back to HC. London,1 bag,alone,and music?I should get some coffee.

I got my McDonald's coffee,and headed to the park.At least photograph something.I could express myself, my feelings.And so the day went on,I had my big headphones round my neck,with louder music ,my camera in my hands and I Dani was nowhere to be heared.My flight was at what,1am.I had hour of traveling to the airport.And a hell lot free time.

I took one last shoot of the city lights and started going through my photos.Most of them were okay,great actually but some were just "DELETE" I whispered and deleted a pic of grass in the early morning.Then a pic of Harry flashed.It was the one from my 20th birthday.And his.We were in our flat.Our bedroom.By the window,kissing ,and you could see me smiling.Funny huh? How you can smile ,from the happiness that THAT person makes you feel ,and the same person can be such an idiot?And destroy your will for living.It was the last day we saw each other.Harry had a few shows in the O2 ,he was really busy.I didn't attend any of the shows cause of my photography.So yesterday was the first day we'd see each other after long two weeks. It was the last time I properly smiled.

I could feel a tiny tear ,going down my face,making my skin wet.I just wanted 5 years back.When we were best friends.There was no band,no Taylor Swift.No Modest!. Everything was perfect. "HEY ,what are you doing here alone ,it's late at night.Someone will attack U" i heard someone yell into my ear, I put my hand on the screen of my camera and turned around."What" I mumbled as I saw a tall ,BIG guy standing ,shaved hair,big blue? eyes ,he had something in his hands."OHHH ,look at that,what do we have here" His hand reached for my camera,and caught it,but I grabbed the belt."GIVE IT BACK" I tried to stand normally.By boots were deep in the ground fighting for balance."Harry Styles,is it?You his lover??I always thought teen pop stars get good chicks" He commented with a laugh."Leave it,okay?" i asked looking at his hands."You'll have to come and get it" He raised his hands high with his big strong arms.I tried reaching for it,but it doesn't work.Maybe climb on the guy?"Hey,get of me you littl-" he said as he pushed me on the ground.I heard something crack in my body.oh fuck.

His feet kicking me,every centimeter of my body.The pain was horrible."stop it!!" i tried to yell at him,but it only got worse he kicked me on my back and my head.I was left for a few seconds.He was doing something with my camera.I wanted to get up and kick his butt off,and take my camera but i was too weak,and in too much pain.All i wanted was to be alive."what are you doing,leave my camera" I started kicking him with my leg.But he's too strong."Where's your bag" he asked."WHERE'S YOUR BAG" he asked again,only this time yelling."over there,on the bench" I whined as I moved my head ,and my body trying to get away from my pain.I heard him throw everything on the ground.I looked at him,he had my wallet and my backpack.The camera was in his other hand.Only good thing is I had my phone put in my pocket."nice ,got myself a trip today" he said laughing.He had money,and my airplane ticket with him,and my clothes."some clothes for  my girl" he commented,and I just closed my eyes for a second.My head was literally killing me."Oh hey,here's your camera" He threw it on me after he took my sd."thanks for the pics!" he yelled as he kicked me one more time.My body was all in bruises,and I never felt worse.Ever.I heard his footsteps get quieter and his car door getting slammed.

"Harry" I whispered a few times as my eyes closed.




Is what I heard in my head.I started waking up, but I couldn't open my eyes.








hiya:) a big THANK YOU (Credit) to @BritMalik ,hun lysm.She gave me an Idea ,how do I keep the fanfic alive.It's going as she suggested but it's not gonna be all lovely okay.Soz if you hate it,thanks if you like it.It's short cause I can't get on my laptop (hate my sister,hah!) and it's late at night here,and I just wanna sleep.I'll update soon,a lot longer! sorry if there are mistakes,i didn't check the text!hope you liked it ,thank you for reading! Nell xx





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