BABY,I Think You're my kryptonite

Ena Carter is B(best)F(friend) F(for life) with Harry Styles.She's in love with him since the day 1.He comes to Holmes Chapel and changes her life.A lot of things fade from her life but not Harry


1. Coming Back


Ok,It's Ena Carter.I live in Cheshire,Holmes Chapel.My neighbor and my b(best)f(friend)f(for life) is Harry Styles.He was,in  a way,He lives in London now.

So we're best friends since we were born,literally,we were born on the same day,in the same time(almost),in the same town,in the same room.Since then we were never apart.We both have green hazel eyes,curly hair(mine is more wavy then curly),so most of our friends tease us we're twins,but we're not.....I think

Ok....awkward.So We're 18.

rough life.

My b(est) f(friend) but not for life is Nara(weird name,right) Adams,she's 18 too,she's blonde,tall,slim,has brown eyes.I have a brother,he's 15,his name is Bryan.He's cutest thing on earth.My mom's name is Ivana and my dad's William,my dad's from HC and my mom from Croatia.My name is Croatian as I've been told.I like it.I've been there when I was like 3,it's a really beautiful country.I'm going to collage,*acadamy this fall.I just need to take my final exams.I love music,I play the piano,and a little bit the  guitar.I listen to everything(r&b,pop,rock,punk,metal)

I love drawing and dancing,I used to go to ballet.My favorite quote is "Enjoy Your Youth" i made it,lol.I have it tattooed on my right wrist.and E&H (infinity circle)on my left.I'm a Directioner because of Curly.I adore all of them,They're so nice and hot.I  meet the at Bootcamp.Gosh they're talented.I was even on Harry's audition backstage with all of his family.I wanna be a photographer.And that's all you need to know,I guess



I was deep in my sleep....until SOMEONE throw themselves on me.I got up and sat on my bed,It was Harry.


"Harry"- i said it with joy and hugged him

"Ena" -he gave me a small kiss on the cheek

"what are you doing here Edward" i teased him a bit

"really funny....well,I wanted to see you guys,I'm finally off tour" -he smiled lightly

"It was about time,you know"-i looked at him and then on my bed

"I know,I miss you like crazy but the tour and all" he said with a sigh & I looked at him

"I've missed you so much"I hugged him,and then we got to normal

"you too" he said and looked straight in my eyes.I smiled and he smiled back.His dimples were showing


I wanted to kiss those pale pink,sexy lips so bad,but i couldn't,my mind wouldn't let me.That hug means everything to me


"ermmm.......Ena?!" he waved infront of my face

"erm...sorry"-i said and shook my head

"thinking much" he laughed

"yeah" i smiled 

"'s HC?" he asked and looked at the wall,there were all those instagram pictures on it

"ok...I mean,it's boring,to me" i said and laid down on my bed next to him

"god ,I sure miss those days" he lied down

"when you're so bored,you can't talk to your best friend when you need him,you don't joke around,talk,eat that Twix together,sing,take photos" i said and looked at him


"Ena" he sad and wrapped his arms around me

"that's the truth.....i miss this ,ya know" i said and put my head on his chest

"i feel the same" he smirked

"maybe.....but you have 4 brother by your side 24/7" I said and looked at him with puppy eyes

"it's not always a good thing" he looked at me and  licked his bottom lip

"it doesn't sound like a bad thing at all" i smiled and put my hands on his shirt

"to you" he kissed my head

"i wanna go to London" I wasn't so happy

"than go" he said quickly

"where" I asked confused

"go to London with me" he said and looked at me

"you can be in our apartment,you'll never get bored with 5 lads + it will be like in the old day.....and you can go to the academy you always wanted"

"i don't know" i said with a sigh

"C'mon i miss our guy to guy conversations" he said and put his hand on my shoulders.

"since when am I a lad?" I asked looking at him with a weird (I'll kill ya) look

"ok guy to a perfect best friend who's a girl conversations" he said with his cheeky face

"thank you" i said and snogged into his chests

"andddddd" his hand was going up and down my spine

"I'm going,ok....just because of you"

"thank you....i love you" he said and hugged me

"i love you too" i whispered

"can we go to our old place" he added

I nodded my head.I got dressed and we went out.We went to the old bakery Harry worked

"hello" -we said in the sam time

"good morning kids" Harry's old boss,now a old man told us

"Harry?How are you" he asked Harry

"well....I'm just off tour are you,I haven't heard from You in a while" Harry smiled

"It's ok...the bakery is better than ever.You know Harry,there are a lot of your fans coming just to see where you worked" Harry smiled "haha,I've been told" "so what brings you here" he asked "just tought I should stop by" "can you give us a Twix?" I asked "sure love,you still buy it and then share,right?gosh time flies,i remember when you were like this big*showes with his hands" and ate it together" we both smiled and he gave us the Twix "Harry the whole HC is proud of you" he said "thank you so much" he smiled "how much does the Twix cost" Harry asked "1 pound" i gave him the money " don't have to do that" he protested

"it's no biggy,what you gave us when we were little...."" i said "so it was nice meeting you,say hello to your family" they shoke hands "goodbye Harry,take care" he said and waved at us "i will...thank you..bye" "bye" we waved and went out,we were walking towords our old school and there were a few fans and a sister from a girl who went to our class was there. "Melisa?" Harry looked suprised "yeah that's Melisa" "wow,you got so big,i remember when you were a little girl" "yeah...time flies" she sad and smiled "so can we get a picture?" she asked "yeah...sure" he said to her and smiled "want me to photograph you guys" i asked "noo,i want you in the pic too" she sad and pulled me closer,she turned her camera on her iphone,the on on the front and she took 2 pics,one where we all have weird faces,and one where were all smiling "thank you so much" she said with a thrill "no problem...say hi to your sister!" we walked away


Then we finally got to school and sat on a bench in the back school where the river was.we were messing around,singing,eating,talking,i lay on his tigh


"so your coming to London with me" he asked

"yeah....i guess" i said and laughed a little

"YES" we both smied

"god curly" i said and closed my eyes for like a sec

"what" i opened my eyes

"nothing....i  miss you" i was playing with my necklace and he was stoking my hair


After a lot of fooling around (including him falling on top of me as he chase me) we settled on the grass and watched the clouds.It was actually really good weather today.

"i wish we could stay like this,together,forever" he turned his head and smiled

"me too" i smiled back

"how does it feel" i asked

"how does it feel what" he said looking at the sky

"beeing in the spotlight"

"it a way,it's just your always under preasure because of the paps"

"and when you go on stage" i asked him again

" can't even explain it"

"awwh" i looked at him and he looked at me

"soo.....i can't wait to see your photos"

"me too,haha" i laughed

"so what do you think what will yours tell you" he asked

"when" i looked confused

"because of London" he explained

"well...they'll be alright...especially Bryan" i said and smiled

"i mean...I'm 18" I added

"hey.....almost 19 " he put on a cheeky smile

"haha...right" i smiled back

"i have to go shopping" i added

"cool,I'll go with you" he said slowly with his raspy voice

"yay" i smiled

"are we going it's getting dark" he asked

"yeah...sure" we got up and went home

We sad hi and slammed the doors in the same styles

I got inside and yelled "I'M HOMEE" no-one replayed

I got upstairs and went to Bryans room

He had headphones on his head

I turned the lights on

"what" he put them down and looked at me

"where are mum and dad" i asked

"in Croatia"

"when did they leave"

" like 3 am"


"did you eat anything" i looked at him and raised my eyebrow

"no" he said with his rough voice

"c'mon downstairs, let's  order something" i said and went downstairs

He came down "can you invite Harry,I'm bored" "yeah sure" i took my phone and wrote a text



Hey,wanna come over?We're bored,btw I'm ordering xx


After like five seconds,he was already here

"yello" "hii" "no time no see" he smiled and kissed me on the cheek

"lel me're alone" he said and walked in


"Bryan someone came to see you"  i added as we walked in

Harry gave the look

"what" he said

"hi man" the did they bro hug

"soo what do you wanna eat" i asked



"Pizza it is" i laughed and dialed the number of the pizzaplace

"mushrooms right?" i asked as i was waiting on the line

"yeah" Harry sad

"no" Bryan looked at me

"since when do you not eat them" Harry asked

"since his gf Becca doesn't eat them" i laughed

I did the call and all we had to do is wait

"wait is that Becca Robbinson" Harry asked

"yeah,why" Bryan told him

"her brother went to Gemma's class"

"oh,yeah he was the popular one right" i said

"yeah,that one" he smiled

"what do you wanna do" i asked the boys

"play fifa"

"watch something"


"Thor" Bryan sad

"The Notebook" Harry sad

"Thor" i yelled

"Ena" Harry sad dissapointed

"we'll watch it alone,k?" i sad

"I'll make the popcorn" Bryan offered

"ok" i got up and left to the doors cause i heard a car pulling by.


got our pizza and got to boys.we watched it for 2 hours,then Bryan left us to Skye with his gf.I wasn't complaining.We put Notebook on cause Bryan left and Thor ended.We cuddled under the blanket.


In a way we were friends/friends with benefits but with no sex


this is my first time I'm publishing a fanfic.Hope you like it.Comment what you think of it.

I'll be making imagines too:)


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