Once Loved Never Love Again

Roise a girl that surf the waves . A year ago was broken heart , her mom died that same year . Roise's dad disappear , when she was five year. When roise was borken hearted , she promise to never let no one hurt her . Until... one day surf the waves of San Diego , she met the one and only Liam Payne .


1. Never Again

Hi . My name is Roise Parker . I surf wave for distraction . I always want to spend time surfing for that horrible year .

                                   Roise  Pov

It was a normal day ; i wake up . Do my normal rountie and got my surf board . I went to starbucks , finish my breakfast . I went to the beach. When i got there , there was already a black van. Well..... i didn't  care . I change into my swim suit . I got the water and start swiming a wave was rising a got on it .

Liam Pov

Me and the lads went to the beach early , so fan wouldn't attack us. Five minutes later another car come a girl step out . " Liam ! What are you looking at ? " Harry asked . " Nothing . " i said   " It wasn't just anything it was the girl that step out of the car." Zayn state. My face suddenly turn hot . i was going to hit the waves .The girl won me . She looked so beaitful ( blue eyes , brown curl hair tie into a ponytail.) She was doing trick on the wave . When .................... Bam the volley ball hit me  , the lads were looking away. I threw the ball to the sand and  start swiming then a wave knock me out. My brain like shut down . My arms and legs couldn't move , Then I saw some one coming toward me . It was the girl . She grab me and took me to the sand .

Nobody Pov

"Are you alright ? " Roise asked  . " Yeah .  Thanks for saving me ." Liam said .  " Roise." she said . "Liam ." He said. All of the suddenly the lads came runing . " I am going to get my surf board . Bye . " Roise said.Liam was about to said something when Louis inpruet it . " Daddy are you okay ?" Louis asked .

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