The story of us

Erin is having a great day with her best friend Devon. They decide to go to the club to have fun so they invite their friends and Erin's boyfriend. Some things go down and Devon and Erin decide to move toghter somewhere special. While they arrive at their destination, they run into so special people and will one of them have their eye on Erin??!

Sorry I suck at summaries


1. Haha I've been called worse

Chapter 1. 
"Come on Erin! Lets go!" My best friend Devon yelled at me from the kitchen downstairs.
"Coming!" I yelled back. Tonight, myself and Devon are going clubbing. Sorry, let me introduce my self. My name is Erin, Erin Reed. Lets just say I'm a pretty boring person, well I think so. I have dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. I'm about 5'9. Im 17so that means I'm graduating high school this year! Wahoo! Everybody says I'm a natural beauty, but I think of myself as one of the boringest girls in my high school even though I'm team captain of our track & field team as well as our soccer team. 
"What are you doing Erin, you have been standing there for like 10 minutes staring off into space!" Devon said to me. I didn't even realize she was there! 
"Sorry! I was just...umm..thinking.. Yeah thinking!" I said to Devon. 
"Ok whatever, we are going to be late and you know how Josh is when we are late!" 
"Yeah I know!" I said back. Josh is my boyfriend and is coincidentally the football teams quarterback. He gets moody if Im late some where. While Devon and I are walking to her car, I just have to do my signature move which is trip and face plant. 
"Oh.My.Gosh! Are you ok??!" Devon asks while trying not to fall over laughing. 
"Yeah thanks for asking." I say laughing as well! See, this is why if you look in my closet, you will only find converse. I despise heels 'cause of that reason. Anyways, enough about my shoes. Devon and I reach the club about 15 minutes later. We go into the smoke/beer smelling place and look for Josh and our friends. 
"ERIN! DEVON! OVER HERE!" I hear someone yell. We turn around and find our friends. 
"Hey baby!" Josh says to me. I can already smell the alcohol on his breath.
"Hey Josh! How much have you had to drink?" I ask him. 
"Not much."
"Oh ok." I tell Devon and Josh, and four of our other friends that came James,Sam, Amy and Annelies that I'm going to the bar to get a drink. I get a dry margarita shaken not stirred (haha any 007 fans will get that). I work my way through the club -with only about 7 people trying to dance/grind on me- to the table Josh got when he came. 
"Hey guys!" I say to everybody. 
"Ohla Erinnnnnnn!" Says a very drunk Devon. Let me just explain to you that Devon is very weak with alcohol so she can get drunk with in one glass of something. 
"Hey Devon. Anybody know where Josh is??" I ask and Sam says the he saw Josh go to the bathroom but that was 20 minutes ago. 
"Ok, I'm going to look for him then." I say. I went to the men's bathroom when I heard some disturbing noises from in there. I thought that it was some one else so I blocked my eyes and went in. The sight I saw was the moment I was dreading when I started dating Josh. There he was sticking his tongue down some slutty blonde chicks throat. 
"Josh?" He didn't respond. 
"JOSH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled at him. Now that got his attention because when I yell it ain't quite. 
"Oh hey Erin." He said. 
"Douche bag. I actually thought we had something. Obviously not!" I said surprisingly calm. 
"Erin please hear me out." 
"Um how about no so you can go and finish your time with miss Barbie over here. Eh?"
I gave him my middle finger and left. I ran right out of the club and didn't even think about grabbing Devon. I just wanted to get home. When I got out side, that's when all my tears came. I found a bench and sat on it for god knows how long. When I finally got up, I grabbed my BlackBerry out of my pocket in my dress and saw that I had 10 texts and 5 missed calls from Josh. I opened them and read them. Most of them consisted of please forgive me and crap like that. I listened to the voice mails and deleted them all. I decided that I should text him back. 
To Josh <3
Stop texting me all of your crap like that! We are OVER! Got that OVER!
That actually felt good to do that. Wow. I just realized that I have no way to get home because i came with Devon in her car so instead I felt like walking so I could clear my mind of what I just walked into. Half way home I felt my hip vibrate indicating that I had a new text. I opened it up and saw it was from Josh.
From Josh<3: 
To Josh<3: 
Ha! I've been called worse!
From Josh<3:
To Josh<3:
Your girlfriend. -_-
After I sent that text I deleted/blocked him from my contacts and continued on my trek home! 
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