You Made Everything Change

This is another story that is in your pov, but this time i will be saying you instead of I. It is set before Justin was famous and he was just a normal highschooler until he met you. Once he met you, everything changed.


4. The same person


You liked Justin. He seemed like a nice guy. You were about to have the chance to get to know him a little better. You sprayed some perfume and then you were out the door. You got there and Justin was sitting at a table with two cups of hot chocolate. 'Awww' you thought to yourself. You go over to him and give him a hug. "You didn't have to buy mine, here let me pay you back," you say handing him three dollars. "No, it's ok, I wanted to pay for it," he says. "Well, thank you very much! That was really sweet of you," you say and sit down.  "So, *yn*, tell me about yourself," he says. "Well, I play lacrosse. I'm an only child. My mom is only home in the summertime. My dad left us when I was only three. I would much rather wear sweatpants than a skirt. My best friend is Anna. And I'm jealous of her. I work at Forever 21. My favorite color is purple. I love to sing, but I'm not very good at it.  And yeah that's pretty much it. Now it's your turn." You say with a smile. He was smiling the whole time you were talking. "Well *yn*, I am currently not playing any sports but as a matter of fact, I used to play lacrosse. I also never see my parents. I'd also much rather wear sweatpants than a skirt. My best friend is my brother Jason. And he's jealous of me. My favorite color is purple. And I also love to sing." He says to you. You laugh. " Wow I guess we do have something in common Bieber." You say with an attitude. Apparently we do *yln*. You laugh again. He laughs too. You look at your phone and it's already 9:00! "I better get home!" You say. "Yeah me too." He says. You give him a hug goodbye and you guys go your separate ways. 'Wow, we are almost like the same person,' you think to yourself, 'but in different forms.' Once you get home Justin texts you. 

J: That was fun! Thanks!

You: Yeah! It was really fun!

J: When can we do it again?

You: Hopefully soon(:

J: (:


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