You Made Everything Change

This is another story that is in your pov, but this time i will be saying you instead of I. It is set before Justin was famous and he was just a normal highschooler until he met you. Once he met you, everything changed.


6. Singing


"You're everything that I've ever wanted, you're everything that I've ever needed. Yooooouuu are....the one for me." You sing your new song that you dedicated to Justin. You're at the park. You hear someone clapping. You turn around. It's Justin! You're so embarrassed. "*yn*, you can sing!" He says. "Nahh, I just do it for fun." You say. "Well you can really sing! Did you write those lyrics yourself?" he asks. You nod. "Wow." he says and takes your guitar. He looks at the lyrics and starts to play the guitar and sings. You got the chills as he was singing. "Justin, you're amazing!" you say. "Will you sing it with me?" he asks with a smile. "Of course." you smile back. 

Once you finish the song there are a lot of people around and they all start clapping. You both smile. Then someone comes up close. It was Anna. "Aww look at the lovebirds." she says making a heart around us. Jason was with her too. You both smile. "Is it official?" Anna asks. You look at Justin then you look back at Anna and nod. "WOOHOOO!" she screams. "Anna are you ready to go?" Jason asks. "Oh yeah, sorry guys I have to go to a photoshoot! Bye!" she screams. 

"So, it is official?" Justin asks you. You nod. And then you lean in and kiss him on the cheek. 


Sorry this chapter is so short!

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