You Made Everything Change

This is another story that is in your pov, but this time i will be saying you instead of I. It is set before Justin was famous and he was just a normal highschooler until he met you. Once he met you, everything changed.


7. Everything's Perfect



Currently, you and Justin are on tour together. You sold out every place that you are going to! They love you! You and Justin are still happily a couple. You're both 21. You still see Anna sometimes. She is back to modeling. Her and Jason are still dating. You are happier than ever. And nothing or no one could change that. "Hey *yn*, I have to ask you something really important." Justin says to you. "OK shoot." You say. He gets down on one knee with a small box in his hand. You cover your mouth with your hands and start to cry. "*yn* *ymn* *yln* will you marry me?" He asks. "Yes yes! A million times yes!" You say. He takes the ring out and puts it on your finger. You kiss and hug for a while.

"Now everything is perfect." You whisper to him


Hey guys. This is the end of the story. Bad ending I know. Well I don't like this one as much as my other one. And I'm thinking of making one with him and Ariana Grande. Well sorry this whole story was so awful. My other one is ten times better so check it out(:

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