You Made Everything Change

This is another story that is in your pov, but this time i will be saying you instead of I. It is set before Justin was famous and he was just a normal highschooler until he met you. Once he met you, everything changed.


1. First Day


Its your first day back to school after summer break. This summer was your best summer ever. Except for the fact that you figured out your boyfriend Kyle was cheating on you with one of your best friends, Audrey. You had two other best friends though. One of them is named Anna. She is gorgeous. She has curly dirty blonde hair, and hazel eyes. She is a model so you don't see her very often. Your other best friend is named Rachel. She is also gorgeous, but she isn't a model. She has dark brown hair and big blue eyes. You are jealous of both of them because you think they're both ten times prettier than you. This year, Anna was gonna be home a lot because she said she was gonna take a lot of time off because it's our senior year and she said she missed us and her boyfriend, Jason, too much. You had to admit, Jason was HOT. He had caramel colored hair and hazel eyes. They were the cutest couple ever! Apparently he had a twin and you were dying to meet him. But apperently he went to a private school. You were glad Anna was staying home this year because she was my best friend and i could tell her anything. Rachel was my best friend too, but Anna understood you better than she did."*yn* c'mon or else you'll be late for your first day back!" your mom yelled from downstairs. "coming!!!!" you scream back. You are wearing a really cute outfit. A white lace shirt, short sleeved, high waisted jean shorts, hair straightened, tan sparkly flats, and a bit of makeup. "Aww my little girl is all grown up!" your mom says and kisses you on the cheek. You quickly rub of the kiss mark and hop into your car. You only lived like 5 minutes away from the school. You were already there. You met up with Anna and Rachel. You all had your first period together. You had to rush because you didn't want to be late. You got there just in time. The bell rang. Someone walked in right after. "Anna look it's Jason." you said. She shook her head. "No it's not, that's his identical twin Justin." She replied. WOW was he cute. "Sorry I'm late!" he said. "That's ok. Why don't you take a seat next to *yn*" Mr. Hickowitz said. Anna looked at you like she was trying to tell you something but you couldn't figure it out. Justin sat right next to you. You could tell you were blushing. "Hi I'm Justin." He said. You looked at his hand, it was out for you to shake it. You shook it. "Hi Justin I'm *yn* Nice to meet you." you said. "That's a pretty name." He replied. You were blushing even more. You gave him a smile back and then sat through the most boring class which felt like lasted forever.

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