Haven't Met You Yet.

She was nothing special.

He wanted to show her that she was.

Alex Rascal was nothing special. She hated tea, spent too much time on the internet and didn’t have a job. She laughed a lot and mostly of her own jokes. She loved Michael Bublé and Green Day, and her celebrity crush was Benedict Cumberbatch.

She was not expecting him. He wasn't expecting her.

But the best part?

None of them was ready for this.


2. How To Save a Life

“I’ve got you” A voice said. Alex looked up and was met with the prettiest eyes she had ever seen.

“Oh- Thank you, I guess” She said as she tried to get out of the arms of the stranger. She bent down
to pick up her dropped items. Two hands soon became four as the stranger helped her.

“I don’t suppose I get a name?” The stranger asked Alex as they both got up from the floor.

“I am so sorry! My manners must’ve fallen to the floor along with my tomatoes.” She smiled cheekily.

“I’m actually the President.” She whispered, her face all serious. The stranger nodded and looked around him, he leaned forward.

“I’m George Clooney, but please don’t tell anyone.” He whispered back to her. Alex eyes widened in fake surprise and she smiled with lifted eyebrows.

“I promise not to, Mr Clooney. Now you’d have to excuse me, I’ve got presidential stuff to do” She winked and walked up to the cashier.

She didn't see him again when she walked out of the store, but he did occupy her mind on the entire way home.


Later that day, Alex was shocked to say the least, her best friend was standing in front of her; telling her that she was now engaged and was moving to California.

“Okay, can I see the ring one more time?” Alex asked is disbelief that this was happening. Maura stuck out her hand in pride, her entire face was practically glowing.

“When did this happen?” Alex mumbled as she inspected the ring. That must have cost a fortune, She thought to herself

“Last night. Oh, it was so romantic! I thought he had ditched me at the restaurant but when I asked for the bill, a waiter came out with the bill and this ring! And guess who the waiter was?!” Maura asked, jumping up and down in Alex’s tiny kitchen.

“Who?” Alex sighed. Of course she already knew who it was, she was just asking for the amusement of her best friend

“Matthew! He got down on one knee and it was so romantic I started crying!” Maura said in delight as she went over to the coffee maker.

“Good for you.” Alex sighed. At least one of us is getting laid, Alex thought as she listened to Maura’s endless talking about her engagement.

“You want to hit the movies tonight?” Maura asked a little while later as she poured herself a cup of coffee in Alex’s kitchen. Alex herself shrugged and took a drink of her soda.

“Is this where I say no but you still drag me along?” She asked in amusement, getting a nod in response from Maura.

“What time?” Alex asked and pulled out her phone from her jeans.

“I was thinking seven-ish. We’ll catch dinner afterwards” Maura said, putting her half-finished mug of coffee in the sink and put on her coat.

“It’s a deal.” Alex agreed as she put down her phone on the kitchen table and walked her friend out to the door.

“Oh, we’re seeing The Hobbit! Tootles!” Maura exclaimed with a toothpaste smile and walked out.

“If I didn't know her, I would've thought that she was on drugs” Alex mumbled when she closed the door after Maura.

She plopped down into the couch and looked around the familiar belongings of hers. Her walls were covered in family pictures or pictures where she herself had been behind the camera. She liked to take pictures, she really did. It was just not something she was good enough to do for a living.

She didn't like being unemployed. Her current routine was just waking up in the morning around 10:30, shower, then have coffee and watch television to until 2 in the afternoon and after that she would just wait for something to happen.

Her life was empty, nothing exciting was going on. If you saw her home you’d think she was artistic and creative. There were drawings on her walls, a guitar in the corner that she didn't even knew how to play, and let’s not get started on the countless magazines that covered every flat surface of her apartment.

You know how people say that in order to clean up in your life; you must first clean up your home? Yes, that is complete and utterly BS. ‘Don’t believe what you read in the magazines’ was what her mother always would say, but she still did sometimes.

Reading in Cosmo how to get romance in your life, what the perfect wife would be or how to lose ten pounds. Everything was about how you could make your incredibly short life more likable. But who needs love? She was fine with Maura, who was now moving to California but that’s not the point, her coffee and her books.

She used to do theater when she was in elementary school. They had done Grease where she had gotten the role as Sandy. She guessed it was because of her blonde hair and innocent looks. They had even gotten somebody else to play the “new” Sandy in the end. But that was it.

Then she had gotten into dancing, any kind of dancing; Ballet, tango, expressive and the list could go on. But then one day she was out driving with her parents and they had gotten in a car accident. It was nothing serious, nobody died. Alex just suffered from a few scrapes and a broke knee which resulted in not being able to continue dancing again.

Then after High School she was off to College studying Psychology. Now that was something she was good at. Studying people and reading their body language, she could have been a profiler in Criminal Minds.

But then she failed the class and dropped out of College.

So here she was, in her apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

She looked at the clock on her wall, 3:24. She sighed and got off the couch and went to put on her shoes.

“And off to the library we are!” She sang in a fake voice and then she was out the door.

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