Haven't Met You Yet.

She was nothing special.

He wanted to show her that she was.

Alex Rascal was nothing special. She hated tea, spent too much time on the internet and didn’t have a job. She laughed a lot and mostly of her own jokes. She loved Michael Bublé and Green Day, and her celebrity crush was Benedict Cumberbatch.

She was not expecting him. He wasn't expecting her.

But the best part?

None of them was ready for this.


1. Hardest of Hearts

Okay, get up.

No seriously, get up.

I don’t want to.

On the count of three.




“Okay, I’m up!” She said and sprung out of bed. Sprung out of bed? How does one even do that? Why is it so cold in here? Maybe closing the window would help? Feet is freezing, but putting on socks? Come on, socks are overrated, anyway. She though to her self as she went over to her window.

Pulling away the curtains, letting the always dreadful sun shine light up her room. Staring down into the street, watching a class who was out on a field trip fighting over who should get to hold hands with a small brunette girl. Kids, she thought and blew a hair out from her face.

Coffee, I need coffee , the voice in her head mumbled as she walked out of her small bedroom and into the living room, which was basically a kitchen as well. Her cold feet hitting the old wooden floor as she danced her way to the coffee maker. Well, she wasn’t really dancing; she was more trying to be a ballerina and failing miserably.

“I need music” She said to no-one and took the remote to her stereo of the kitchen table, and pressed play and threw the remote on to the couch. Cell Block Tango from Chicago hit her ears and soon her voice sang along with the angry woman singing about how they have murdered their husbands.

You’d probably think that she was a huge musical freak, that she lived in a small apartment in a huge city like New York or London, right over a bookstore. And later in this story she would meet Prince Charming, whom she couldn’t stand but they would later fall in love, he would screw everything up and they would be break up, spent months apart and suddenly they meet again and the romance is back.

But who are we kidding? That only happens in books.

She was nothing special, she hadn’t even seen Chicago. The only musicals she had seen was Rocky Horror and High School Musical. And those were on film.

She lived in a pretty alright apartment in the good part of Brooklyn and the nearest book store was way too far away from her.

She hated tea, spent too much time on the internet and didn’t have a job. She laughed a lot and mostly of her own jokes. She loved Michael Bublé and Green Day, and her celebrity crush was Benedict Cumberbatch.

“I’m such a special snowflake” She mumbled and poured water into her old coffee maker. Cell Block Tango ended and was replaced by Michael Bublé’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’. A favourite of hers, his voice always put a smile to her face. God damn sexy Canadian, she thought as she walked the short distance to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Freckles were what her face was covered in. Her nose was too big and didn’t fit her according to herself and her mother. She wasn't popular for her looks, not the type that would make you turn around and stare if you passed her on the street.

She moved her hips to Michael’s voice as she took out her hairbrush and tried to tame her mane that she called hair.

“Damn!” She cursed when she hit her earring with her hairbrush. In irritation she put down the brush and made her way back to the kitchen to check up on her coffee.

Pouring the black drink into her mug, she debated if she should take it black or put milk in.

“Screw it” She said and took a sip of the mug, frowning when the scolding drink hit her tongue. She went to her couch and sat down, putting her bare feet up on the turquoise coffee table. She took the remote from beside her and turned on her television and started channel surfing. Decided CW was worth her time, she watched as the two famous brothers salted and burned yet another corpse.

When commercials hit the screen, she sighed and put down her mug. She lifted herself of the couch and went to her room to get her laptop.
Plopping back into the couch, she turned on the laptop and waited for everything to load up. She checked her Facebook, seeing her friend is apparently in a relationship with somebody named John.

“Well good for her” She said to herself and liked it. Let’s make it look like I care, she thought and chuckled as she closed Facebook and turned back to the television.
Fifteen minutes into the episode, she was pulled out of the Supernatural universe when her cellphone rang. ‘Evil Witch’ the screen read, she sighed once more and pressed ‘answer’.

“Hey mom” She said into the small device.

“Alex, dear! How are you?” The familiar voice came from the other end, Alex began picking her nails.

“No different since last time you called, which was last night” She smiled into the phone and got up from the couch, taking her mug with her.

“Oh. Anyway, Darling! I have wonderful news!” Her mother said in delight, making Alex roll her eyes.

“Please, mother! Do tell” Fake enthusiasm filled her voice.

“Do not roll your eyes at me, hon. Moving on, remember your father’s business colleague Stephen?
Well he has this wonderful son whom we met last night and I was thinki-“

“No mother, I will not go out with this Mr Perfect.” She interrupted.

“But Alexandra, he is very sweet and I know you two would be perfect for each other!”


“But-“ Her mother tried.

“No, mother; now if you’d excuse me, I have to go get groceries.” Alex said with a fake delight and hung up.

That wasn’t a complete lie; she did have to get groceries. Just not right now. She at least had to shower first.

After the shower, she got dressed and gathered up her wallet and other essentials. She didn’t even bother to check when the bus left. She put on her coat, shoes and beanie and left her warm apartment for the freezing outside weather

“Okay, what are we going to eat for the next week?” Alex mumbled to no-one herself as she walked through the long aisles of all kinds of food.

Not watching her steps, she tripped over her own shoelaces and into the arms of her fate.

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