Little angel, why are you crying?

Ai is a small girl who's parents are dead, her mother an angel, her father a dark, evil creature. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her butler, Tarao. Everyone believes that Ai is insane and they all avoid her, they say she's schizophrenic. Ai is carrying a grudge, what happens when people start to notice that?


9. 9. Lucifer

After Ai and Toshiro's unpleasant meeting with one of the many creatures, they started to find their way home. At least it was home for Ai. Toshiro wasn't walking next to Ai, he was walking at least 10 feet away from her. The sun was setting and birds were chipping, not an annoying bird chipping sound, but a calming one. A wind blew on Ai and her hair fell out of the knot. Her hair was almost flying behind her. Toshiro looked at Ai, who was walking in her own world. 

What if her parents don't like me? Wait, I'm not even dating her, why should I care? But maybe they'll kick me out. Thought Toshiro and felt his cheeks getting hotter. He then quickly looked away and sighed a little. 

They came to a huge forest and Ai stopped in front of it. 

"Are we going the wrong way?" Asked Toshiro. Ai shook her head. 

"We are going through here." Said Ai and entered the forest.

Toshiro tilted his head, then he followed her into the huge forest.

The trees were close and the forest was dark. The branches made it look like millions of arms just waiting for them to get scared and then catch them. There was a mist around their feet and leaves that crunched under their shoes.

Toshiro had a hard time keeping up with Ai. She knew the forest better than her own pocket, and he had never even been there. He wanted to shout out to her and ask her to wait, but for some reason he felt a dark presence near them. He could hear his heart pound and his eyes were focused on Ai. He was afraid that he would lose her and get lost and end up getting eaten by a wolf. 

Suddenly a light shone from far away, and he hoped it would be the end of the forest. He started speeding up, and he finally caught up on Ai. She didn't bother to look at him, she just keep mashing her way through the many branches and trees. The light got closer and closer, and before Toshiro to yell out his own name, they were out of the forest. 

They came to a huge mansion, with a big front gate. The gate looked old and antique, the walls that held the gate were light brown and covered in different kinds of flowers. There was small bushes along the wall, with all colors of roses. 

"D-do you live here?" Asked Toshiro, with his jaw dropped. 

Ai nodded and opened the front gate. It squeaked awfully and a crow flew right over both of their heads. Toshiro walked in and Ai closed the gate after them. He looked back at her and noticed that there was a some kind of shield surrounding the gate and walls. Like a magic shield. Toshiro shook his head, and thought that he might was going crazy. They walked to the mansion and Toshiro was staring at it. He had never seen such a huge mansion.

The walls were the same color as the gate walls. There was at least 10 windows on this side, and they were all long and squared. The roof was black as coal and the front door was huge. There was two gargoyles standing next to the door and an angel scratched on the door. There was a purple-ish stone path to the house, and next to them there was millions of flowers and bushes.

While Toshiro was being amused, they got to the front door. Ai opened it slowly and walked in, Toshiro slowly following her. Toshiro closed the door and turned around, and his jaw dropped. He had never seen anything this beautiful. A fluffy white cat patted in the living room, looking at Ai and Toshiro. Ai bent down and held out her hand.

"This is Lucifer." Said Ai and smiled.

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