Little angel, why are you crying?

Ai is a small girl who's parents are dead, her mother an angel, her father a dark, evil creature. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her butler, Tarao. Everyone believes that Ai is insane and they all avoid her, they say she's schizophrenic. Ai is carrying a grudge, what happens when people start to notice that?


8. 8. Tears

A young woman was walking towards Ai and Toshiro. Her arms were hanging from her side and her eyes were completely white. Around her was a black mist with a dust-like texture, which made Toshiro cough a little. Ai slowly walked backwards, without moving her eyes from the creature. Ai noticed that the sun was still up, and then creature didn't seem to be affected. 

"Run." Whispered Ai took another step backwards. 

"W-what? No, I'm helping you." Said Toshiro stubbornly.

"If you wanna help me, then run." Said Ai with a cold voice. 

Toshiro sighed and glanced at the young possessed girl, then he took off and ran straight into both of them and hit it with his bare hands. 

"Toshiro!" Yelled Ai worried, but angry. 

The creature looked at him and reached out for him. Ai quickly opened her bag and took out a small knife. The knife was white and had small silver tribal patterns on it. 

"Hey!" She yelled, trying to get the creatures attention. It worked and the creature quickly turned around, still using the young girl as a shield. The girl was looking at her, she could feel it, she could see it. But there was no pupils or any sign of life in her eyes. 

Ai threw her bag on the ground and slowly walked closer and closer to the girl. She held up the knife and the sunlight reflected on it and right at the girl's face, making her cover her face and let out a monster-like scream. Ai quickly put the knife against the girl's skin and the girl struggled to push her hands away, but Ai was far stronger. The creature let out a scream and it quickly disappeared into the air. 

The girl fell on her knees and Ai helped her sit down. The girl was panting and sweating and mumbling things that Ai couldn't really understand. 

"Tnk..K-Yu.." Said the girl, and looked at Ai. Ai smiled a little and stood up.

"I have to go now, be careful." Said Ai and grabbed her bag and started walking away. The girl looked at her and tried to yell something. 

"Wt.." Yelled the girl and Ai understood, but she didn't stop she just kept walking. 

Toshiro got up and looked at the girl, then Ai, then the girl. He wanted to help the girl but he knew Ai wasn't one to wait. He looked at the girl and apologized with his eyes, then he ran after Ai. He caught up with Ai, who was walking faster and faster. 

"Ai, that was a little mean what you did back there." Said Toshiro and glanced at the sky. 

"It's better for us and her that we didn't stay with her for long." Said Ai and looked at the ground. Toshiro let out a loud sigh and shook his head. The air around Ai thickened and made Toshiro uncomfortable. After a good while of walking, Ai whispered. 

"We should go home, to my house." Then she looked at him, her eyes looking liquid and bloodshot. 

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