Little angel, why are you crying?

Ai is a small girl who's parents are dead, her mother an angel, her father a dark, evil creature. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her butler, Tarao. Everyone believes that Ai is insane and they all avoid her, they say she's schizophrenic. Ai is carrying a grudge, what happens when people start to notice that?


7. 7. Relfection

Toshiro woke up the next morning, confused and a little dizzy. He glanced at Ai lying in the bed next to him. He sighed and shook his head. 

All that was real? Thought Toshiro and tried to calm his thoughts a little. All the things that happened the day before felt too unreal to him at the current moment. He then glanced at the two candles and two silver chains, lying in the window, then at his wrist and the silver ribbon. 

"You're supposed to take it off now, you can either throw it out or keep it." Ai said as she took her own off and put it in her bag. Toshiro noticed that she had several other white ribbons stored in there too. 

"Wow, that is a lot of ribbons you have there." Said Toshiro and took his off and put it in his pocket, adding an awkward laugh. 

Ai closed her bag and turned around. 

"I need to go to town, I am out of candles and matches." Said Ai and crossed her arms. 

"Okay, fine with me." Asked Toshiro and yawned. 

"I'm leaving in ten minutes, get ready." Said Ai and smiled at him, then turned around and started searching her bag for money. 

Toshiro didn't feel like he needed to go wash his face, so he went to the window and sat there and looked at the sun. His mind drifted off to day-dreaming and he started swaying lightly from left to right. He thought about his parents and his sister. He snapped out of his trance and glanced back at Ai, who was in the process of trying to tie up her long hair in a knot. She managed to get it all up, and Toshiro was surprised how good it looked on her, she was almost dazzling. 

Ai looked back and saw Toshiro looking at her.

"Why are you blushing?" Asked Ai and tilted her head. 

Toshiro covered his cheeks and mouth with his hand, and looked away without moving his head. 

"I-it's hot in here." Mumbled Toshiro. 

"Let us leave now, then." Said Ai and swung her bag over her shoulder. Toshiro sighed, got up and walked to the door. Ai opened the door and walked out, Toshiro following her and locked the door behind them. 

Ai got in the elevator and clicked on the lowest button. She didn't say anything, it was like she wasn't even breathing, and it made Toshiro somewhat nervous. Suddenly all the rumors about Ai being schizophrenic and insane popped into his mind, and he started to wonder if everything that happened was just his mind.

What if Ai has a way of affecting people and it makes them go crazy? Maybe that is why everyone avoids her. Thought Toshiro.

Toshiro glanced at Ai who was looking at the elevator door, her eyes shining, then he shook his head. 

No, she is not insane. Thought he and smiled a little. 

The elevator made a bell like noise and the doors opened. Ai quickly got out and stormed to the exit, avoiding any eye contact with everyone. She pushed the door open and headed for the main street, Toshiro had to run a little to keep up with her. She was small but she could walk fast. 

"A-Ai! Wait up!" Yelled Toshiro, but Ai didn't slow down or seem to hear him. 

Suddenly Ai stopped and glared into the air, Toshiro was about to bump into her but he stopped right before. 

"What is wrong?" Asked Toshiro and walked up in front of her. 

"They are here." Said Ai and her eyes were filled with fear.

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