Little angel, why are you crying?

Ai is a small girl who's parents are dead, her mother an angel, her father a dark, evil creature. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her butler, Tarao. Everyone believes that Ai is insane and they all avoid her, they say she's schizophrenic. Ai is carrying a grudge, what happens when people start to notice that?


5. 5. Who are you?

Toshiro opened his eyes and looked at the sky, then sat up quickly and looked around, seeing Ai sleeping next to him. Then he glanced at her ribs and to his surprise, there was only blood. No bone sticking out or anything unusual.

What? Thought he and rubbed the back of his neck.

Then he looked at his arm and saw the red outline from the hand-print.

"Damn, it must've hurt." Mumbled Toshiro to himself and tried to remember what have happened. Suddenly Toshiro felt a hand on his shoulder and almost jumped 10 feet in the air.

"A-are you okay?" Yawned Ai. 

Toshiro nodded and Ai pulled her hand back. She then stood up and stretched, her ribs cracking like they just went back to place. 

"H-how did your ribs heal that fast?" Asked Toshiro and got on his feet. 

Ai lied and shrugged. 

"Luck." Mumbled Ai and turned around, looking up at Toshiro. 

"I'm sorry that I brought this into your life, but you can't run away from it, and you can't be alone. It would also be safer for you if you were with someone who knows what you're going to deal with." Said Ai blunt.

"Deal with? I'm not going to deal with anything!" Said Toshiro confused.

"As you wish, then I'll leave you here to get eaten. But it's going to be a hell of a limbo for you." Said Ai and started walking away. 

"W-wait!" Yelled Toshiro. Ai turned around and looked at him questioning. 

"I'll go with you." Said Toshiro and blushed a little. Ai nodded and started walking again. Toshiro didn't take many steps to catch up on her though. 

"We can't go home for a while though." Said Ai and turned out of the big school gate, Toshiro following. 

"I know a hotel where we can stay for a while." Mumbled Toshiro. Ai nodded again. 

When they had been walking for a while they finally came to the train station. The train station was old and small, and smelled funny. There was graffiti on the walls and trains, even some of the cars. 

"I'm going to get some tickets!" Said Toshiro and hurried in the station store.

Ai went to a bench and stood in front of it for a while. The sun was shining down on her and made a shadow on the wall. But on the wall, huge angelic wings were forming from her back..

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