Little angel, why are you crying?

Ai is a small girl who's parents are dead, her mother an angel, her father a dark, evil creature. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her butler, Tarao. Everyone believes that Ai is insane and they all avoid her, they say she's schizophrenic. Ai is carrying a grudge, what happens when people start to notice that?


4. 4. Shadows

Ai looked shocked at the nurse. 

But, how? Thought AiShe had been dealing with the creature before, but at a whole other rate. She had never seen them so ghastly, so grotesque. Ai glanced out of the windows and the clouds were fading and the light was again shining through the windows. Ai could see a dark dot from far away and figured that it might be Toshiro.

"M-my head.." Mumbled the nurse and sat up, then glanced at Ai.

"Are you okay?" Asked Ai and looked at her. In response she got a nod. 

"Good, I'm leaving then, my... Friend is waiting" Said Ai and started walking away. 

"W-wait, you're bleeding!" Yelled the nurse after her, but Ai ignored her and kept walking. 

When Ai got to Toshiro at the other end of the hallway, he was unconscious. She looked at his arm and saw a black, liquid hand-print, with a red edge. The creature's grip had caused this, and she knew if she didn't do something about it soon, something terrible would happen to him. The hand-print had a rotten smell and Ai gulped several times. 

Suddenly Toshiro opened his eyes and sat straight up and looked at Ai, then her ribs. 

"Oh my! You're bleeding, your bone is.." He stopped his sentence and gulped. "Sticking out.." Said Toshiro and looked at his arm. 

"W-what happened to my arm?!" Asked Toshiro and started hyperventilating.

Ai took a small bottle out from a chest pocket. It was filled with a purple liquid. Ai looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone near them at the moment, then she looked at Toshiro with apologizing eyes.

"This might hurt." Whispered Ai and poured the liquid on the hand-print. Fog started surrounding it and Toshiro let out a cry of agony, before losing consciousness once again. The hand-print slowly started to fade, but his skin was still blood red. Ai put the little bottle back in the pocket and started to drag Toshiro outside the main door. Her head felt heavy and she was tired. The creatures drained all her powers and she was about to drop him all the time. 

When she got him outside, she fell down on her knees and sat down. She was breathing heavily and fast. Ai rested her head on the wall and closed her eyes. She heard a few birds chipping and a dog bark from far away, then she dozed of to sleep.


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