Pregnant By The Player

Nick's fist flew forward, connecting with Easton's jaw in a painfully loud crack. I gasped, covering my mouth with my hand. The hallway full of students turn, watching as Easton stumbled back, clutching his jaw. It was safe to say that their friendship was over.

“My [i]sister[/i], dude?!” Nick shouted, his fists balled up. I expected Easton to hit him back, but he did nothing. Just held his face and looked at my brother. I was frozen in place, stuck between my brother, and worrying about Easton's jaw.

Easton...The father of my baby.

“Bro, it's not like that-” Easton began.

“It's not [i]like that[/i]?” Nick bellowed. “She's [i][b]pregnant[/i][/b], you asshole!”

My jaw dropped as my brother unintentionally shouted that to the entire school. My face turned a deep, beet red. Everyone turned their attention to me, and the whispers started. This wasn't how I wanted everyone to found out. This [i]certainly[/i] wasn't how I wanted Easton to find out.

I stood behind Nick, my eyes filling


1. Easton

Bzzzz, Bzzzz, Bzzzz...

The annoying vibration of a phone against wood pulled me out of a deep, dreamless sleep. I groaned slightly, putting my phone over my head to try to block out the sound. I was just too tired. I pulled the silk sheets up to my chin, then realized that I didn't have silk sheets.

Glancing to my left, I saw Easton's sleeping form. That's right...I'd came over to his house last night. The sexual tension between Easton and I built up all summer when right before school started, we hooked up at a party. It was the beginning of November now.

I already knew who was calling, and my brother just wasn't something that I wanted to deal with this early.

Pulling back the covers, I slipped out of bed in hopes that I didn't wake him up.



"Yeah?" I answered, pulling on the jeans that had been discarded by the window.

"You're leaving?"

"Yeah, my brother's calling and if I don't get home soon he's going to call Katie and she doesn't know to cover for me."

Besides my best friend Katie, nobody knew about Easton and I. Nobody. While my twin brother Nick was outgoing in popular, I was more on the quiet side. And Easton was right in Nick's group, and Easton had even been dubbed the school player by his classmates.

It wasn't natural, the thing we had. We weren't together, and we didn't have feelings for each other. We just hooked up. He was only the second guy I'd had sex with, and while I knew that he had a lot more experience than I did, I knew for a fact he wasn't hooking up with anybody else.

"I wish we could tell him."

"Do you want to make it to the twelfth grade?" I asked after I tugged on my hoodie. Easton nodded.

"Well, then don't tell my brother anything. Because he probably will kill you."

My parents were gone a lot of the time because of their job. They were CEO's of this big jewelry company, and traveled a lot. They were home probably a week out of the month. Nick was really overprotective. Sometimes - like now - it was annoying.

"I'll see you in school," I said, zipping up my coat. I sent my brother a text saying I was at Katie's and on my way home, and then texted Katie and told her to cover for me if my brother asked her.

"Okay. See you," Easton replied.

I grabbed my purse and headed out of the door.

The hook ups between Easton and I were casually. Not stressful. No drama. That's why I continued to do it. We were hooking up with out the drama and the fights of an emotional attachment. And damn, was he sexy.

Pulling up to my house, I killed the engine of my jeep and hopped out.

"What did you and Katie do last night?" Nick asked me when I walked into the kitchen. I opened the door and peered in.

"Shopping, movie night at her house. You know, the usual. You hungry?"

I grabbed a large frozen pizza out of the freezer and turned around, hoping he took my bait for the change of subject. My brother didn't even know I wasn't a virgin. He would go ballistic if he knew that Easton and I had sex on the regular.

"Totally," Nick agreed, looking at the pizza.

I preheated the oven and grabbed a soda. I was starving.

"Did you finish that History homework?" Nick asked over the pizza twenty five minutes later.

History was the only class Nick and I had together, and Easton was in there, too. Easton and I had one other class together - fifth period Gym.

"Yeah, I did. Let me go get it," I said, putting my food down and walking upstairs.

Nick and I hung out for the rest of the night, watching TV and being bored. There was nothing we could really do on a Sunday night with school the next morning.

I told him around eleven that I was heading to bed.

Grabbing some pajamas and a towel, I headed to the bathroom attached to my room and took a long, hot shower. I was a little bit sore from the night before. The hot water relaxed my muscles.

Getting out, I wrapped the towel around me and one around my long, curly black hair.

I brushed my hair and teeth, then used the blow drier. I turned on some soft music and crawled into bed.

I quickly fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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