Wasn't Expecting This

Quinn and Zayn just had their baby girl, Rosie. But what happens when Rosie is a little harder to handle then they thought. They will need all the help they can get.


1. Meeting our baby girl.

Quinn's POV


It had been about eight hours since I had gone into labor. We were all waiting anxiously for baby to come out and join us in the world. We weren't expecting her for another week, but we were so glad she decided to come now, three days until Christmas.

"Ahhhh." I groaned, I was having another contraction when the doctor walked in.

"You are about nine centimeters, just one more to go and your baby will be here. She smiled warmly and walked out.

"I can't believe I'm going to be an Uncle." Niall said with pride.

"I can't wait to hold that baby girl in my arms!" Louis added.

"She is going to be perfect." Smiled Liam.

I was so excited we had so much support. About a year ago, Zayn and I got married. It wasnt anything big, it was just a small wedding. The only people there were the boys, and my sister. No one else really supported us getting married so young. I let out a yelp, this was really painful. Thats when Zayn grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead, gently. I smiled, and groaned, another contraction was coming on.

Zayn's POV


I couldn't believe I was about to be a father. I couldnt be happier to start a family with my beautiful wife. The doctor finally came in and Quinn started to push.

I groaned, was there supposed to be this much blood? It was only Quinn, a couple of nurses, the doctor, and I in the room. I wasn't positive, but I was pretty sure the room started spinning. I groaned and fell over.

Quinn's POV


Finally my baby girl was out in the world. I took a look at her, she had Zayn's nose. Thats when I realized that Zayn had let go of my hand. I looked down and saw he was passed out on the floor. I yelled.

"Doctor, Zayn. Oh my gosh!" I started to pannick.

"It's alright, Miss Malik. This happens all the time." As he said that he was taking my baby out of the room. I started to pannick again.

"Where--where are you taking my baby?"

"Just as a precaution we are taking her to get looked at." One of the nurses said. I started to cry to myself. Thats when Zayn finally woke up. He rubbed his head and looked around.

"What happened? What did I miss?" He took a look at me and frowned. "Quinn, why are you crying? Wheres the baby?"

I shook my head. "They took her to get checked out." I started to cry even harder. He rubbed my head and took my hand.

"I'm sure she's fine. hey, how did she look?" He smiles, clearly trying to take my mind off things.

"Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful. She had your nose." I smile and he kisses my lips.

"I bet she is."


After about thirty minutes of waiting, the nurse comes in with our baby. I smile and she puts her in my arms. Zayn lets a few tears stream out, and I do too.

"She is perfectly fine, healthy and ready to be with her family." The nurse smiles and walks out. I kiss her forehead, she has the softest skin.

After about a minute, the boys walk in. They all smile and simutaniously say 'Awwwww'. That makes me laugh. They all crowd around the bed and just stare at her beauty -- I know she is my baby, but she really was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. She had a full head of short brown hair, she had blue eyes, and rosey red cheeks. She was very tiny, 6.5 pounds and 18 inches long.

"She is perfect, just like I knew she would be." Liam says.

"Just like her mom." Zayn adds and smiles, kissing baby on her forehead.

"What will we name her?" Niall says, which gets me to laugh. I knew this was going be all of our baby.

"I dont know, I really like Rose." I smile.

"I like that." Zayn says.

"We could call her Rosie." Harry says.

I smile at all my boys, and my new baby girl...Rosie.

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