Wasn't Expecting This

Quinn and Zayn just had their baby girl, Rosie. But what happens when Rosie is a little harder to handle then they thought. They will need all the help they can get.


3. Hard to handle.

Quinn's POV

Two Months Later

I woke up on Febuaury 12, fully exhausted from the past couple months. I groan and roll over when I hear Rosie start to cry. I pull the pillow over my head. Zayn had left about an hour ago to reherse with the band. I wince as I get up and feel dizzy. I had gotten no sleep since Rose had been born, as much as I loved my baby with all my heart, she was very hard to handle. I walk across the hall and peak in the door, as I see my baby smile a little from her crib at the sight of me. This makes me feel better.

"Hi baby girl." I say in the most loving tone. I pick her up and cradle her in my arms. She was officially two months old today. I rock back and forth and start to sing her song. She stops crying immediatly, and I get up with her in my arms and walk to the living room. "So, baby, what shall we do today?" I smile and put her in her swing, I turn it on and it rocks back and forth. I start humming her song as I make her bottle. Once it is done heating up I pick her up and feed it to  her. The phone starts to ring. I reach over and answer the phone.


"Hi..Its your mother." I gasped. I hadn't talked to my mother since we got into a fight about me getting married. She wanted nothing more to do with me. When I told her I was pregnant she said she would not support this.

"Oh, Uh, Hey Christine." I didn't feel it necissary to call her 'mom'. She hesitates.

"I was thinking, maybe it was time I meet my grandbaby." She laughs awkwardly.

"Really? The baby you wouldnt support." I ask sarcastically. She huffs.

"Yes, I would like to meet her. Your father and sister would like to see the baby too."

"Her names Rose."

"Rose.. Thats beautiful. I bet she is beautiful."

"She is." I say stiffly.

"Alright, well you may come over anytime. We would really like to see her." With that she hung up and I thought for a moment, then I began to feed Rosie again.


When she was all done eating, I dressed her and put a bow in her hair. I then went and got ready myself. Before I was done she started to cry. I sigh, not again. I quickly brush my teeth and jog downstairs. I pick her up and kiss her forehead.

"It's alright, I'm right here. Shh, shh." I set her in her carseat and strap her in, and head out to the car.

Before I know it, I arrive at my Mother and Father's house. I sigh, and try to work up the nerve to go in. Thats when my father comes out.

"You made it!" I get out of the car and he holds out his arms for a hug, and I walk into it. We hugs awkwardly for about a minute and then I motion to the car.

"I'll get Rose." I say stiffly. Once we get inside I set her down and unstrap her and cradle her in my arms.

"You're here!" My sister squeals. My sister is 16, she was also the only family member of mine at the wedding. But, then my mother forbid her from being around the baby. I smile and hug her with Rosie. "This is the sweet baby I've been missing out on?" She smiles and takes her from me. I get a little nervous. Rosie doesn't really let anybody hold her, unless it is me, Zayn, or one of the boys. We were her only family. I didn't count these people. My mother walks out and smiles with her mouth wide open, she dismisses the fact I was there and goes straight to Rose.

"Oh my, Oh my, Oh my. She is more beautiful then I even imagined." She takes her out of my sister, Mary's arms. She scoffs at the fact that Rosie was stolen from her.

"Hi baby, I'm your grammy!" I roll my eyes. There was no way Rosie would be calling her grandma. As far as I was concerned Rosie did not have grandparents. When Christine starts to bounce her she begins sobbing.

"Dear, why is she crying? What did you do?" Thats it. I take her out of Christines arms and rock her back and forth. Then I set her in the carseat and buckle her up.

"Well, with that we are leaving!" I stomp out with Rose and slam the door. Once I'm out my father comes out.

"Quinn, where are you going? Please don t leave. I haven't even gotten to hold my gandchild." he motions for me to sit on the bench next to him, and I do. I set Rose's carseat on the ground and look at my father, Tom.

"I'd like to leave." I say sternly. He shakes his head.

"I know your mother can be.. Hard to handle. But -- " I cut him off.

"Hard to handle!? Thats putting it lightly." I laugh sarcastically.

"Now dear, your mother hasn't seen the baby, she was just concerned, thats all."

"Yeah, concerned that I couldnt raise my baby." Rosie starts to whine. "Rose doesn't like arguing, we're leaving now." I picked up Rosie's carseat and put it in the car, go in the drivers seat and drove away.

Zayn's POV


As I got home from hanging with the guys, I walked in the living room and heard Rosie wailing. I sighed, this had been happening a lot. She wasn't stopping the crying, she kept going. I was wondering where Quinn was, and why Rosie hadn't stopped yet. I ran upstairs and found Rosie sobbing in her crib, and Quinn was passed out laying on the floor. I started to pannick, and grabbed Rose, and ran down stairs. I grabbed the house phone and dialed 911.

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