Where Music Can Take Us

What if you thought your chances of meeting your idol were none, since you live in a country that almost no one knows? Since traveling is really expensive for you and your family.
What if you were almost ready to give up and suddenly, a chance is given to you?
All of the things mentioned before are happening to her, Karen Brown. She’s traveling for her Christmas vacations to Canada. What she doesn’t know is that her idol is going to be there too.

The best relationships are those that overcome every obstacle that comes along the way.


3. the unexpected


-Saturday Afternoon-

Text from Melody:

-See you at the mall then?-
-Sure, just let me tell my parents and that’s it.-
-Great! See ya!-

I went on to dress myself. Not so elegant though, I had a black shirt covered with my black ‘The Beatles’ hoodie. Skinny jeans and my favorite converse. Yes, I do love hoodies.

I went downstairs to talk to my mom or dad;

“Mom, may I go to the mall today? With Melody?”

“Sure. At what time do I pick you up?”

“I don’t know. What if I call you?”

“Sure, but give me an approximate.”

I hesitated. “Maybe at 4 or 5. Remember that Melody and I like to do many crazy stuff.” I chuckled a bit.


“Sure hunny, just give me a call if you want me to pick you up earlier.”

“I think there’s no need. Just, please pick me up at 4 or 5. The time you want.”

“Ok.” My mom said. “Bye mom!”

I went walking to Melody’s house and we went together to the mall.

We stayed there and saw a movie and then we went to eat something at McDonalds. Mel had to go early because her mom had plans somewhere else. I stayed at the mall alone, waiting for my mom to come and pick me up.

I was walking down the mall when I hear some girls screaming.


What? I thought.

The girls where many, an entire crowd, running faster and faster each time. They were chasing something, no, not something, HIM.


“JUSTIN BIEBER! AH!” So many where screaming that my ears started to hurt.

Suddenly I see that all of them where coming straight at me. What? I hope they don’t confuse my ‘The Beatles’ hoodie with his. He did have the same one as me.

I saw him, then. It was him; Justin, running from the girls. He had a black hoodie, a cap, nerd glasses, jeans and his Supras. He was definitely trying to hide.

They were getting closer and closer each time.

I saw Justin, finally, but then the crowd of girls got me. I stopped looking at Justin; I didn’t know where he was. I stepped out of the way for me not to get crushed by the fans screaming Justin’s name.

I felt someone grabbing my hand and whispering in my ear, “Help me hide! Please!”

I saw him then, Justin.

I guided him to an emergency exit where the crowd of girls could’t see. Justin and I hid there while the crowd passed by.

It was a dark room; the door obviously had never been opened. It was really hard to push, Justin helped me and he did open it. We closed it and stayed hidden. Because of the darkness, I really couldn’t see Justin’s face, covered with the hoodie.

“Thanks.” Justin said really tired. Of course he was tired, he was running since I don’t know how many time ago.

I stayed in complete silence. I was in a type of shock. It was my idol, finally, Justin. The one and only Justin.

Justin’s breathing was uneven. We waited there for a couple of minutes more. We suddenly heard, “WHERE’S JUSTIN?!”

The crowd until now noticed Justin was missing. Justin did his cute little laugh.

It sent chills through my spine.

The screams and crying of the girls stopped and we didn’t hear them anymore. Justin finally spoke up, “Hey, thanks for helping me.”

I stayed quiet.

“Excuse me, uhm… thanks.”

I was still in shock.

“Ugh, great, doesn’t understand English. Tu hablas Español?” Justin asked in a really funny Spanish accent.

I chuckled. “I do speak English…and Spanish.” I finally answered.

“Oh.” Justin was definitely surprised that I talked. “Well, Gracias. Thanks for helping me.” We were both whispering in case the girls heard us talking.

“It’s ok.”

“I’m Justin.” Justin said while stretching out his hand to me.

“I know, who doesn’t know?” Justin chuckled. I stretched out my hand too, “My name is Karen. I bet that is something you don’t know.” We shook hands and he laughed.

Oh, his laugh.

“Yeah. Well, thanks Karen, for helping me. But I need you to do me a little favor.”

“Depends. Go ahead, tell me.”

“I need you to take me to any clothe store, I need to buy something, or else the girls will recognize me again.”

I hesitated. “Here’s the exit door, then to the right, there’s two clothes stores that we could get to. But we must get there fast.”

“Please help me get there Karen, please.”

“Yeah. C’mon.”

Justin stood up and opened the door for me. I went on and he stayed behind me. I looked everywhere, right, left, front, back-there was Justin, looking all worried.

“There’s no one. Act like if it is… mission impossible, you are a ninja, you are trying not to get caught. Just follow me, like if you don’t know me, I don’t know you.” I said to him. He laughed for a bit and then went on following me.

I walked to the nearest clothes store that we had and entered as fast as we both could. Justin was still covering his face with the hood. 


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