Where Music Can Take Us

What if you thought your chances of meeting your idol were none, since you live in a country that almost no one knows? Since traveling is really expensive for you and your family.
What if you were almost ready to give up and suddenly, a chance is given to you?
All of the things mentioned before are happening to her, Karen Brown. She’s traveling for her Christmas vacations to Canada. What she doesn’t know is that her idol is going to be there too.

The best relationships are those that overcome every obstacle that comes along the way.


5. Alfredo too?!


“Hey, I think we should get going. I already know everything I wanted to know about you. It’s already 5. Thanks for answering my stupid questions and answering them.” Justin said.

“It’s ok. They weren’t stupid at all.”

“Of course they were!”

“They weren’t. Trust me.”

“Ok. Come with me. I left my car with-“Justin had a worried face now. Justin pulled his phone put of his pocket as fast as he could and he saw he had 6 lost phone calls from someone.

“What is it?” I asked worried.

“I left the car with Fredo, I told him I would come back in minutes. I basically spent the whole day with you. Oh, he’s going to kill me…”

“Justin, I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”

“No it isn’t, come with me.” He grabbed me from my hand with his right hand and with his left hand he was talking to someone on the phone.

“Fredo… yeah…. Hey…. Man, I’m so sorry!...no…I mean…yeah, I know, but… no! You don’t understand!....I-…Where are you dude?...I’m still here, you got out?...Where are you then?...Meet you there then, I have someone with me here…”

“OH NO JUSTIN! NO! I don’t want to get you in trouble!” I said to him as soon as he said he was with me.

“Sh! I don’t care; you are going to meet him too. What?... Yes...” Justin kept on talking to Alfredo. “…Maybe…That is my problem! Not yours!...Ok…no that’s why-….You’ll meet her ok!? Shut up!” Justin hung up.

“I’m in big trouble…” I said worried and nervous because Justin was taking me with Alfredo, Alfredo Flores, the man.

“No you’re not! He’s my best friend, he gets me.”

“He gets that you dumped him in the car for 4 hours straight, because of a girl you just met and she has nothing special on her?”

“Yes he does.” Alfredo said. He was just right behind us now, “And you, little darling, are special. Justin doesn’t pick up any girl, he picks up special ones.”

“I’m not special.” I said with a stupid smile on my face again.

“Oh C’mon!” Justin said. He still had my hand on his.

“Holding hands. Perfect.” Fredo took his camera and took a picture to us.

“What? Fredo! STOP IT!” Justin said to him.


“I’m taking her to her house, will you come with us?” Justin said.

“You are my only ride back to the hotel.” Fredo said.

Fredo made me laugh a lot, but Justin did even more.

We went to the parking lot and went to Justin’s car. Fredo went in front next to Justin and I went in the back.

“So, what’s your name, pretty girl?” Fredo asked me.

“Stop with the compliments, I had too much with Justin.” I smiled.

“Oh Justin, you got lucky.”

“Stop.” Justin said angry.


“My name is Karen.”

“Fredo, baby.” Fredo said as he winked at me and shaking hands with me.

“Who doesn’t know you Fredo?” I smiled.

“OH!” Fredo laughed. “Finally a decent and not crazy Belieber huh?”

“Thanks again.”

“Karen, where’s your house?” Justin asked.

“In what hotel are you in?” I asked again.

“Uh…on Blue Sky Hotel, I think.”

“Yeah it is the Blue Sky hotel.” Fredo said.

“Great! I live almost right next to it.”

“Really?” Justin said.

“Yeah.” I told Justin my home address and he left me home. Before entering my house Justin got out of the house and said,

“Are your parents here?”

“My mom sent me a message, she’s on the supermarket. Why?”

"Can i see your room?" he smiled guilty.

"what? why?" i laughed.

"I want to see a belieber's room. the posters the magazines everything. It has been a while since i didn't crash into a belieber's house like i used to with Ellen."

i laughed and nodded. I showed Justin my room and he saw I had 2 or 3 posters of him on my wall. He smiled all happy, showing off his teeth and stood next to one of my posters and did the same pose as him on the poster.

“Do I look sexy?” He said as he did the same pose.

“Absolutely.” I said laughing. He signed the posters and told me.

“What if I see you tomorrow?”


“Please? I think I started to like you. You are a really good person. Maybe we could start… a friendship?”

“I’m dreaming. Now I know I’m dreaming.” I said as I closed my eyes, covering my face, and sat down on my bed.

“No! No, Karen. It’s not a dream. Real life.” Justin said as he sat right next to me.


I laughed. He just smiled.

“I love your laugh.” Justin said.

“Thanks, I love your laugh too.”

Justin half smiled.

“See you tomorrow ok? Even if you don’t believe it’s real life!” Justin said while leaving the door and going downstairs. Just before, he left something on the floor.

I saw through my window and see that Justin is leaving with Fredo in his car.

“What a day…” I walked through my room and see the paper on the floor just where Justin was. I picked it up and it had numbers on it.


They were numbers, his phone number.

I grabbed my phone, which had the picture Justin and I took previously at the mall, as wallpaper, and called that number. What if they were just numbers? He wouldn’t give ME his-

“Hello?” It was Justin.

I stayed speechless.

“Who is this?” Justin said.

“Guess who?” I finally said.

“So you saw it.”

“I decided to give a call.”

“Cool. See you tomorrow?”

I said nothing.

“Still believing it’s a dream?” Justin said.


“See you tomorrow then.” Justin said as he hung up.

“Bye…” I whispered even though I knew he wasn’t there any more to hear me.

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