Where Music Can Take Us

What if you thought your chances of meeting your idol were none, since you live in a country that almost no one knows? Since traveling is really expensive for you and your family.
What if you were almost ready to give up and suddenly, a chance is given to you?
All of the things mentioned before are happening to her, Karen Brown. She’s traveling for her Christmas vacations to Canada. What she doesn’t know is that her idol is going to be there too.

The best relationships are those that overcome every obstacle that comes along the way.


2. a chance?



I’m here watching TV, home alone during vacations my mom is still at work. I had to stay home for the day. I’m peacefully watching TV when my doorbell rang. I went to open the door and it was Melody, my best friend. She lives next door, that’s why she always comes to pay me a visit when I’m alone. We both like to blast Justin Bieber music all over the house. I know my other neighbors don’t like it, but they manage to ignore it. Katy is almost my tall, has long black hair, just like me, skinny and uses braces.


“What?” Melody is that kind of crazy Belieber, I’m not. I keep some things to myself but I do fangirl a lot. Once, Melody got called on an interview and they asked her, what would she do if Justin farted next to her and she said she would inhale it. Don’t you think that’s enough explanation of how crazy or how serious her case of Bieber Fever is? “JUSTIN!” She entered my house and took my remote control and put E! News on it. It was Justin telling that he was going on short vacations…to Canada! “Don’t you see? It’s our time! Our opportunity to finally meet him! Oh… well… you at least.” Melody did met Justin twice, she went to LA where her grandma lives and there she met Justin at a meet and greet and at his concert. I have never envied her of course, she’s my best friend! “I know! But, wouldn’t it be hard to get to him? What about white Kenny?” I said.


“Karen, please leave your worries behind, Justin will come here for a month! To just have his vacations!” Melody said with a smile on her face. “I know, but just as you said, he comes for vacations only. He maybe doesn’t want to get bothered by us…”

“Karen, you know he loves us.”

“I know, but… Just imagine…”

“Don’t worry; he does whatever he can to make us happy. That’s one of the reasons we love him and he loves us back.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” And she did, she was really right. Justin always does what he can to sign autographs for us, take pictures with us, anything. “Mel…”


“How does it feel?”


“To be with Justin.”

“Well, I really can’t explain it. It’s just… everything is so magical. There you feel nervous, but then when he talks to you, you forget about everything. He looks straight into your eyes, never leaves your eyes, smiles, everything!”

“I get it.” But I really didn’t. I was just waiting to get to know him in person to get to know the feeling.

“Well, that’s it. Now that I’m here, do you wanna blast Bieber music in celebration?” Melody said with a huge smile in her face. “Yeah! Why not!” We then blasted Bieber music with the highest volume ever and sang and danced until it was night time. “Maybe I should get going Karen. Bye!” Melody said while going through the door. “Bye.” I was now home alone again; waiting for my brother and my parents to come.

I went upstairs and logged in to my Twitter. I creeped on my timeline and some other Belieber accounts for a while, then I saw Justin was online and tweeting.

-@justinbieber: I’m so glad I am finally taking a few vacations. Off to the plane tomorrow. #swag-

I tweeted Justin and waited for him to retweet or reply, or follow me.

Nothing happened. I guess it’s not my time yet…Tomorrow Melody and I are heading to the airport to see Justin.

"Hi mom" i said.“Hi kiddo. What’s up?” Said my mom while hugging me.

“Justin is coming here did you know?”

“Oh really? Finally.”

“I know right!” I laughed.

“When?” My mom asked.

“Tomorrow he gets on the plane and comes here.”

“Good luck in meeting him." she said as she hugged me.


I ate dinner and also went back upstairs where I turned off my computer and went to sleep for a while. I couldn’t sleep too much, I was so nervous…



Text from Melody:

-Hey Karen! Are you ready? ;) Ask your parents for movie.-


-Oh… Damn autocorrect. I meant ask your parents for MONEY. I’ll see you there!-

-Oh lol ok. See ya.-

I went downstairs before my mom left to work. "good morning mom." i said as i kissed my mom in the cheek. “Hey sweetheart! Finally woke up early huh?” My mom said.

“Yeah, well, I wanted to ask you if I could go out today, with Melody. Also, if you could give me some money, that would be great. Not so much though! Just for the taxi.”

“Where are you going exactly kiddo?” she asked.

“Well, remember what I told you yesterday? I’m going to the airport, to see if I can get the chance to meet Justin.” I said with a stupid smile on my face.

“Oh baby, still with that?” My mom said.

“Yeah, never forgetting. Still with my hopes up.” I answered.

“Good luck sweetheart!" she said as she chuckled. "Bye! Thanks for the money!” I said as she went outside through the door.

I started making breakfast for me and then watched some tv. i took a bath, got dressed and ready to go.

I went to Melody's house, We went inside Mrs. Lee’s car, (Mel’s mom-Lucy Jasmine Lee) and went down to the airport.

Melody and I were looking for Justin, and when he finally appeared...


“Justin! Justin!” Some girls yelled.

“Bieber! Come talk to us!” Some paparazzi said.

“Bieber! Bieber!” “Justin! Justin!” “Justin Bieber!” “Mr. Bieber!” So many people yelling, I was so stressed, I couldn’t even look at where Justin was. The only person I saw was Alfredo and I got to see Justin’s beanie. that was all. I lost Melody around the thousand girls that where in the airport. 

"Melody! Melody! Mels, where are you?!" i screamed.

i though i had lost her when “Did you finally see him?” Melody asked.

“No, I only saw Alfredo and Justin’s beanie.” I said disappointed.

“Oh well, we’ll get to see him some other time.” Melody said to cheer me up. We went outside and took a cab; Justin had already gotten inside his car and went on to his hotel.





I have a terrible headache and my stomach has seriously been killing me all the way to Canada. I’m staying there for my Christmas vacations and I’m happy I’m taking a little break. I’ll finally get to see all my family, friends and loved ones back in Canada again.

My family always makes me feel better, even with this drama stuff about me and Selena breaking up. Gosh! How I hate this drama, it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be…even though I kind of miss her but, god knows.

Alfredo has come with me to Canada, that’s great, but what’s not great is that he is being annoying through all the way. I’m sick and the only thing I want to do right now is rest, BUT FREDO JUST KEEPS ON SINGING AND LEAVING OREO PACKAGES ALL OVER THE JET.

If I only had someone right here with me…if you know what I mean.

I have never needed someone to be with me, support me and love me as much as I need right now



As I stepped out to go to my car in Canada’s airport, many fans where around me, screaming my name and camera flashes from the papz.

I didn’t want to talk to anyone, to be honest. I was sick, my head was pounding and I felt like I wanted to throw up. Alfredo stopped to take some pics and I told him to explain to all my dear Beliebers that I was sick and all I needed was some rest, so…no pics for the day.

I got to the car and slept for a while.




I went upstairs and went to my room. I left my phone and my other stuff I had with me, like the camera, my wallet, my bag with stuff I could possibly need, etc.

I turned on my computer and saw I had my Twitter still logged in. I saw all of Justin’s tweets.

-@justinbieber: I finally got off the plane. So sorry for not taking pictures, i'm feeling weak and sick, so sorry again. really sorry.-


Text from Melody:

-Hey Karen, would you like to go to the mall with me tomorrow?-
-Sure Mel, why not? What are we exactly going to do?-
-Hmmm… Maybe go to the movies, and go eat something. Cool with that?-
-Of course.-

I went downstairs to make dinner for my family because I wanted some spaghetti and I was the only one who could do GREAT spaghettis.

As usual, my mom loved it. We watched some TV and then we both went to sleep.




-i know the first chapter is a bit boring, but i promise it'll get better!: karen (the author)


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