Where Music Can Take Us

What if you thought your chances of meeting your idol were none, since you live in a country that almost no one knows? Since traveling is really expensive for you and your family.
What if you were almost ready to give up and suddenly, a chance is given to you?
All of the things mentioned before are happening to her, Karen Brown. She’s traveling for her Christmas vacations to Canada. What she doesn’t know is that her idol is going to be there too.

The best relationships are those that overcome every obstacle that comes along the way.


1. Prologue

My name is Karen Brown. I’m a typical 16 year old girl, I guess. I don’t do drugs, I like partying, I’m funny, I never drink, i have amazing friends and I have a happy family…you could say. My parents are divorced since I was 2, I live with my mom and I see my dad twice a month or so.

Despite any of these things, I have twitter and tumblr life as a fangirl. I make part of this huge family, proud to be called Beliebers. “Belieber” is the official name of the Justin Bieber fandom-[fan domain]. And I’m happy with it!

I love in Canada and you'll find out many things about me later on. this didn't made sense because idk, im canadian. ;)

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