Cab Driver Crisis

Alice, Kathrine, Matthew, and Camron get picked up by a cab driver but little do they know he is in for kidnapping! with the four get home safely or will something horrid happen...


2. Where are you taking us?

After about three hours they decided they were getting tired. It was about 11:46 pm and Matthew collected Kathrine, Alice, and Camron and told them all that the cab was coming in 5 minutes. Alice and Kathrine decided to run to the washroom before the cab came. When they got out of the washroom the cab was there. The four got into the cab, Alice, Matthew and Kathrine got in the back while Camron was in the front. The driver asked for their destination. Camron, since he was in the front, told the driver to go to 123 center street.

“All right!” the driver replied.

After that all four kids slowly drifted off into a scarce sleep. It was a little while later Matthew woke up. and looked around but had no clue where they were.

“Ummm...where are we? how long have we been driving for?” Matthew said to the Cab driver sleepily.

“We are going to center street and we have been driving for five minutes.” The cab driver replied.

“NO we aren’t! Center street is the opposite direction, plus it only takes us three minutes to drive there.” Matthew replied sharply while checking his phone “also we left at 11:50! now its 12:10! It’s been half an hour! where are you taking us!!!!?”

“I TOLD YOU! I AM TAKING YOU HOME BOY NOW STOP BLABBERING I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING IF YOU DON’T JUST FALL BACK ASLEEP OR I SWEAR I’M GONNA...” The cab driver replied in a quiet yell, but was interrupted by little groans coming from Alice.

“Okay” Matthew said to the driver , sounding kind of confused. He then whispered into Alice’s ear “Alice wake up our cab driver is taking us somewhere, but I don't know where!! we need to get out of here!” Alice just groaned and rolled her head the other way.  Matthew figured he had to tell somebody and since his brother camron was in the front he would have to tell Kathrine even though he didn’t really want to tell her that they were maybe being kidnapped. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. He told her that he knew she was probably asleep but the cab driver might be kidnapping them.

At that very second Kathrine woke up sounding very startled and then as soon as she processed what Matthew had said she said in a confused and mad tone of voice “oh  my gosh, Matthew we need to get out of here!!! oh my goodness maybe we can call somebody no that will take too long but hmmm....”

Matthew then told her very sharply “shhh we need to keep it down!”

The cab driver had heard what the two had said about him and was very mad. Then he started yelling,  “Okay I guess i’m gonna have to cut this trip a little bit shorter!” He pulled over and got out. He then opened the trunk and got their backpack that had all of their stuff in it and threw it into the woods that were beside the road. Then he told Matthew to wake up all his friends and get out.  

Matthew listened because he didn’t want anything worse to happen to them. First he woke up Camron, then Alice and Kathrine was already awake. They all got out of the cab, and walked toward the backpack.
The cab driver got in his cab and drove away with a screeeeeeeeeeech.

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