Cab Driver Crisis

Alice, Kathrine, Matthew, and Camron get picked up by a cab driver but little do they know he is in for kidnapping! with the four get home safely or will something horrid happen...


3. The call

“What exactly happened between you? what made him flip and kick us out?” Alice asked Matthew concerned and a bit confused as soon as the cab was out of sight.

“Well I don’t know he just flipped and then  he told me to wake you all up and get out.” Matthew replied.

“Okay enough about how he left us but we need to go home!” Kathrine said annoyed. “I HATE being outside for more than two hours unless I am on a beach, or by our pool!”  

They then decided they would start walking because they thought that is what would make Kathrine stop complaining. Unfortunately for Matthew, Camron and Alice walking jusT made Kathrine complain even more . They had been walking deeper and deeper into the forest when they were all tired. They needed a break so they stopped and sat. They found a log and a big rock to sit on instead of the muddy ground. at this time was about 1:00 Am and they really needed to get home..

Just then Kathrine yelled “OH MY GOSH!”

”Camron replied sounding startled saying “what?”

“I just remembered that I have my cell phone with me!” She said excitedly.

She got her iPhone out of the backpack and walked around with it in her hand up in the air looking for some service.. Unfortunately she couldn’t find any, and then her phone died.

Camron then said “Maybe if we go out to the highway we could get service because I have my Blackberry with me.”

“Okay! lets go, the faster I can get out of here the better!” Kathrine replied.

They continued on Walking closer and closer to the Highway. All four of them feeling hopeful. They soon came to the ditch. Camron got out his phone . Alice told him to dial the number  415-678-9876 It was Alice and Kathrine’s mom, Talia”s cell number. Luckily She picked up.

“Hello?” Talia said on the other line.

“Hello Mrs.O’Shea. This is Camron from across the street, I am Matthew's Brother, I’m not sure if Alice, or Kathrine told you but we brought them to the party. Then we got a cab home but the cab driver was crazy, and well he was trying to kidnap us! Thankfully Matthew saved us from maybe being killed, but anyways back to the topic we need a ride home because the cab dropped us off kinda in the middle of nowhere . I think we are on  the outskirts of town but i’m not sure. I might be able to get a map on my phone so I will call you back with the approximate place... ” Camron was just continuing and continuing on but he was interrupted by Talia.

“Camron it is okay I can see with my phone it will take me about twenty minutes to drive there but I will pick you all up.” Talia replied.

“Okay thank you so much Mrs.O’Shea Bye!” Camron said back

“Bye Camron.” Mrs.O’Shea Replied.    

They both hung up and Camron told them all that they were getting a ride. They all cheered  and then they waited. After twenty minutes there was a red Ford Mini Van that pulled over. Matthew walked over and told them all that It was Talia and they all got in. Matthew and Caron thanked Mrs.O’Shea for picking them up. They drove home and Matthew and Camron asked if maybe the two girls wanted to hang out tomorrow. They told them that maybe they could depending on what they were doing. Alice then thanked Matthew with a kiss on the cheek and a hug for saving their lives. They all walked to their houses, shouted goodnight and went inside . A few minutes later Alice got a text from Matthew. It said Hey i’m excited to see you tomorrow ;)
Alice just smiled, crawled into bed and Fell asleep.     

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